5 Vital WordPress Integrations For Higher Sales Conversions

WordPress has become the most popular content management system. See 5 vital WordPress integrations for higher sales conversions.

Updated on July 25, 2022
5 Vital WordPress Integrations For Higher Sales Conversions

WordPress has become the most popular content management system (CMS) since it was launched in 2003. According to a survey by W3Techs, 42.9% of websites are powered by WordPress. If your website is built with WordPress,  there are a number of integrations out there that can definitely improve its performance. These integrations can help you solve one of the biggest concerns of companies: how do you strategically boost sales on this platform? In this article, you’ll see five vital WordPress integrations for higher sales conversions.

5 Vital WordPress Integrations For Higher Sales Conversions

An integral part of building your company’s website is making sure you are getting the most conversions possible. If you are not, then there is a good chance that your competitors are. As the most used CMS in the world with over 60 million active installations, WordPress is not only flexible and easy to use, but it becomes even more powerful when integrated with the right tools. Learn to leverage integrations in order to convert more leads into sales. When lead capture and lead nurturing come together, conversion rates increase.

Why is integration so important when supercharging sales on your WordPress site?

Integration is essential to sales and marketing these days. It helps create a seamless flow of information through your website and aids in your efforts for conversions. According to Salesforce statistics, 81% of salespeople say that third-party integration is very significant to their role in order to efficiently cross-reference data for appropriate sales planning and execution.

How to choose the right WordPress integration?

Selecting the right third-party integration for your website is important. Alongside WordPress growth, many types of third-party integrations have been developed. They can be categorized by the type of data you want to pull in, the type of action you want to perform, and whether or not an API is required.

There are several things to consider when choosing third-party integration for your WordPress site:

1. Security –  Security is one of the most important concerns you should consider when choosing third-party integration for your WordPress site. You don’t want to make your website vulnerable by adding plugins and hosting apps that don’t follow security best practices.

2. Support – Customer support is an important consideration especially if you will be using new technology. This means determining the level of support that will be given to you when you encounter technical issues during the integration process.

3. Interface – The interface is one of the most important aspects of any third-party integration. The plugin should be simple to use and set up and provide all the required information to easily manage different settings.

4. Functionality – In order for integration to make sense from a business perspective, the system must fit with your existing processes. You need to ensure that the system will work seamlessly with your internal procedures, workflows, and communication.

5. Cost – The price of the tool needed for the third-party integration can be a deciding factor though it’s the least concern for most looking to improve business workflows. It’s inevitable that you will spend money as such, however, you should ensure the 3rd party integration solution is scalable and cost-effective.

Types of businesses that can utilize integrations

Third-party integrations can be used by companies in order to grow their online presence and help them boost their sales. Below are some common types of businesses that can utilize 3rd party WordPress integrations:

1. Online stores and ecommerce businesses – With the use of a 3rd party tool, online stores will be much more functional and dynamic. Payment processing and inventory management can be the top priority when it comes to incorporating external processes on the WordPress site.

2. Businesses with physical store locations – third-party retail management software can be utilized for this type of business as it can provide information about products that are selling well in your store, as well as help you manage customer information.

3. Marketing agencies – agencies can stay ahead of their competitors through the use of automation, as well as integration of other digital tools. By utilizing these, agencies can be more agile and leverage new technologies such as AI-powered tools.

4. Contact centers and other service-oriented businesses – With so much data and workflows involved, these types of businesses would benefit greatly from utilizing 3rd party integrations. This will help these companies streamline processes and automation workflows. 

Business processes where integration can be applied

Using software integrations allows companies to automate their operation and sales workflows, as well as customer/supplier interactions. It reduces the workload, as well as increases accuracy and efficiency in the execution of tasks. Here are some business activities where integration is beneficial:

1. Live Chat Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

If you want to make sales right away, then live chat is something that you should integrate on your WordPress site. Live chat allows customers to ask questions about your products and services, which enables you to sell your product/service without any barriers or delays. By having immediate access to information regarding the needs of your customers, you can provide them with a personalized approach that will lead to increased conversions and sales. With an effective live chat system, each member of your team will be able to handle more customers with less time spent on checking on multiple platforms. This can also result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

2. Incoming and Outgoing Calls 

If you want to be more efficient and effective in your business, there is one process that should be automated as much as possible: calling. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a big corporation, integrating calling capabilities will boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. This kind of integration saves time and money by reducing the amount of work that needs to be done manually. Incorporating this into your process will provide a huge advantage not only to your business but also to your clients. It will also give you the chance to quickly grasp the needed information when assisting a customer. This will result in a better customer experience as your team will be able to provide prompt answers to whatever concerns they have.

