5 Tips For Creating an Impressive Website To Advertise Your Rental Property

In this article, you'll see five tips for creating an impressive website to advertise your rental property and maximize your profit.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Tips For Creating an Impressive Website To Advertise Your Rental Property

These days, the best way to get the word out about just about anything is to make a website. You’re starting a baking business? Make a website. You’re selling your old clothes? Make a website. You’re renting out a property? You guessed it, make a website. In this article, you’ll see five tips for creating an impressive website to advertise your rental property.

5 Tips For Creating an Impressive Website To Advertise Your Rental Property

Before you create your website, you need to secure the property you plan on renting out, which can sometimes be difficult and confusing to navigate. Fortunately, there are companies that grant rental loans to help meet your needs and get you on the path of acquiring a home to rent out for profit. Once you have been lent a loan and are able to profit off the home, you can start thinking about how you wish to advertise it.

First, before even creating the website, you should consider creating social media profiles if you do not already have one for this purpose. Whether you represent a company or are investing as an individual, social media is equally important in encouraging people to find your website, and by extension, find and potentially be interested in your property. Once you have made your profiles, follow people and businesses where the property is located to help generate buzz around you and your property.

Once your social media pages are made and you have obtained your property, you are ready to create a website to help advertise it to the fullest extent and maximize your profit. Here’s how to do just that.

1 Make Your Website User-Friendly to Advertise Your Rental Property

No matter what platform you are using, clear navigation is key to building a successful website. If your website is difficult or burdensome to navigate, people are way less likely to spend time on it due to frustration. If they do stay on your site, they will likely be distracted by the difficulty in navigation and less likely to consider your property. You want to make your website as accessible as possible.

To accomplish this, you should create a toolbar for potential customers to view the content of your site. One tab can include images of the property, one can include pricing, and another can include information about you or the company you represent. This will help the user find all the information they are seeking about the property.

Part of a user-friendly website is also that it is mobile-friendly. Since you will be using social media to promote this website, it is very possible that people will be switching right from apps to an internet browser to use your site, so you should make sure it translates well to mobile. If it is difficult to navigate, potential customers will exit the page. Since you have worked so hard on your website, you want to make sure it looks its best on all fronts.

2 Highlight Impressive Features of The Property

The goal of your website is to showcase the best of your property to appeal to potential customers. Because of this, you should have a section of your website dedicated to the features that stand out most about the property. Is it in an exceptional location or neighborhood? Does it have a big backyard? Is it close to the beach or mountains? Any of these flashy details should be front and center on your website so that anyone viewing it cannot miss it to advertise your rental property.

You should also be sure to take quality images of the property. Even if the property is stunning, low-quality images will cause it to appear as though its value is lower. Make sure these images promote the most valuable features of your property.

If you aren’t the savviest photographer, hiring a professional might be worthwhile to make your website look as professional as possible. You might also consider including some video footage of the property to really give the viewer the fullest possible idea of what the property is like. A video will also help build a sense of transparency between you and the potential renter, as it demonstrates that you are excited to give them as much information as possible on the property and its features.

3 Include Client Testimonials

You can’t do this step right off the bat. But once you have rented out your property a few times. Gather reviews from past renters to put on the site. This can have its own tab in the toolbar. When you invite renters to review their experiences and then share these on your website. You are building credibility for yourself and for the property. This lets potential customers know that others have enjoyed their experiences. The property is legitimate and appears as advertised on your website.

4 Make Your Contact Information Visible to Advertise Your Rental Property

The potential customer should not have to look around much to find your contact information. Making this extremely visible will make the viewer more likely to reach out, even if they just have basic questions. This will help you get into contact with potential customers and sell them further on the property. If it’s hard to find how to contact you, the viewer might turn away or get distracted. So, you are less likely to have a deal.

5 Choose A Memorable Domain Name

Choosing a strong domain name is more important than you might think. While it’s expected that many people will come across your website through social media. Your website might start to circulate independently. Because of this, the domain name will be the first thing prospective customers see of you and your property. The right domain name will be memorable, easy to spell, and generally professional looking. It should also be reflective of what the website is for.

Advertise Your Rental Property Wrap-up

Short of seeing the property in person. Your website will be the absolute best way to convey the qualities of your property to potential renters. Because of its importance, you should spend as much time. As you can add details to the site, adjusting it for clarity and ease. Expanding on its qualities. Since you will have already put so much hard work into the property. At the time of making the website, including acquiring it and potentially fixing it up. You should ensure that the website puts your best foot forward to potential customers.

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