50 Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

You cannot think of anything else than SEO to improve the ranking of your website. Know the top lower cost or free SEO tools best for your website.

50 Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

You cannot think of anything else than SEO to improve the ranking of your website in Google search results. For that, you can use SEO tools for successful optimization of your website. Read on to know the top lower cost or free SEO tools best for your website.

Top 50 Free Tools for Low-Cost SEO Results

50 Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

Every business owner wants to achieve the best SEO results at as low cost as possible and you are no exception. Free SEO tools come to the rescue. Here are the top 50 free SEO tools for your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most priceless resources for any business owner. It provides a lot of information like the number of visitors, location demographics, and traffic sources, helping you to ideate content strategies.

LinksManagement Free SEO Cost Calculator

Learn how many links, how much money, and time it will take to outplay your competitors and reach Google’s Top 10. Enter your site’s URL and promoted keyword to get a report on a successful SEO campaign. How SEO Cost Calculator Works? You enter your site’s URL & promoted keywords, generate your SEO Cost Calculator Report, jump into action and launch an SEO Campaign. Using this Free SEO Cost Calculator you get smart SEO budget planning, get to know the exact number of needed backlinks, and know the time frame of your winning SEO Campaign.

Mozcast: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

This tool helps you to track every change of your website. Google goes through hundreds of changes every year and it becomes difficult to keep a track of them. Mozcast will note the latest developments and see your website gets better SERPs.

Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio tool provides you the opportunity to merge a variety of data from different sources like Google Console and Google Analytics and create visualizations that you can share.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path is one of the SEO tools used for indexing and crawling. The redirects that come from your client-side can be flagged, revealing any issues. You can copy the details and attach it to your clipboard to get a technically correct audit document.

Quick Click Website Audit

It is one of the important SEO tools today with a bookmark style extension. When you click a link, it extracts the URL of the current pages and feeds them into a selected tool. It saves a lot of time and energy.


It is another SEO analysis tool that offers data and real-time information and page classification.

Check My Links

It is another indexing and crawling SEO tool that creeps into a webpage and recognizes the status code mentioned in each of the links. You can check the bad links and remove them with one click.

Keyword Explorer: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

Good keywords can give you higher ranks for your website. Keyword Explorer is one of the tools used to research for keywords. It provides more than 1000 suggestions for a keyword.


It is yet another free tool for finding the best keywords. It is a great tool to find out the keyword sources from Reddit and its threads.

Seed Keywords

You can search for keywords with the help of a topic or question from this research tool. If you want your customers to find you through keywords, SEO Brisbane will help you out.

Disavow Tool

Among all the SEO linking tools, the Disavow tool from Google is popular. So, it enables you to get your website free from toxic backlinks.

Link Explorer: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

This tool is used to check any backlink profile. You can even check the domain authority of any particular URL with this SEO tool.

Backlink Checker

Firstly, the Backlink Checker tool is used to find out all the data related to backlinks of a specific URL like how many referral domains. Secondly, the rating of the URL, domain rating. Finally, the number of used backlinks.

Anchor Text Suggestion Tool

This SEO tool is used to determine the anchor text that is suitable for a particular URL to get higher rankings in the search results page.


Firstly, SendPulse is a tool that allows you to configure chains of notifications, emails. Moreover, messages depending on events, variables. Finally, user action.


Streak is an extension that you can use for free to convert your Gmail inbox easily. So,  into software for Customer Relationship Management.

Google My Business: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

One of the best local SEO tools, Google My Business. In addition, allows you to get in touch with customers with the help of Google Search on Google Maps.

Local Search Results Checker

As a small business owner, you can use this tool to conduct consumer searches locally with Google Maps. In addition to Google Search.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder

This tool helps you to track your documents. So, find out new and exciting opportunities. Moreover, get the same citations to have healthy competition in the market.

Review Handout Generator

You can write a review on behalf of your business via a mobile device or laptop. You can get printed instructions as well.

