Setting up a WordPress site is arduous since you are dealing with issues like the selection of domain name, web hosting, installation of WordPress, and quite a few other issues. But the real struggle starts with the designing part. In this article, we’ll share five things to consider before selecting a WordPress theme.

How do I choose a WordPress theme? This question might pop up in your mind, considering you have to be careful about your site’s look as well as make sure that it does not affect user experience. The selection of a good theme is critical, as it can win or lose your customers. 

5 Things to Consider before Selecting WordPress Theme

To make the selection of themes easier for you, we have listed 5 things to consider before selecting a WordPress theme!

How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

1. Elegant and Simple Design to Consider Selecting WordPress Theme

In the beginning, you might get overwhelmed by the idea of adding too many features and making it look too fancy. But, it can ruin the user experience as your site becomes hard to navigate. You should go for an elegant and simple theme. Here you can check out some of the simple yet fun themes for creative people – this WordPress themes for artists list is very inspiring.

Consider the theme that does not use any unnecessary features. The extra widgets, unintelligible fonts, and too many visuals can make it difficult for your visitors to interact with the site.

2. Compatibility with Plugins & Browsers

Another feature that you should look out for is its compatibility with different plugins and browsers. Identify the necessary plugins for your website and see whether the theme you have opted for is compatible with those plugins. Essential plugins for your site might include plugins for speed optimization, cache, media files compression, database cleanup, etc.

Moreover, the theme must also support a range of browsers to accommodate the traffic coming from different browsers. The information about the compatibility with browsers is usually present on the website. If there is not then, you have to perform cross-browser testing to check the compatibility. Make sure that it is compatible with at least the below-mentioned popular web browsers.

3. Speed Optimization to Consider Selecting WordPress Theme

Speed optimization directly affects the SEO of your website. Therefore, it is another crucial thing to consider before selecting a WordPress theme. Usually, the themes that provide too many additional features and graphics do not perform too well for speed optimization.

You have to make sure that your WordPress site loading time is not more than 3 seconds. If it takes longer, then the user might close your sight down immediately. To verify whether the theme is speed optimized, you should test your site for speed

4. Visual Stability & Interactivity

Visual stability and interactivity of your website are essential for both the SEO as well as the user experience. Your website is visually stable when there are fewer abrupt shifts in the layout. For Google Chrome, you can test your WordPress site for visual stability through the Cumulative layout shift (CLS) metric. The value for CLS should ideally be 0.1 or lesser.

Interactivity refers to the idea of how fast your website responds to a user inquiry. The widget-loaded or outdated themes can adversely affect the interactivity of your website. Therefore, you should go for lightweight and updated themes.

You must also keep in mind the mobile friendliness for visual stability and interactivity of your website. For this reason, you must perform the mobile-friendly test.  

5. Website’s Niche & Goal Must be Reflected

One last basic thing is to select your WordPress website theme that is relevant to your niche. The layout, the fonts, the graphics, and the color scheme; all must represent the niche and the goal of your website. For instance, if you have an eCommerce business site, it must not have the layout of a portfolio site or vice-versa.

Your theme helps in shaping the visitors’ minds about you or your brand. Through this, the visitors can form their opinion about your credibility and authenticity. Therefore, it is important that you opt for an appropriate theme for your WordPress site.

Consider Selecting WordPress Theme: Final Thoughts

The selection of themes for the WordPress website demands a lot of consideration. Your theme can mold the visitor’s perception of your brand. Therefore, your website not only needs to look appealing to the visitors, but it must provide them with a great user experience. Here we discussed the 5 things that you must consider before selecting WordPress Themes.

Firstly, you do not have to try something extraordinary with the design and keep it simple and elegant. Secondly, you must check the theme’s compatibility with different plugins and browsers. Thirdly, you have to make sure it is optimized for speed. You should then ensure that the WordPress theme is visually stable and interactive. Lastly, select the theme that reflects the niche and the goal of your website. 

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