5 Tips To Create Standout Welcome Emails for SaaS Companies

For SaaS organizations, poorly crafted welcome messages can be a concern. See 5 tips to create standout welcome emails for SaaS companies.

5 Tips To Create Standout Welcome Emails for SaaS Companies

Have you ever subscribed for a free software demo and then discontinued it as soon as you received the welcome email? For SaaS organizations, poorly crafted welcome messages can be a major concern. You are potentially losing clients if consumers avoid reading your emails. In this article, we’ll share the top five tips to create standout welcome emails for SaaS companies.

5 Tips To Create Standout Welcome Emails for SaaS Companies

Understand that the welcome email is immensely crucial and is the lynchpin of your SaaS email marketing strategy. It’s much like an appetizer dish you have before moving on to the main course. If you get it wrong, your customers will develop a negative impression of you from the get-go, and your entire email marketing lifecycle will be jeopardized. 

The average read rate for welcome emails is 34% which is 42% greater than the average read rate for all other email categories. This means you have the greatest chance of reaching and retaining consumers from your welcome email. All you need are tips to make your welcome emails stand out!

Send the Welcome Email Promptly

When it comes to sending your welcome email, time is the key. And delivering welcome emails at the correct time will make a significant difference. 75% of SaaS companies send out a welcome email the same day users subscribe to them. Because you’re emailing them while a consumer’s curiosity is at its greatest, welcome emails function effectively. 

You may use email marketing automation to manage this process so that a welcome email is automatically delivered to anybody who joins your database. Remember that if you delay even a few days, their interest might dissipate, leading to reduced levels of engagement.

Have a Clear Yet Intriguing Subject Line

Because the tone of your virtual connection will be defined by that initial email, you’ll want to be certain they open it by writing intriguing subject line text. You don’t want to cram too much detail, but you also don’t so concise that it seems dull. 

Welcome emails work best when they are easily defined, but be sure to include a glimmer of curiosity to pique people’s interests. Several marketers utilize the term “Welcome” in the subject line to make welcome letters stand out in packed mailboxes.

Another idea is to put your firm name in the subject line, so subscribers know who is sending the email. Here are some creative welcome email subject lines to consider:

  • Congratulations on subscribing to (Business name)!
  • Welcome to (Business Name): The First Step
  • Welcome to (Business name): Here’s how to begin

Try to Build a Relationship To Create Welcome Emails for SaaS

Use the welcome email to build a relationship with your consumers. Do not bombard them with company information that can potentially overwhelm them and drive them away. Personalized messages have a 26% better response rate, so starting with a “Hello, (Name)!” can be a great idea.

Instead of giving them all the information, give them a chance to be curious and explore. You may include a few links to your social news channels in your welcome email, but it’s much better if you explicitly invite new customers to follow your company. 

Another way is to gift something unique to new subscribers. Generally, this is in the form of a discount on their first purchase or some really popular and useful products. This is a fantastic approach to make people feel like they’re part of a community while also introducing them to the things you’d like to promote.

Personalized messages, gifts, or providing them with a chance to get to know and follow your company can help build trust. Use this trust and include a one-liner at the end of the welcome email asking them to put you on their safe sender’s list. This will help you maintain your deliverability rates and make it easier for subscribers to find your emails in the future.

Use Templates for Inspiration

It’s critical to make sure your content is up to par. After all, your welcome email serves to build the relationship you have with your consumers or potential customers by laying the groundwork for your branding. To create a standout welcome email for your SaaS business, use templates and examples to inspire you.

Templates provide you with a basic structure that you can follow and customize according to your needs and preferences. Before deciding on a template, first establish the objective you want to achieve through your welcome email. Some want to inform the subscribers about a new product, some want to gift them, some want to simply greet or thank them.

Here is a welcome template to provide subscribers with a gift:

Hello, [name],

Thank you for registering for [business name]!

We are giving you 15% off as a special thank you to use when you join our premium plan.

Simply use the promo code below during the checkout process.

[Discount Code] is a code that you may use to get a discount

Provide an Unsubscribe Link

It may sound counterintuitive, but even as you welcome new members, you must always make it simple for them to unsubscribe at any moment. If you bury the unsubscribe link, your customers may feel stuck, and your company may suffer as a result. What is the use of having dormant or uninterested people in your list anyway?

If inactive users are unable to locate unsubscribe buttons, they will mark the email newsletters as spam. This will do more damage to your brand than unsubscribing will. Unsubscribe buttons also motivate you to clean your email list and contact the most active members of your audience to increase conversion and click-through numbers.

Create Welcome Emails for SaaS: Conclusion

Welcome emails are an excellent tool to interact with new subscribers and persuade them to engage. To shine in a crowded mailbox and minimize the chance of deletion, your email must be customer-centric and value-packed. Whether it’s because of your timing or through your subject line, the important thing is to create a welcome email that stands out.

Keeping your business goals in mind, your welcome email might include all or just a few of these tips. Consider how you want your first email to connect with customers and seek opportunities to add value wherever feasible.