6 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders

In this article, we will introduce you to the best 5 mobile friendly, optimized, and responsive website builders tools

5 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders - Visualmodo

Smartphones have taken over every aspect of our life, and rightfully so. They’re compact, convenient, and compatible with the latest technologies ruling the market. This article will introduce you to the 5 mobile-friendly, optimized, and responsive website builders tools.

There are several surveys and studies to substantiate the fact that most users use their mobile phones to browse the internet these days. Optimizing your website for mobiles, therefore, becomes a mandatory criterion for entrepreneurs these days.

6 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders

1- Wix

Mobile Friendly Website Builders

Wix is one of the most well-known free website builders in the market. With a WYSIWYG interface and a unique ADI framework, Wix caters to all content creators and developers. The ADI system automatically generates a website for you based on your preferences.

The editor is compatible with mobile phones, the themes are all optimized for Android devices, and the graphics are retina ready and customizable for all screen sizes. Here, at Wix, you can edit the website’s mobile version, control the posts’ visibility, hide content from people, and do much more.

2- Weebly

5 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders - Weebly

Weebly is by far one of the easiest, most user-friendly website-building options available. In short, the mobile editor is a fairly new addition to the platform. The Android App is a popular perk that enhances the credibility of the builders that is mobile-friendly.

Here, a mobile-friendly version of your website or store is automatically generated and uploaded along with the desktop version. Moreover, both these versions are interconnected, as an example. Any changes you make in the desktop version will be reflected in the app and vice versa.

Finally, Weebly has a good range of readymade layouts and preset themes, all optimized for mobile phones. Plus, the solid e-commerce support and store-building option are a great addition. Free SEO tools and Google analytic integration make Weebly a viable developer option.

3- Zyro

Mobile Friendly  Zyro-listicle

Zyro combines AI technology with designer-made templates to create a mobile-friendly website builder. Its drag-and-drop editor and grid function make it easy to use and customizable. You can use the preview to display how your website will look on different devices.

With Zyro, you get one of the fastest-loading, responsive, and SEO-optimized website builders focused on mobile devices. You can use integrated marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Messenger Live Chat. 

Its AI tools help your website’s designing process, from the AI background remover to the blog title generator.

Lastly, Zyro’s website builder plans to cater to different requirements, from personal websites to larger e-commerce sites. You can use their pricing tool to adjust your website needs with the right price for mobile-friendly builders.

4- Jimdo


Jimdo has an extensive collection of templates and attractive themes that require minimal edits and looks great on any platform. While earlier, they had a dedicated mobile editor. Moreover, the new version has a standard drag-and-drop interface and mobile responsive tools.

The mobile website builder is a great choice for beginners. There are loads of visual elements in the dashboard for changing the size. Shape and color scheme of your website in a few simple clicks. In addition, Jimdo offers clients a live preview and real-time editing option.

You can change your website even after it has been uploaded to the server. Robust SEO tools. CMS solutions. SSL encrypted elements. As a result, it gives you absolute control over the reach and visibility of your web page.

5- Webnode

5 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders - Webnode

Webnode is a responsive website builder with over 30 million registered users to date. Developers are allowed to build Android-friendly websites in over 20 languages. Multilingual platforms are also supported here, allowing you to go international with your content on mobile-friendly builders.

The drag-and-drop interface has a live editor and a dashboard full of customizable tools. Webnode automatically creates a mobile-ready website version when you upload the desktop version on the server.

Webnode is quick, convenient, and easy to launch. It is a great option for amateurs and budding businessmen. Who doesn’t have enough technical expertise to build websites using code? Other perks include SEO enhancement tools, CMS support, and e-commerce solutions. Plus, there is no limit to the number of pages you can create using Webnode.

6- Squarespace

Mobile Friendly Website Builders

Squarespace might not have a mobile editor, like the other builders above, but it makes up for this with its responsive, mobile-friendly themes. The interface offers users a collection of professional themes, each customizable and compatible with Android devices. They look very good on mobile screens, seamlessly adjusting to the screen resolution and size.

Some other web-building tools and elements make the builder a flexible and versatile choice for entrepreneurs. For instance, Squarespace supports Google’s open-source AMP for blog posts. In addition, it comes with Maps, Fonts, and Analytical tools to monitor the performance of your website.

You might not get a chance to create a dedicated mobile website. However, all the elements allow you to showcase your content across multiple devices and screens. Also, Squarespace comes with a WYSIWYG editor and doesn’t require coding or technical expertise.

Extra Mobile-Friendly Builders Option: Visualmodo

5 The Best Mobile Friendly Website Builders - Visualmodo

To end with, Visualmodo provides mobile editor options to WordPress, the most used and easiest option for the website creator, and excellent tools. Moreover, Visualmodo has advanced and extended documentation and a video tutorials library. In conclusion, this is the one to go if you’re using WordPress.

Which Mobile-Friendly Website Builders to Choose?

In conclusion, finding a good website-building platform is not as easy as it might seem. More and more site builders are popping up daily, claiming to be the next big thing. Only a few manage to deliver on those promises.

As a result, We recommend platforms like Visualmodo, Wix, and Weebly for first-timers and Squarespace for e-commerce professionals. So, we hope these 5 mobile-friendly, optimized, and responsive website builders tools have helped you.