6 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2024 You Should Try Today

In this article, we'll share the top social media marketing strategies, tips, and trends that you should try today

By Claudio Pires
Updated on January 25, 2024
6 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2024 You Should Try Today

Understanding and staying ahead of the curve in social media will ensure that you have all the right tools and marketing strategies, the required skills, and, of course, an up-to-date to make the most of it. Doing so is more critical this year than ever before for marketers. In this article, we’ll share the top social media marketing strategies, tips, and trends that you should try today.

Stay tuned if you’re looking to increase subscribers and engagement rates and improve your sales through your various social media accounts. This post will examine six social media marketing strategies you need to know in 2024. Read on.

1. Build a Community

When consumers spend time browsing sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it’s vital that they can talk to others who have the same interests as them. Please keep in mind that people spend two hours and twenty-two minutes, on average, on social media platforms every day. This makes fueling their tendency to engage more impactful.

Engagement on your social media posts can surely significantly boost your brand’s visibility. The discussions can come in the form of comments. The problem is that only a few users want to hang out on the social media page of a specific business to talk to others all day. What you can do instead is to build a community like Facebook groups.

Suppose you have a team working actively to guide consumers, utilizing content collaboration and distribution platforms. In that case, you’ll see a significant increase, not only in your engagement but also in subscribers throughout the year.

2. Work with Influencers: Social media marketing strategies

The trend of working with influencers won’t be going away anytime soon. It has been said that influencer marketing will dominate in 2017. It was also emphasized later in 2018 and even last year. Indeed, this isn’t a new strategy anymore. However, the year 2024 is not just focusing on working with influencers in general; instead, it is becoming more targeted. Yes, influencer marketing 2.0 is here.

So, what’s with the influencer marketing version 2.0? Well, it means collaborating with nano-influencers and micro-influencers. Nano-influencers come with followers ranging from 1000-5000. They have developed a very close fan relationship, which is a positive thing for marketers like you.

Similarly, micro-influencers refer to average, everyday individuals passionate about a specific topic who have amassed a decent following of about 50,000 people. Working with these types of influencers only means one thing — a pretty high engagement rate. In this article, we’ll share the top social media marketing strategies, tips, and trends that you should try today.

3. Video is Still The King

If you can make engaging videos, there’s no better time to focus on building one. Short and long-form video content is now being heavily consumed on most social media platforms. Videos, however, are no new trend, but they continue to become highly relevant.

When something works, why change it? Video is still the king in 2024, and it’s one of the most helpful forms of content for boosting audience engagement. As a result, great social media marketing strategies

4. Maximize Interactive Stories

Stories like live-streaming emerged in the last couple of years. Instagram and Facebook stories are dominating this social media phenomenon. Facebook’s stories alone have approximately 500 million daily users.

It’s also on par with Instagram in terms of engagement. Social media stories will accelerate more significantly this year, and opportunities for marketers have also been expanded with “Stories About You,” Growth Insights, and other new business features from Instagram.

5 Embrace Social Media Diversity

Bringing more diversity to posting and promotions in social media is now becoming a trend in marketing strategies. Savvy marketers are using other platforms such as Quora, Snapchat, Reddit, and Tiktok, among others, instead of focusing on the big three.

As a result, some things could significantly change this year. Brands with a rut regarding their promotions on social media should keep up or get left behind. They have to give other social media platforms a chance. The smaller networks, of course, provide a relatively low-cost advertising environment due to lower competition levels. It’s a bonus that marketers can take advantage of and enjoy.

6 Add an Option for Customer Service

Implementing customer service on your social media business profiles this year is excellent. As you probably already know, many consumers like to tag or direct messages with questions.

Most expect you to respond to their messages on social media within two hours or less. It could cost your business. If you’re missing out on some significant opportunities in the customer service department this year.

In this instant information age, marketers and business owners must quickly accommodate consumers. Many analysts believe that the trend of consumers sending social media messages for their concerns is due to accessibility.

79 percent of users can now access business profiles with their smartphones. They’ll find a competitor if you’re not willing to answer questions. Help solve customer support issues on your social media accounts.

7. Authenticity and Transparency

In an era where consumers value authenticity, brands need to be more transparent and genuine in their communication. Sharing behind-the-scenes content, real-life stories, and user-generated content can build trust and loyalty.

Actionable Tip: Regularly share behind-the-scenes content and encourage user-generated content through contests and hashtags. Keep reading to understand the top social media marketing strategies, tips, and trends that you should try today.

8. Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Consumers are increasingly aligning with brands that demonstrate social responsibility and sustainable practices. Showcasing your brand’s commitment to these values can help in building a positive brand image.

Actionable Tip: Share your brand’s efforts in sustainability and social responsibility initiatives on social media.

Social Media Marketing Strategies Conclusion

You’ll have to continue adjusting your strategies for social media marketing as your business grows. Do it consistently for you to see success. The strategy mentioned and discussed in this post can help you learn more about your audience. As a result, it improves trust in your brand, boosts your exposure, and, of course, increases sales.

Claudio Pires

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