3. Marketing Automation

With the help of third-party tools, you can automate various business processes especially in launching marketing campaigns. This process is one of the most crucial and strenuous jobs in a business operation. From planning to execution, this consumes a lot of time and effort especially when done manually.

By choosing the right integrations and implementing automated workflows in every stage of the campaign, you can eliminate unnecessary steps and increase productivity. For example, when you’re launching an email campaign that involves sending messages to thousands of customers on your database, you no longer have to manually extract, export, and transfer data to a different email marketing platform if you choose the correct integration.

4. Payment Processing

Payment processing services are one of the best examples of third-party integration. There are some payment processors that allow merchants to manage online, mobile and offline transactions through a single interface. This kind of integration is important for businesses that have multiple channels of operation, as it allows them to have a consistent experience for their customers no matter how they make payments.

5. Meeting/Scheduling Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

One of the best scenarios where 3rd party tool integrations can be applied is when doing scheduling. Whether it would be for demos, interviews, or stake meetings, incorporating a third-party scheduling tool can lessen the effort you need to allot for this task yet increase job accuracy.

This helps you manage your business more effectively and helps you maintain a positive relationship with your customers and other stakeholders. It can also reduce the amount of time you spend on scheduling calls. This integration does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to focusing on other aspects of your business.

Software Integrations You Should Consider

Most companies have to use multiple programs and services in order to run effectively. From accounting software to eCommerce, there are many programs that you’re likely to need for your business. Running all these different tools require more time and effort just to sustain the operations of your business. But with the right integration, you can streamline your operations and make things simpler. Here are some of the tools you should consider integrating with your WordPress site:

Hubspot Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

When it comes to marketing automation, most marketers agree that Hubspot is the most widely used platform. Hubspot has its own Marketing Hub which takes care of all your marketing needs in one place. You can manage campaigns, create contacts, organize your documents and even create landing pages. It’s a very powerful tool when it comes to managing your marketing campaigns over different channels.

With Hubspot, you can also view statistics about your campaigns and monitor their performance. This is especially helpful if you are running multiple campaigns at once and want to keep track of which ones are doing better than others. There are many features that make Hubspot an essential tool in your business, but what makes it so widely used is its integration with other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail, among others.

For example, with Hubspot, you can set up an email campaign right inside of your website using their forms feature. When someone fills out this form, they get added to a contact list that can be added to any of your future marketing campaigns on Hubspot.

Aloware Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

Aloware is a contact center software provider that offers a complete platform for customer engagement. It helps you connect with clients through unlimited calls and texts. You can monitor call metrics and analyze the customer journey which can serve as the basis for your future campaigns.

Aloware has the strongest integration with Hubspot, making it easier to run campaigns using data stored on your Hubspot CRM. Aloware’s unique automation features and capabilities make it stand out from other software integrations. Its AI-powered local presence engine will dynamically match the caller ID. Area code of the prospect contact, allowing agents and businesses to get more call pickups.

Calendly Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

Calendly helps users to manage appointments with their clients. With this free online scheduling tool, you can set up a meeting. Or appointment with your client, and the client gets an email invitation with the date and time of the meeting. Calendly also offers some other great features that are worth noting: 

  • Firstly, schedule recurring appointments
  • Secondly, can add notes to each appointment
  • You can create public links for each of your appointments
  • You can choose different calendars for each appointment
  • Finally, can also export your entire schedule in one click using Calendly’s API

Klaviyo Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

As a marketer, you probably know that a good email marketing tool can be a valuable part of your business. But did you know there are WordPress integrations that can further help optimize your campaigns? Good news – there are many plugins that can help you better integrate your site with your email marketing service to maximize your sales. 

Klaviyo is an email automation platform that allows marketers to send highly-targeted emails based on customer behavior and other triggers. It’s been specifically for ecommerce stores to increase revenue growth through email marketing.

Zendesk Vital WordPress Integrations For Sales Conversions

Zendesk is a customer support software ready to help you handle all facets of customer support in one place. It acts as a central hub where customers can log tickets and view their account information. With Zendesk, you can create FAQ pages and provide documentation for customers who need assistance. Using your product or navigating your website. Zendesk also offers survey capabilities that allow you to gather feedback directly from customers.

With Zendesk integration, you can set up self-service options that you can easily control from your dashboard. You can also use it to provide customers with a convenient and easy way to contact you. So, include live chat options on your site, along with other features. The Zendesk team also has a powerful analytics tool that allows you to closely monitor traffic and conversions on your site. The Zendesk plugin can be present directly into your WordPress site. This is a good tool for improving customer service and growing your online presence at the same time.

Conclusion: Integration makes your business more advanced and more appealing to customers

If you’re not taking advantage of the latest technologies, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities for success. That’s why it’s important to make sure your business is properly in and ready to take advantage of breakthroughs. When you integrate your business with other third-party software, it can make your brand more accessible to customers.


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