Mobile SERP Test: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

With the help of this tool from Mobile Moxi. So, you can see the local SERPs of your business on different mobile devices.

Mobile-First Index Checker

This index checker stacks your website according to its visibility in mobile or desktop.

Mobile-friendly Test

You can test the mobile-friendliness of your website with this testing tool by Google.


Cloudflare is a free CDN or Content Delivery Network tool. It used servers that will help to load the content of your website faster. It uses a server that is nearest to the person trying to download your content.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the finest free tools that can be used for multiple SEO tasks. Because It is a brilliant SEO tool used for keyword research. Moreover, making it easy to discover them for a particular webpage and their rankings.

Google Search Console: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

Firstly, Google Search Console is the most versatile SEO tool. Secondly, It is handy for indexation issues, mobile usability, better performance of URL and keyword, Finally, sitemap Status.

Marketing Miner

You can use Marketing Miner, one of the Google Chrome DevTools. So, edit a webpage in real-time.

Mozbar: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

It is a free tool used for website SEO that provides accessibility to advanced metrics on SERPs and pages of your website. In addition, enables you to explore the web page elements.

Sheets for marketers

You can learn about automating tasks in Google Sheets and find out the best tools and templates for automation.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: Toolbar by Ahref

You can get details on the SERPs. Moreover, SEO metrics of your website.


It is a website analyzer that comes handy when you need to get helpful insights to improve the SEO of your website. It is also capable of providing social media information.

Lipperhey: Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools

Lipperhey is a tool by which you can analyze your website for free. It also provides SEO analytics, tips on keyword ranking, and works as a backlink checker.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: Seobility

Firstly, a suite of tools for Search Engine Optimization. Secondly, can be a SERP and a backlink tracker. Finally, has a site-auditor.

Counting Characters Google SERP Tool

Google uses pixels to count characters for evaluating the length of the title tag and Meta description. This tool provides both pixel and character count that is required for your website.

Structured Data Testing Tool

This SEO tool helps to validate your website’s structured data by live data or by copy-paste code.

Google Tag Manager

You can manage all the tags of your website too by avoiding editing codes with this tool.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: SERPSim

You can determine what your snippets will look like in the search results with SERPSim.

Copyscape Comparison Tool

Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism checkers today. So, It is in use to compare how much information is between two documents.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: DupliChecker

It is a free plagiarism detection software. In addition, It can build and analyze backlinks. As a result, provide relevant keyword suggestions, perform image searches, and deliver accurate performance statistics of your website.

Google Webmaster Tool

Firstly, the Google Webmaster Tool helps to boost your website optimization. As a result, enhance the crawling ability. Finally, enables visitors to navigate the content.


You can check out all the essential email addresses from any given domain with this SEO tool.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: BuzzSumo

You can find out content suitable for the chosen keyword with free features of this tool.


It is the best tool to examine your competitors. It also shows you the traffic, engagement, top pages, and marketing channels of a particular domain.

SEO Explorer

It is the best free tool for researching keywords and links.

SERP Checker

It is one of the free tools for checking ranks on search engines. As a result, search a keyword and find out the top 10 ranks and their robust analytics.


It is a dedicated tool to track SERP of your website. You can choose the frequency of checking SERP, set automatic alerts. Moreover, get your changes visually.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools: RankMath

It is the best tool for improving SEO through a CMS platform. So, though a new SEO suite, it can guide you through your SEO process.

Webpage Test

It conducts speed tests for your website from various locations and browsers.

Page Speed Insights

Firstly, This tool helps you to discover the loading speed of your website and improving techniques.


Finally, It provides an audit for your website depending on your SEO, content, and popularity.

Lowest Cost or Free SEO Tools Conclusion

You will find a lot of free tools for SEO that is perfect for business owners with a tight budget. In conclusion, these offer great features and the results are remarkable. Find a suitable SEO tool for your website.