6 Pro Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Did you know more than 53% of the world’s population on social media? Here you'll see 6 pro tips to boost your social media presence.

Updated on July 25, 2022
6 Pro Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

What started as a platform for personal interaction has become a third-world in itself. Yes, we’re referring to social media here. Did you know more than 53% of the world’s population on social media? In this article, you’ll see six pro tips to boost your social media presence.

It slowly crept into our lives by taking baby steps, and today it has become an inevitable part of our lives. Today, the platform is a go-to space for everything – from searching for recommendations to making purchase decisions.

6 Pro Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

In the continuously evolving digital landscape, customer-facing businesses need to leverage social media’s potential to outsmart the competition and create a positive impression. With the brief attention span of customers, creating a social media account in one thing and leaving a mark in the sea of already established brands is another.

That’s why you need to boost your social media presence, and it’s for this reason that companies allocate a whopping 11.3% of their total budget to marketing activities.

Now is the right time to boost your social media presence, and if you’re ready to jump on the social media bandwagon, keep reading.

6 Pro Tips To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Use these six strategies to boost your social media presence with an active user base in 2021.

1 Share more videos

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest have progressively seen a paradigm shift towards video as the first choice. The monumental rise of TikTok has shown the world what videos achieve and how persuasive a video offering can be.

Tweets with video increase engagement by ten times, and it’s probably time to embrace videos. From news, trending topics to stories that evoke emotions- videos are a great way to trigger emotions and show off your personality as a brand.

Furthermore, remember to include transcripts below every video you share on social media. Why?

According to research, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, use a video to text software to include the transcripts.

Including transcripts increases the readers’ listening capacity and is likely to enhance the searchability of your video. Plus, you cater to people who cannot hear and only depend on the text to understand what you’re offering.

Benefits of video content

  •  Grab the attention of the audience
  •  Enhances search engine optimization
  •  Drive conversions
  • Give exposure to your brand
  • Increases social shares
  • Conveys your message

2 Reduce the hashtags

For social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, hashtags are a simple and effective way to amplify the content you share. But did you know that overdoing it could harm your business in ways you can’t even imagine?

Hashtags have a straightforward working principle; you click on a hashtag and all the content tagged under the hashtag becomes visible. When used strategically, these are a great way to start conversations and engage the target audience.

Pick up any social media post, and you’re likely to see at least 5-6 hashtags associated with it.

For example, notice how McDonald, a leading fast-food joint uses only one hashtag on their post to drive engagement.

According to a study, tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags.

Too many hashtags annoy and confuse the readers, thereby drastically reducing your conversion rates. For finding the best hashtag for your post, it’s best to use various hashtag generator tools like Flick or HastagsForLikes.

3 Give attention to what’s trending

One of the easiest ways to boost your social media presence is to flow the current social media trend. In 2020, ‘Black Lives Matters’ was a trending topic. It started with a social media trend and soon became a global movement. Customers expected and preferred brands that voiced their concern for the movement.

Netflix actively supported the trend by launching a collection of TV shows and documentaries of racial injustice. As the company leverages the trending topic to show support to their black customers and employers, their post managed to garner more than 1 million likes and was retweeted more than 230,000 times.

Similarly, in March 2021, McDonald’s showed support to Asian hate to show that every customer, crew, and employee of the McDonald’s family.

That’s the power of trending topics, and it shows customers that the brand is committed to issues that matter the most and are in trend.

Knowing about the latest social media trends gives you insightful information into your target audience’s current interest.

However, choose the correct issue or trending topic to support. Otherwise, the strategy may backfire.

For example, if you’re an investment banking firm, creating a post for a trending topic like National Donut Day may not yield the desired results.

4 Incorporate social icons in your email

Why talk about email when it’s about boosting social media presence? Email and social media are like pasta and garlic bread – they go well together, and each enhances the other’s flavor.

According to research, email subscribers share your content on social media three times more when compared to other marketing channels.

Keeping these statistics in mind makes sense to include the social icons in every email you trigger. Besides sharing content, social media icons’ presence helps new subscribers check out your social profiles before purchasing. It helps in increasing your followers and building a community of loyal customers.

A lot of brands use social media icons as their email signature. This is a subtle way of informing customers about your presence. Remember to include only those social media icons on which your brand is active. There’s no point in sharing the link to a YouTube channel that you updated last year. Doing so turns off the customer as visiting the channel did not add any value.

Notice how GoAir uses social icons with every email they send. The icons are clickable in the email.

5 Use emotions

Even though social media has made communication easier, brands often overlook emotions when creating campaigns to boost customer engagement. From humanizing your brand by telling stories to include humor, the more emotions you use, the better will be your reach.

Always remember, it’s the stories you share that sells. Such stories evoke emotions and encourage a customer to take action.

Brand stories are not sales pitches or ads. They help create an unseen connection with your customers. It’s this connection that eventually translates into conversions.

The rule here is simple,

Brands that understand the importance of humanizing and including humor are the ones that perform well on social media.

One brand that does exceptionally well at evoking emotions and creating a connection is the Frederiction SPCA, an animal shelter. The Facebook post triggers the right emotion as the pet tells its personal story to the potential adopters.

When telling stories or sharing memes to include humor, ensure the post is relevant to the target audience. There is no point in sharing photos of maternity clothes on a page dedicated to men’s formal wear.

Don’t add emotions, tell stories, or include humor for the sheer sake of it. Even if your post gets a few likes, it sends the wrong brand message and deteriorates your brand-building efforts.

6 Never buy social media followers

In a desperate attempt to gain online traction, many brands fall prey to ads promising to increase their social media followers.  While it may be a tempting option, it does more harm than good to your brand image.

Most of the time, such followers are either fake, bots or inactive accounts. They provide little long-term benefit and harms your account’s standing beyond repair.

Fake followers never engage with your content, never share your posts, and add no meaningful value. All they do with your social media profile is swelling your numbers and decreasing your engagement statistics.

To boost your social media presence and prevent your business from the wrath of breaking the rules, focus on ways to increase your social media followers organically.

Always remember that 1,000 genuine followers will bring you more business than 10,000 fake followers.

Disadvantages of buying social media followers

  • Firstly, purchased followers open doors for spammers
  • Secondly, decrease engagement rate
  •  Destroys brand’s credibility
  •  Algorithms used in social media platforms identify and purges fake followers
  •  Account suspension due to violation of rules


Growing your social media presence isn’t an uphill battle. It requires time and patience – two essential elements which brand owners cannot afford.

Just like Rome, it’s impossible to build a social media fan following in a day. Therefore, don’t get disheartened if your posts don’t garner enough share, likes, or retweets—it’s normal!.

For boosting your social media presence, take one step at a time.

When used strategically, these platforms help a brand connect with customers, cultivate relationships, and ultimately expand its reach. After all, social media is all about networking and building long-term relationships.

Use these six tips to engage with your customers and build a social media community that your competitors will envy.

Which of these social media tips did you use? Were you able to boost your social media presence? So, do tell us in the comments section!