5 Tips to Make Your Next Online Product Launch a Success

Whether we are prepared for it or not, we are all on board now economy. We'll share 5 tips to make your next online product launch a success.

5 Tips to Make Your Next Online Product Launch a Success

Whether we are prepared for it or not, we are all on board now through this POST-COVID economy’s rough waters.  It is debatable if we can even prefix that term with “POST.”  Yet, the show must go on! In this article, we’ll share the best 5 tips to make your next online product launch a success.

What happens if your next project happens to be to prepare an online campaign for a product launch?  How do you possibly go about doing that today?

Not every company has the resources to deploy in a full-blown launch like Apple’s new iPhone; however, you can still do some simple things to capture your audience and sell out at launch!

5 Tips to Make Your Next Online Product Launch a Success

We have put together five tips to make your next online product launch a success. For more detailed advice on product launch from the expert gurus, click here and check out the “Product Launch Formula” review.

Tip #1:  Carefully consider and cater to your niche!

Let’s face it; your product will not do everything for everyone! Therefore, it is futile to do a mass launch targeting everyone under the sun.  It is far more effective to identify your niche and market your product launch to them to gain adoption and start seeing returns on your investment.

This idea may sound like a no-brainer for a digital marketer, but there is a reason why it is at the top of the list.  Finding your niche, and identifying everything you can about your target market will be critical for a new product launch.

Gear all content you create for the product launch towards this niche market.  These consumers will be the first adopters of your product.  They will be writing the reviews.  As e-commerce experts will tell you, 90% of buyers look for positive reviews before buying decisions.  So, target this audience, cater to the niche, and focus all your efforts on this segment.  This tactic will start creating positive reviews soon after the launch.

Start with your content list, and start targeting your niche with the content you create – from write-ups to photography to other social media assets, everything should gear towards your niche.

Tip #2 For Online Product Launch Success:  Always keep answering the “what’s in it for me?” of your target

After you identified your niche audience and started the content checklist, begin creating the content.  When creating content for your product, steer clear from describing product features.  Instead, try the tested and proven tactic of answering ‘what’s in it for me’ for your target consumer.

For example, when Apple launched its iPhone-X, its content focused on the new feature of emoji animation and how it will benefit users.  They managed to put in all the tech information and the ‘how’ of the technology while visually showing use cases as the ‘why’ you need this new feature.  Here is an excellent example of how to keep answering the ‘what’s in it for me’ or ‘why is it important’:  https://www.apple.com/ca/newsroom/2017/09/the-future-is-here-iphone-x/

Tip #3:  Plan a Virtual Launch Event

The post-pandemic world is going to rely heavily on virtual events.  Your product launch should adapt to this new normal – and go virtual.

An event aimed at solely discussing your product with potential customers allows you to recruit early adopters of your product.  In a virtual setting, you create a community of future users who can meet and greet and interact with a product they are about to fall in love with and get to know the brand.

Virtual launch parties are a huge trend right now, so jump on that and create a splashy virtual product launch party.

You can also set up a pop-up shop, a test run, and throw a cocktail party with influencers and stream it all live to your niche audience.  Check out some neat ideas for a virtual launch party.

Tip #4 For Online Product Launch Success: Recruit Influencers well in advance!

If you have marketed a product in the era of social media, you must know the importance of influencers for your campaigns. A product launch requires influencers even more than regular marketing campaigns.

It is important to recruit influencers early on and well in advance of the launch date.  These influencers will sell your product to their followers better than anything you can do yourself.

Of course, it would be wonderful to recruit a celebrity influencer, but most of us will not have the resources to bring in a Beyonce, but we can still do a lot with influencers.  Collaboration with influencers is massive in the marketplace right now.  Take a look at SugarPill.

Once you have figured out your niche audience, see who their influencers are on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.  Then start engaging them and collaborating them for the launch.

Get them to try out the product, create content with them unboxing, and reviewing first impressions! Releasing this content will start to create a buzz with your niche that can froth up to a frenzy even!

Tip #5: Create a Pre-Order Frenzy

Some of the most successful launches have been in the smartphone industry.  That is a huge part, thanks to the buzz created before the launch.  That buzz is created largely because of a pre-ordering by customers.  Create an exclusive event for pre-ordering fueled by anticipation and hype created by the influencers.  This will lead to selling out before even the launch occurs, starting the next wave of pre-order.

Early adopters in your niche will want their hands on your new product as soon as they see their favorite influencers post content about your product.

Online Product Launch Success Final Words

These are tough unchartered economic times.  The pandemic has created several challenges in the way we do business.  Yet, new products are launched (and getting sold out) routinely still.  An effective online and virtual launch event with a very targeted niche will ensure your product launch succeeds.  Influencers will create the hype with your niche. The anticipation will build with pre-ordering. Creating content geared to the lifestyles of your target audience will lead to a very successful launch.  Good luck!