6 Best Universally Applicable WordPress Plugins

Many WordPress plugins are designed for specific kinds of sites, but here are 6 of the best universally applicable WordPress plugins.

Updated on July 25, 2022
6 Best Universally Applicable WordPress Plugins

Many WordPress plugins are designed for specific kinds of sites and niches. There are others, however, that augment any site, regardless of its audience or industry. Below are 6 of the best universally applicable WordPress plugins that every WP website can benefit from. 

6 Best Universally Applicable WordPress Plugins

WP Table Builder

Keeping website visitors engaged and on-page, regardless of the niche, requires dynamic content. Often if you are trying to extol the virtues of a product or service, explaining return on investment, or otherwise attempting to demonstrate quantifiable elements of something you are offering, it makes sense to use table-based information and show raw data. 

Any website would do well to install the WP Table Builder plugin. It allows you to import CSV and XML files so that customers can see organized data straight from your Excel sheets. There is a free and a premium version, with the premium costing $40 for the entire year. If you have advanced excel skills, you can put together spreadsheets that will impress your site visitors and present data in a way that informs their purchasing decision.

Applicable WordPress Plugins: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a universally applicable plugin on any site because it makes sure your content is SEO optimized, including checking for readability. How well you optimize your blog posts and other website content for SEO is paramount for how well your content and pages rank in the SERPs. This, in turn, affects the amount of organic traffic you can expect to see. 

With the Yoast plugin, you get to see where your content is lacking before publishing it, and Yoast gives you recommendations for improving its SEO score. It also gives you what is known as a “readability” score which Google factors into page rank. It is an indicator of how easy it is for people to read what you have written. Writing for the web is different from writing long-form, which is why it helps to have tools like Yoast assisting you. 


Any business engaged in eCommerce needs a plugin like WooCommerce to run its online store. WooCommerce integrates very well. With many other with this universally applicable WordPress plugins that you might need for eCommerce, and it is a good alternative to Shopify. There are plenty of themes and free customization, allowing you to quickly start selling physical products, affiliate products, and digital products. 


Askimet is probably one of, if not the most popular spam filter plugins on WordPress. It can help save you hours worth of work by constantly checking your blog comments and getting rid of anything that appears spammy. Askimet is free for personal use and comes with monthly paid plans that offer more comprehensive features. 

The unfortunate but unalterable fact of website ownership is that you will have to deal with spam. Potentially a considerable amount of it. For example, if you have a blog with a comment section, you will inevitably get spam comments from both people and bots trying to parasite off your site. Some spam links can even be harmful, sending people to malicious websites or downloading spyware or malware on their computers. In fact, up to 95 percent of all comments on blogs, message boards and chat rooms are spam or malicious. 

Applicable WordPress Plugins: Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most diverse plugins you can download and millions of WordPress websites around the world. In a wide range of industries and niches, use it. It is also highly trusted because the publisher is constantly improving its services and adding to its offerings. It can help you enhance security by preventing brute force attacks. Optimize content, increase engagement, monitors your website, provides site backups and much more. 

This plugin is usually standard with many WordPress themes and has everything you could possibly need. There are both free plans and ones made for commercial use. If you download a theme and it doesn’t come with Jetpack, it should be one of your first installs. 

WP Forms

WP Forms is another must-have plugin for every site because all sites need a way for customers to contact them. Contact forms are ubiquitous on the web, and they are an essential part of your customer service. Allow your visitors and customers to reach out to you with questions and queries with this applicable WordPress plugins. WP Forms is probably the most commonly used and intuitive form tool out there. It allows you to create functional and effective contact forms for any audience quickly. 

Universally Applicable WordPress Plugins Conclusion

Too many activated plugins can bog down your site and slow its performance. But not everyone has the coding skills necessary to create the above functionalities from scratch. Most people will need to install some of the many useful WordPress plugins out there. Of course, the above are just some of the hundreds of fantastic and helpful WP plugins. So, you can use to optimize your site. Although they are ones that you will likely need, regardless of your niche or industry.