7 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at seven top & best essay writing apps designed specifically to aid students academic journeys

Updated on April 15, 2024
7 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students

Students today are constantly in search of innovative tools that can assist in streamlining their academic tasks. Essay writing is an integral component of education, and numerous apps exist specifically to aid students in creating well-structured essays of high quality. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at seven top & best essay writing apps designed specifically to aid students academic journeys.

Best Essay Writing Apps: Grammarly 

Crafting impeccable essays relies heavily on correct grammar and writing style. Grammarly is one of the leading writing apps, providing comprehensive grammar checks, spelling correction, and style suggestions – accessible for students at any level to improve writing skills while guaranteeing essays free from grammatical errors. As a result, one of the top apps for students to use.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker provides students with another tool for ensuring the originality of their work and upholding academic integrity. With online resources becoming ever more available to them, avoiding accidental plagiarisation becomes even more essential and Grammarly’s plagiarism checker helps students ensure academic integrity by protecting against accidental plagiarisation.

AI Essay Writer by CustomWriting

If you’re a college student seeking a quick method to write essays, consider the AI essay generator by CustomWriting.com. This innovative tool delivers a fast, automated way to create essays on a broad range of topics. Simply input your essay topic, word count, and academic level, and let it handle the rest. It’s user-friendly and totally free. To ensure a unique and compelling paper, you can also provide additional instructions from your teacher. The AI Essay Writer is perfect for those under tight deadlines, acting as a valuable resource in your academic toolkit and laying a strong foundation for your writing projects.


ProWritingAid is an all-inclusive writing assistant that goes far beyond grammar checking. This app analyzes your writing for multiple elements such as overused words, vague phrasing, and inconsistent tone – providing detailed reports and suggestions to enhance overall essay quality and refine writing style. It can help students improve overall essay quality with ease! It is an invaluable asset when self-editing or refining your writing style!

ProWritingAid provides in-depth reports on various aspects of your writing, such as its consistency. It identifies repeated phrases and offers alternatives – helping students diversify their vocabulary while maintaining an engaging writing style throughout their essays.

Best Essay Writing Apps: Evernote 

Researching and organizing thoughts are integral parts of essay writing. Evernote is an exceptional app for note-taking, enabling students to capture ideas, save articles, and create notebooks dedicated to specific subjects. Furthermore, its synchronization feature ensures your notes can be accessed across devices more easily, making compiling information for essays much simpler.

Evernote goes far beyond note-taking capabilities; users can save web articles, attach files, and record audio notes in Evernote for future reference. It provides an effective centralized repository of research materials so that when it comes time to write an essay, you have all of your research materials at your fingertips.

Hemingway Editor 

Named for legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, this app seeks to simplify and enhance your writing style. Highlighting complex sentences and common errors and suggesting alternative phrasing solutions, Hemingway Editor is an invaluable aid for students trying to enhance the readability and impact of their essays.

Hemingway Editor goes beyond its analytical features to offer a readability score for your writing. This score helps students assess whether their essays are accessible enough for wider audiences, as it ensures that your writing remains not only grammatically correct but also easily understood by all. Keep reading to take a closer look at the seven top & best essay writing apps designed specifically to aid students academic journeys.

Google Docs

Collaboration is often key when undertaking academic projects, and Google Docs excels in this regard. As a cloud-based platform that allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on one document at once. Commenting and editing features make providing feedback easy – creating an overall collaborative approach towards essay writing! Plus, its autosave feature ensures your work never goes missing!

Google Docs’ real-time collaboration feature makes it an excellent solution for group projects. Students can work seamlessly together, providing feedback, making edits, discussing ideas and providing real-time comments in a synchronous environment – creating teamwork while producing more polished final products.


Scrivener is an essential writing tool for students engaged in more extensive writing projects such as theses or dissertations, offering a structured environment to manage research notes, drafts, outlines, and references efficiently while keeping writing workflow organized – it should be part of every student’s toolbox! For students engaging in long-form writing projects, this app should become their go-to choice for managing long-term writing assignments.

Scrivener’s corkboard feature offers a visual representation of your essay’s structure, making it easier for students to rearrange and organize their thoughts easily. Being able to see at a glance how an essay flows can be especially beneficial when approaching more complicated subjects that require extensive planning for success.

Best Essay Writing Apps: EssayTyper

EssayTyper can be an invaluable creative resource when time is of the essence and creativity needs a boost. Not simply another writing app, EssayTyper generates essay-like content based on keywords you input. Serving as a way to jump-start writing processes and overcome writer’s block. When using EssayTyper responsibly it should include your original ideas as well.

While EssayTyper should never replace genuine research and writing, it can serve as an inspiring creative tool. By giving students an alternative starting point for writing projects. So, EssayTyper encourages creativity while giving students an extra push to think outside the box. However, its use should only ever serve as an additional source of creativity rather than as a shortcut for finishing assignments quickly.

Each app brings its own special set of features to essay writing, catering to various aspects of the essay-writing process. By using multiple tools in their workflow simultaneously. Students can develop an integrated approach from brainstorming through the editing phase of essay creation.

Mobile compatibility of these apps ensures students can work on their essays at any time. Anywhere – especially handy if juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously or looking to increase productivity during commutes or breaks.

For students seeking additional assistance with writing essays for school assignments, there are several websites that write essays for you. These platforms connect them with professional writers who can deliver tailored essays to meet individual student requirements. Some notable platforms offering custom essay writing include:


Within the evolving realm of essay writing, seven apps stand out. As indispensable tools for students attempting to develop their writing skills and efficiency. From refining grammar, organizing thoughts, or collaborating with peers. These seven tools offer solutions for various aspects of essay writing processes that students are facing today. Not only will embracing these tools improve the quality of your essays. But they’ll make the writing experience much simpler and enjoyable. Make this your next academic step; consider including these apps into your toolbox for success!

By tapping into the potential of these apps, students can confidently face essay writing assignments. So, with greater ease, turning each assignment into an opportunity for growth and excellence. Explore these tools until one resonates with your writing style. Then embark on an extraordinary journey toward becoming a more adept essay writer!