5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Revamping Digital Marketing

In this article, we'll see 5 ways that augmented reality AR is revamping digital marketing and the impact that they brought to the market.

5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Revamping Digital Marketing

Remember laying down and watching the bright stars light up the sky, but within your room on the ceiling overhead? Or trying to read something in a foreign language through the translation app on your phone? Or maybe simply playing a fun session of Pokemon Go, catching Pikachu and the others running around on the streets? In this article, we’ll see 5 ways that augmented reality AR is revamping digital marketing.

Yeah, well, all of it are some forms in which you have interacted with AR or Augmented Reality.

5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Revamping Digital Marketing

By definition itself an interactive experience, AR focuses on bringing about and/ or creating a new, temporary reality for your eyes for a pre-specified purpose which can range anywhere from medical procedures to educational and marketing reasons. And while it has been spreading its magic in all fields, the digital marketing arena demands a special mention.

The use of a second reality (AR) to help form one’s perspective or support the existing one is no longer a marketer’s fantasy. Right alongside virtual reality, augmented reality also slowly, but surely, made its way to the world of marketing and promotion and has never looked back.

After all, the impact that they brought forth was incomparable.

Did you know that a study observed that about 72% of shoppers bought items that they didn’t even plan to, simply because of AR? In fact, regardless of the conversion rate, 68% of people spent more time with a product than usual because there was an AR available.

5 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Revamping Digital Marketing

Pretty interesting, right?

Let’s further take a look at some ways where AR can join hands with Digital Marketing to deliver outcomes as amazing as the statistics above show. Another good practice is 3d, for example, you can create digital twin city to enlarge the reality perception.

How Is AR Influencing Marketing?

There are several practices that impact the overall effect and effectiveness of a marketing effort. When it comes to AR, however, a select few have been making the rounds of the toppers of this list. For your perusal, we’ve shared the same below.

Improves Local SEO Listings: Augmented Reality and Digital Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the key process behind good Google rankings and the traffic site receives. So, is an equally important factor. Thus, bringing a culmination of the two into one single space alongside the brilliance of Augmented Reality features can easily be the key to improving your rank on the various search engine result pages (SERPs). Notably, embedding a piece of AR content is pretty easy in some CMS platforms. Like Squarespace that has a plugin-free SEO option.

Eliminates Barriers

One may say the world has already transformed into a global market with the introduction of the internet and eCommerce. Nevertheless, AR is assisting in bringing the sellers and the buyers closer still with AR features like. Try before you buy. Many people prefer buying in malls and local markets instead of over the web. This is because they need to take a trial to see how the item suits them. Since that wasn’t possible earlier, they abstained from shopping online. But now, with AR, the boundaries are getting blurred as they are now more open to ordering from a website. So, after they’ve had a virtual trial. L’oreal is a prime example here with its makeup app. Where one can test the different shades and kinds of makeup products on their own faces through AR.

Innovative Social Media Campaigns

With augmented reality, you can create content that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely designed for your brand. Using such material on your business’s social media posts. Even through your campaigns can help create a buzz around your brand in the market. This can help propel your reach significantly by making your audience’s experience, not just compelling, but also enjoyable. Incorporating 3D figures instead of the regular 2-dimensional creatives is one way you can shape your ideas.

Location-Based Targeting: Augmented Reality and Digital Marketing

Geo-targeting or discovering customers in a certain specific geographical area is another element that gives you an extra push through your digital marketing campaigns. For example, if you are a builder and wish to promote your company’s latest project, advertising it to the people sitting across oceans might not make sense. However, you can create a visual walkthrough of the property for the people residing in a particular area or city to whom you wish to sell. Redfin Real Estate Interactive is one such name that has made use of this facility extensively and successfully.

AR-Based Interactive Apps

Macy’s Augmented Reality Furniture App, for instance, is a furniture seller’s attempt at wooing its customers. What it does is simple – all you need to do is choose a product, and tap “view in my room” and keep your camera pointed at the place where you wish to keep the item. This gives you a realistic view of the look and feel of your house with a certain piece of furniture without you having to buy it beforehand. Such apps can be made in a customized format for your business as well.

Augmented Reality and Digital Marketing Final Thoughts

AR is booming and so are the businesses whose marketing directly or indirectly, successfully uses the tech. Are you one of them yet?