Learn now how can you improve your customer trust in your e-commerce stores properly and honestly. Here are the best 5 simple ways. Internet retailing is one of the fastest-growing markets, and hence, the potential to grow your e-commerce store is immense. Online retailing has its fair share of advantages, such as greater flexibility, accentuated customer outreach, decreased operational costs, faster transactions, more extensive product lines and overall convenience of shopping in the comfort of your home.

There’s one catch, however:  first, you must gain the customer trust of your target audience and ensure them that it is safe to do business with you and make transactions through your website. If you can minimize the risk to shop at your website, then you can overcome the cut-throat competition in the industry. Otherwise, you will be grappling with low traffic and even lower conversion rate.

5 Ways To Improve Customer Trust on Your eCommerce

5 Ways to Improve Customer Trust on Your E-Commerce Store

1. Make Your Buyers Feel Secure & Safe

Purchasing an item online can be a risky thing to do. As shoppers are heavily dependent on cashless transactions, safety, and security of the data is extremely important. To safeguard against cyber-attacks, we can think of website security like it is essential to install an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate and migrate your website to HTTPS extension.

Often, customers are likely to exit the websites that do lack an SSL certificate, and since all the legitimate websites tend to have it. Also, if your website is running on the less secure version of HTTPS, that is HTTP, then your customer’s data is also vulnerable to third party access, leaving their personal information susceptible to breach.

If we talk about SSL certificates there are many types, including Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL), Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL), Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL), and so forth.

However, the EV SSL certificate is a perfect option for an e-commerce business as it offers the highest level of encryption and a green address bar to ensure customer’s trust.

Some of the most significant benefits of an EV SSL certificate include:

  • A green address bar to improve your customer’s trust in your e-commerce store 
  • Recognized by almost all the web browsers
  • Provides a high level of encryption
  • Identity assurance

Shoppers today are pretty educated about this information, and Google also tends to flag sites which are not HTTPS. So, avoid any incident of a security breach that can tarnish your reputation forever by installing an SSL certificate to your e-commerce website.

2. User-Friendly & Clutter-Free User Interface

According to statistics, 38% will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

So, it is essential to entice your customer as soon as they enter your website. The simple and friendly user interface is the first key to do that. Visitors lose interest as they are asked to register, fill in details and other things that they do not want to do before they check the online store. Keep the first-time interaction minimum and full of opportunities.

The positioning of your product lines on the site is also critical. And the right use of colors, fonts, pictures must be very professional. Have a look at the following website’s interface:

eCommerce website bad interface
Messed eCommerce site example


Doesn’t it look shoddy to you? The text is cluttered, the color scheme doesn’t match, and the whole layout is unprofessional. Now, here’s another example:

eCommerce website good interface example
Organized eCommerce website example


This one is more optimized, has a better color scheme, and looks more professional. Which one would you trust more? Of course, the second one. Make sure that your customers feel that your website is professional after a single glance. Otherwise, they would never feel at ease to pay money through your website.

3. Add Reviews & Testimonials to Your Website

People judge a product or a service by its reviews, which is why it is important to add transparent and authentic reviews to your website. Have a look at this infographic to grasp the importance of reviews and referrals:

Nowadays, people believe in Facebook recommendations and what other people say about a thing. Thus, e-commerce sites must ensure value for the customer and enhance his experience on their websites. If a customer does not find enough value, he or she may leave right away without even giving your product a single chance.

Even a single negative review can cause harm and a potential loss of revenue. So, the best way to deal with it is transparency in every deal.

4. Offer Incentives & Loyalty Programs

The best way to generate loyalty is to ensure recall and recognition. Come up with deals which will draw your customers for the second time. Many loyalty programs target the customers for a more extended time by providing them a long-term benefit. However, make sure that you are offering suitable incentives to an appropriate audience.

For instance, if your target audience entails both millennials and older age group, then you must make sure that you are offering something that aligns with both types of people.

Customization is essential to make your customers feel important and special. With the help of modern technology and artificial intelligence, it is possible to understand each customer and attract them towards your site with customized and personalized schemes and offers.

5. Win Customer Loyalty (and Trust)

While the competition is getting more and more ferocious, there are only a few ways to survive and sustain in the marketplace. You must walk the extra mile and gain your customer’s trust and attention by offering something extra.

We see considerable discounts on every site. So, providing low cost and high value is no more a big deal.  The only way to win the game is to provide something extra. Many famous online retailers attract customers by providing a service or a unique experience. A standout yet value-adding “extra” will differentiate your e-commerce site from the others. Here is where strategy comes into place.

The very heart of strategy talks about trade-off; you cannot have the best of both worlds. Instead, you must identify your customer segment, and position your site in a way that it adds value to their buying process and needs.

Wrap-Up on Customer Trust

Before you start, spend some time planning how you want to differentiate your e-commerce site from the others, and what you want it to stand for.

Once you identify your niche and target audience, more than half of your work is done. Try to play the game by not only providing the best deals but also providing good deals in the best way, so that customers are attracted towards the experience you provide and help you in capturing market share in the long-term. And most importantly, focus on the security of your ecommerce website to gain your customers’ trust.

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