6 Processes You Can and Should Automate in Your Business

There is a limit to what we can do as humans. In this article, you'll see six processes you can and should automate in your business.

Updated on July 25, 2022
6 Processes You Can and Should Automate in Your Business

There is a limit to what we can do as humans, and having to carry out repetitive tasks in business can get very tiring and cause only little productivity. In this article, you’ll see six processes you can and should automate in your business.

Thankfully, business automation brings in computer systems and technology to do these tasks instead of human resources. Automation aims to boost productivity, lessen the cost, and enable your business to have time to focus on value-added tasks such as customer relations.

6 Processes You Can and Should Automate in Your Business

It allows you as a business owner to simplify tasks that would otherwise seem complicated if done manually. It also makes the output of your processes more refined and put together. Although small and medium-sized business owners didn’t always have access to artificial intelligence, times have changed.

Many small businesses can now work with automation systems and use them to perform repetitive tasks.

In this article, you’ll find the top 6 processes you can and should automate your business for a better output.

Major processes you should automate in business

Some key business processes allow for efficiency and smooth workflow; these are the business’s significant aspects to automate. See them below:

1 Automate project reports

Project Management comes with a lot of challenges, and a considerable problem is making the reports. Stories are an essential part of project management, and it keeps you on track of your deadlines, priorities, and general progress of your business.

However, reporting can get overworking when done manually and will leave room for errors and flaws.  Making a project report by hand can be tiring and will need many revisions to be done even after writing.

Making project reports by hand can also be time-consuming: to gather data, develop data, double-check data, and finally process it as information.

Automating a project report will eliminate errors and give you more time to focus on essential tasks. Luckily, with the advent of automated reporting, project reports have become more comfortable and more effective.

Many applications have been created to assist in this effect, such as Slite. It helps you to provide in-depth and real-time examinations of ongoing projects. This software allows you with your project reports without the commotion of spreadsheets.

They also come with an interactive dashboard that keeps track of timelines, budgets, and assignments.

2 Automate your usability testing

Usability testing is the process of testing your product with real people by getting them to complete a list of tasks while taking note of their interactions. The goal of conducting a usability test is to understand if your business is user-friendly. This is to see if your design is intuitive enough for users to attain their goals.

Usability testing helps you understand your audience and build the right product for your business. You cannot guess what your users will prefer because everyone has their unique tastes and backgrounds.

To perform a usability test, you will have to seek your intended users’ consent and enlighten them on your product testing process. Usability tests will help you see how your audience understands, approaches, and experiences a product.

Maze’s guide to usability testing helps explain the process of automating your usability tests for faster and easier results during market analysis or consumer research.

3 Business processes you should automate: Compliance checks

Automated Compliance is a category of software applications that use artificial intelligence features and technology to simplify data privacy law compliance processes. These applications provide organizations with workflow capacities related to compliance, including self-assessments, control analyses, etc.

Many tools monitor compliance policies. Any regulations that your organization’s accounts, such as inventories, security measures, privacy policies, etc., are copied into the compliance automation software to note violations.

It helps to streamline regulated aspects of the business and ensure compliance across various levels of the organization. It also points out areas that are being violated and calls for reform.

The compliance regulations and security standards can be changed or updated at any time. Compliance automation encourages time management and is more cost-effective compared to manual efforts.

The compliance automation software ensures your company adheres to the government’s rules and regulations, such as GDPR, the California Privacy Act, and other government policies that may align with your business.

Also, Risk management decisions can be made based on real-time data. This is an excellent automated procedure because it minimizes the number of inadequate or inaccurate reporting mistakes.

4 Automate expense tracking

How often does a significant sum go unaccounted for? There is a receipt that got missing or the stress it takes when a teammate misses out on some necessary expense information. You have to go back and forth to set things accurately again?

With an automated expense tracking system, you can scan your expense receipts from anywhere. Image processing, bill ID, amount, and other information are automatically stored as expense data without requiring manual access.

An expense tracker allows you to record payments, so you know which clients have paid you and which haven’t. Some software for expense tracking includes Dollarbird, Hubstaff, Wally, Fudget, and Mint.

Tracking your expenses will help your team and company stay on budget and work towards a productive future.

5 Business processes you should automate: Marketing and customer support

Marketing automation platforms are tools or software that allow you to access market workflows for multiple channels from a single source.

They ease out understanding customer behavior and panning out marketing strategies accordingly. This gives an idea of how closely marketing automation and customer service are.

The main idea behind using marketing automation is to boost the efficiency of the regular repetitive tasks, which are a part of your marketing campaigns.

Automating tasks that would otherwise be manually gives you the extra grip on your marketing efforts. It also allows you to market more effectively on different mediums such as email, websites, social media, etc. and see the areas you’re slacking.

Automating your marketing and customer support helps you to update your customers on recommendations and updates. Marketing automation will quickly set up multiple tests and help you administer these tests so you can focus your attention wherever else it’s.

6 Automate employee analysis

Diligence from your employees, and your employees are responsible for their results and performance. However, many companies struggle to complete performance reviews because of its time to get it.

The best way to heighten participation and on-time completion of performance reviews is to automate the study’s process and content.

Using an automated system, you can quickly review the process and track progress at any point. You can also set clear timelines and tasks for your employees.

Set up reminders on the software to enable notifications and, thus, manage time.  Automating your employment analysis system will give you access to a wide variety of data analysis. The main aim of automation is to bring in efficiency, increase productivity, and eliminate mistakes.

Important tips to help you transition to business automated processes

As you consider automating your business processes, here are five essential tips to help you begin.

Plan Ahead

Automation is a process that requires adequate planning. Be careful about the techniques you automate so that you do not make any slip-ups. Find out what kind of automation will work best in that area of concentration and develop it.

Understand the process of automating

As a business owner, do not make the mistake of automating without fully understanding the process. Take your time to examine the process or get professional help, especially in the areas above where automation eases things.

Estimate Your time/cost savings 

Ensure you estimate the time/cost savings that automating a process will give and compare to the time/cost it will take to automate that process. Make sure to prioritize automating the methods that will save you both time and money.  

Think About the Future

Always consider the best for your company in the long run. Ensure that whatever solution you employ possesses the ability to grow and adapt to future changes.

Work with your team 

Do not try to take on this new procedure alone. Please work with your team, carry them along, and find the right automation tools for these processes.

Business Processes You Should Automate Conclusion

You or your employees do not have to burnout from manually-done tasks when you can easily automate important parts of their processes.

Automating specific processes ensures the accurate execution of significant business tasks. In the long run, automating these procedures will improve consistency in executing your duties.

This allows you to thrive and expand to your maximum capacity because it frees up time and energy to achieve more in other business aspects.

It will also boost your customer satisfaction because they will receive more accurate and consistent products and services. The cost of automating your processes may be a substantial amount; however, the benefits are long term.