6 Tips to Create the Best Product and Service Update Emails

Learn how to create the best product and service update emails that keeps the customers engaged while promoting new features

Updated on March 6, 2024
6 Tips to Create the Best Product and Service Update Emails

Product and service update emails are newsletters that collaborate between marketing and product teams. This article teaches you how to create the best product and service update emails.

It delivers information about the improvements in a product or service and keeps the customers engaged while promoting new features and driving traffic to the website. Simply put, the product and service update emails are all about introducing new changes and upgrades within the system.

However, with an average person receiving 126 business emails daily, standing out in the customer’s crowded inbox isn’t easy. So, making your product and service email templates exciting and enlightening becomes imperative to garner the customer’s attention. You can do so by revealing critical improvements, promoting a product, and bringing customers to a landing page. In short, instead of including tedious documentation and information regarding bug fixes, you need to go a step ahead and transform the boring details of your business email template into exciting ones.

The best practices for creating impeccable product and service email updates

1 Work on your subject line: Create update emails

Instead of going for a generic “product update” subject line, go a step ahead and get creative with it. In short, make it attractive and inspiring. You can take some inspiration from the examples below:

  • Here’s your new product with additional features.
  • Sneak peek of the new update.
  • Customers are loving the new feature.
  • Our product line just got better. Take a look.
  • You can’t miss these new features/updates.
  • A brand new product overview.

These are a few ways to spruce up your subject line and entice your customers. Here’s a product update email from Hotel Tonight with a creative subject line “Even more perks”. The email copy is illustrative and informative, too.

Further, you can also make the most out of your subject line by highlighting the most impressive feature of the update. Do it like Apple does with a simple yet impressive subject line AirPods Pro are here followed by a minimall copy and monochromatic email design.

2 Make sure your update is worth sending

You might have worked hard on a product update. From planning to developing and deploying, your team must have spent weeks on it. So, getting excited to share the news with your subscriber base is natural. However, the same isn’t the case with your customers.

To put it in other words, If they receive many emails for minor updates, the chances of them getting annoyed become higher. Hence, before sending any product or service update update, ask your email template developer if it is really important or worth sending. Take some cues from this product update email from Conductor.

This email informs the users about the new features added and how they can benefit from them. It is simple, effective, and worth attracting the customer’s attention.

3 Create relevant content and update emails

It would help if you had a clear idea about your goal before you craft your product update email. Do you want to notify your subscribers about specific changes? Are you looking to promote any educational or promotional tool? If these are your goals, you can include relevant content such as:

  • A guide to extract the most out of the new feature.
  • Product description.
  • Welcome message.
  • List of features.
  • Feedbacks.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling products.
  • Reasons for an update.

Here’s how Readdle makes good use of the product update email by informing their user base about the introduction of email templates in Spark. It also gives a brief overview of the new list of features.

4 Pay attention to communicating the benefits to create product service update emails

You can make your product email updates engaging and impactful by clearly communicating its benefits to your subscriber base. Hence, depending on the type of products you sell or the services you provide, let your customers know how they will benefit from the latest update. Check out this example from FilmSupply.

See how they have divided the product update email into various sections, communicating the benefits in a precise and transparent way.

5 Include interactive elements to accelerate engagement

All-text emails are usually dull. However, when it comes to visually engaging emails, they can generate more user interest. Do you know adding videos to emails can increase your click-through rates by 300%? So, if you wish to accelerate your subscriber engagement, incorporating interactive elements in your product email update is the key. To name a few, interactive elements include GIFs, videos, collapsible menus, sliders, and accordions.

With the help of these elements, you can visually inform your customers how your product or service works. You can entice them to check your latest update by showing them how it works. See how Nest uses video to demonstrate their new smoke alarm to the subscriber base.

6 Ask customers to try their hands on the beta release to create product service update emails

Businesses use beta releases to test products and tools in their development stage and are yet to be released officially. You can do the same with your new product and service and get first-hand experience of how customers will perceive it. Begin by asking a few customers to test your product and then gradually increase the number of beta testers to reach an optimal figure.

Also, ensure you only send such emails to your genuinely interested subscribers. It would help you get helpful feedback. Here’s how Mailchimp does it by giving early access to its users for their new website builder.

Wrap up

Product and service email updates are all about communicating directly with your customer base and informing them about the benefits of each update. From illustrating how your subscribers can get started with the new update to let them know more about the update with a blog post link, there are many ways to ace your product and service email updates.

So, make use of the tips as mentioned earlier and tricks and see how you unleash your creative self while creating such emails that generate user interest and engagement, all at once.

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