5 Ways to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

Know 5 ways to drive better digital Ad placements; Every year companies worldwide spend billions of dollars on digital advertising each year

5 Ways to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

Know 5 ways to drive better digital Ad placements; Every year companies worldwide spend billions of dollars on digital advertising each year. The spending continues to increase because of the impressive return on investment (ROI) stemming from digital ads. So, if you want to stay competitive, it is essential to learn how to build a successful digital media placement strategy.

5 Ways to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

5 Ways to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

Eliminate Lewd Content

So, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), optical character recognition is more efficient and accurate. It is the process of changing scanned images with text into machine-readable text. This software also can find and correct errors in the text. So, pre-processing, pattern recognition, and feature detection are algorithm types for recognizing text. Feature detection utilizes a given set of rules for each character to identify characters in a document.

Ad servers use OCR to detect and audit display ads by their content. It evaluates landing pages to ensure the ad matches the content and checks for offensive content in the advertisement. So, other uses for OCR in advertising:

  • Identify text-ratio rules
  • Image searching for Facebook

Contextual Advertising

It is common for marketers to use OCR for native ad placement. This software helps understand the significance of images and analyzes ads to make sure they meet the correct parameters for the ad server. In addition, OCR is a valuable tool for businesses that must digitize many documents.

Ad Targeting with Computer and Machine Vision

Computers can gather knowledge because of artificial intelligence and machine language. With artificial intelligence advancements, they can perform specific tasks and function like the human brain. Machine language can develop computer programs that look for data patterns and adjust when new designs emerge.

Computer vision is more precise when it comes to ad targeting. This interdisciplinary field focuses on computers gaining high-level knowledge from digital videos and images. It can extract information from the millions of pictures posted across social media websites.

Eye-tracking is one of the features for analyzing consumers’ actions. It utilizes analytical software to read the user’s eyes and see how consumers respond when reading ads. Then, computer vision technology uses this data to discover more about consumers and send the information to advertisers.

Find Your Target Audience to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

Identifying your ideal customer helps with buying the correct digital ad placements. This information gives ideas on where to place your ads. After you determine your target audience, you should ask the following questions:

  • What websites does your ideal customer frequent?
  • What specific problems is your target audience facing?
  • What social media platforms do they use?
  • Where do your competitors’ customers hang out online?
  • What messages inspire them to take action?
  • Where do your current customers hang out online?

And if you can answer these questions, you will know where to place your ads. Proper placement of ads helps with maximizing reach and ROI.

Choose Your Media Placements

It would help if you chose an ad placement that draws attention and attracts your target audience to increase ROI. So, digital advertising channels consist of digital out-of-home (DOOH), mobile apps, and display and social media ads. The placement of DOOH ads creates enticing, unforgettable interactive campaigns.

Vertical impressions offer a unique way to place digital ads by using a network of elevator screens and advertisements. It uses machine language and AI to target your specific audience. So, the methods of vertical impressions and DOOH combine digital and traditional advertising to attract target audiences. The proper digital media placements depend on your audience, budget, and goals.

Measure Results and Optimize to Drive Better Digital Ad Placements

It is essential to watch your ad’s performance after launching your campaign. You should measure the performance of each ad against the KPIs and metrics. So, if your campaign produces good results, you should purchase more ad placements. You can extend your campaign and increase your bidding.

If your results are not good, you will need to adjust your campaign. For example, you may have to change your spending or shorten your drive, which requires more financial effort. So, it is vital to keep a close eye on your ad placements. You must monitor the performance to achieve a successful campaign.

Digital media placements play an essential role in creating a successful ad campaign. Knowing your audience is the most crucial part of your ad strategy. You can meet them in their social media feeds or on their favorite website when you know your audience.