6 Creative Branding Trends For Your Website in 2021

Branding of a company is a big factor in forming opinion. You'll explore the top 6 creative branding trends for your website in 2021

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
6 Creative Branding Trends For Your Website in 2021

It takes an average of 10 seconds for consumers to form an opinion of a company, and the branding of that company is a big factor in forming that opinion. If you want to leave a good impression among first-time customers and be instantly recognizable to your existing ones, you need to understand branding’s importance. In this article, you’ll explore the top 6 creative branding trends for your website in 2021.

However, you can’t decide on one type of branding and stick to it. Branding trends change every year, and unless you follow them, your website visitors will perceive your website as outdated. Your best choice is to seek help from branding services and follow the trends listed below for optimal results.

Don’t be afraid of expressionist brand colors.

6 Creative Branding Trends For Your Website in 2021

A traditional branding rule was to use a simple and consistent color scheme customers can instantly associate with your brand. While this practice worked for a long time, in 2021, it will be outdated for one simple reason – it causes you to restrict your brand to just a few colors.

Next year, expand your brand palette to include multiple expressionist colors that will allow you to express your brand identity more freely in an explosion of colors. More and more brands are testing out unconventional color schemes that work great both together and when they stand alone.

However, the colors you use are also important here. While neon colors were all the rage just a few years ago, last year saw a shift in that trend. Nowadays, brands are more likely to use muted colors that are more natural and easy on the eye.

Experiment with geometric patterns

To make things clear right off the bat, patterns shouldn’t replace your main images or logos, but if used correctly, they can be a great extension of your brand. By using large blocks of repeated graphics, you will be able to create a wallpaper look that’s somewhat hypnotizing and mesmerizing.

You can use these patterns on things such as t-shirts, advertising purposes, as well as a web page background. So, a great website creative branding trend to follow this year.

As geometric patterns do a great job of finding a good balance between distracting and stimulating, they are great to place on branding materials where you want to draw focus to the logo. Ideally, your pattern should mimic an element you already have in your logo, which is easier to achieve with a minimalistic logo.

Be perfectly imperfect

Perfection has become overrated, and companies with pixel-perfect branding can come across as suspicious and unoriginal to some people. Most audiences nowadays, especially younger generations, think that imperfection shows that a brand is much more honest and trustworthy.

Things such as disproportionate imagery, asymmetry, and squiggly lines that don’t meet where they should resonate well with more counter-cultural audiences. This style isn’t ideal for every brand, but it’s perfect for those who are targeting offbeat markets and trying to attract a younger crowd.

Elements that are intentionally imperfect give companies a great opportunity to express themselves distinctively and create eye-catching designs. If you opt for this type of style, the best way to use it is to combine it with handwritten typography and modern illustrations.

Embrace data visualization: Website creative branding trends

Data has been an invaluable part of so many companies’ marketing strategies for years. Through data, you can understand your customers and the market you’re selling to much better. For a long time, data was only shared internally within the company, but in 2021 that practice will change.

Data can help you encourage prospects and leads to convert to customers and prove you’re trustworthy. However, keep in mind that sharing raw data won’t mean anything to them. To make them understand that data, you need to give them proper context, and the best way to do this is through simple data graphics that are visually appealing and easy to digest. As a result, a great website creative branding trend.

Use motion logos

On average, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember your brand, which means that a customer needs to see your logo at least five times before they can recognize it.

If your logo is not interesting enough, no amount of impressions will be enough for most people to remember it. As your logo is an integral part of your brand identity, you shouldn’t allow website visitors to gloss over it.

The best way to ensure your logo is eye-catching in 2021 is to add motion to it. One example of a motion logo that’s already in use is Google’s new logo. We’ll undoubtedly see more of them in the upcoming year.

Motion logos are going to become the next big trend because they’re a great way to grab a person’s attention and hold it. In this content-heavy world, a motion logo can do exactly that.

Be authentic and make a stand: Website creative branding trends

Customers’ big issue with brands in 2020 is that most of their brand design wasn’t authentic enough. This was brought on by the pandemic, where many brands made various promises. Statements that seemed good at the time but ultimately weren’t authentic.

When you share your message in 2021, make sure you mean it and actually back it up with your actions. Since 2020 was an awful year worldwide, people have started to notice brands that didn’t show off their altruistic side. Or, even worse, found ways to profit out of other people’s misfortune.

Many people, especially younger generations, expect the brands they support to make a stand about things that matter. Take up a meaningful social cause and work towards making your local community a better place. In contrast, using that to showcase your brand’s authenticity.

This should also be reflected in your website design. More and more companies are using their website design to resonate with social and environmental issues and various movements. This trend will undoubtedly carry on to the following year.

Website creative branding trends final thoughts

Branding trends, just like website design trends, are constantly changing. Companies that are smart and care about staying relevant. Or making a good first impression will always keep up with these trends and update their branding as they go.

However, things and people also constantly change. So it’s not surprising that consumers want to see something new and fresh from the brands they support each year. Don’t forget to follow the trends we talk about here if you want to stay relevant to your audience in 2021.

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