6 Ways To Get The Best 360-Degree Product Shot

To stay on top of the e-commerce industry and provide the best-shot user experience, learn how to shoot 360-degree product photography

6 Ways To Get The Best 360-Degree Product Shot

To stay on top of the e-commerce industry, you must move into 360-degree product photography. Taking that decision might be slightly daunting, especially if you are used to 2D images. However, if you intend to stay in the e-commerce business, you might consider making bold moves such as introducing 3d Interactive imagery to your website. To provide the best-shot user experience, learn how to shoot 360-degree product photography.

70% of marketers who use 360-degree product shots say that it increases engagement for their business. If you are still on the fence about using 360-degree product photography due to cost, it is worth noting that the whole affair is not as complex and expensive as you think. Below are 6 ways you can use and capture your product in its perfect state.

Best 360-Degree Shot

1- Shutter Speed

One fantastic feature of a 360-degree camera is its ability to capture the image and everything around it in detail. If you aim to get a great shot of your product and other details around it, ensure that you consider your shutter speed.

Excellent shutter speed makes the difference between taking a blurry image and a sharp one. If you want your products to stand out among the crowd, take time and capture your product at its best, even if it means taking several shots at a time.

2- Pick The Right Position

If you hold the camera too close to the product, it will take up a quarter of the image, and such images will go to waste since you cannot use them to sell the said product. Sometimes, you can take the picture from a few feet off the ground, and it captures 360 degrees, but consumers who will see this picture in the future will feel like they are somehow sitting on the floor, and such a photo might not be the best representation of your product.

To avoid this, get the camera to the product height so that the viewer will feel like they are physically viewing the product’s full height and other details.

3- Get Close Enough With 360-Degree Product Shot

Do not assume that since you are using a 360-degree camera, you can take the image from any distance you choose. If the images you take for your products are not good enough, you probably are not getting close enough. Remember, the photos you are taking must be convincing enough.

If by any chance they aren’t, you might not make any sales using the image. Make sure you fill the frame with the product in question. The closer you are, the better you will capture every detail, and the more your images will appear more transparent.

4- See The Light

It is very important you spot where the light is coming from before you even think of raising that camera. The light could be from the sun or an artificial source such as a lamp. So, you can use either. Also, understand how your light source interacts with the product you are about to photograph. That is the only way you will utilize it and make that product image come out extraordinarily.

5- Shape With Light With 360-Degree Product Shot

The Sun is a good source of light but only sometimes. When you take images of your product with the sun directly behind you. Some boring flat light will be up on the image. Therefore, since you intend to come up with an interesting product image. Then shoot with the light source to the side or behind the subject.

6- Concentrate

When taking your photograph with a 360-degree camera, you may assume that the camera knows what to do. However, the camera relies on you to do what it needs. Henceforth, you have to give it you’re all.

Whether trying to improve the user experience in-store using mystery shoppers. Or try to get some 3d interactive embedded in your website. So, the shopping market online or offline depends on user experience precisely. Your sales on your online platform rely on the product images you present.

Take advantage of the moment and use the above tips to produce high-quality images. That will see your website grow with commendable speed.