Ecommerce development has picked up with the increasing demand for online stores. Every business now wants to have an online store to display and sell its products. So when it comes to e-commerce development companies, they often opt for ecommerce platforms such as WordPress and Magento. So the question arises that what these platforms offer. The main reason behind their adoption is the features and plugins that these platforms provide. In this article, we will offer you ecommerce plugins which can boost your online app or website. We are going to present top 7 ecommerce plugins which can assist your online store and make it more customers friendly.

7 Powerful eCommerce Plugins

7 Powerful eCommerce Plugins
7 Powerful eCommerce Plugins


1 – WP E-Commerce

WooCommerce is one of the most customizable plugins which is quite compatible with WordPress. This plugin provides PayPal integration along with other payment options which make it quite useful for online store owners. Multiple options which will boost the ecommerce store. Offering features like Google Sitemaps, a new product widget along with bulk purchase discounts and Google base integration, etc. which are quite important for an ecommerce store. It also has a drag and drop option which makes it more comfortable for the customers. This plugin is SEO-friendly and also offers SSL certificate as well as catalog management. This plugin helps in ecommerce web development with ease and assists the users in making their journey to the store much easy.

2 – WooCommerce

It is an extendable ecommerce platform designed for WordPress which is quite powerful. It is slowly gaining popularity among ecommerce stores. A plugin that boosts the ecommerce store. It allows the user to customize the store as per the requirement. It comes with a user-friendly interface which offers the customer with comfortable shopping. The plugin also provides PayPal Gateways as well as other payment options which enable the customer with easy shopping along with payment. It also provides opportunities to link the store socially.

3 – Shopp

It is a professional plugin. This plugin comes with a secure cart which is integrated within it. It offers catalog management along with discount features as well as multiple image options, to name a few. This plugin is also SEO-friendly. It uses JavaScript enabled responsive design which enhances the user experience. So, it is better to hire ecommerce developer who has experience in installing this plugin in order to introduce this plugin’s features in the online store.

4 – Easy Digital Downloads

This WordPress plugin provides easier digital downloads. This plugin is character-specific, and it provides its benefits to a very specific market. Its features offer better user experience. It doesn’t have a large number of features. However, it offers the basic ones which are quite necessary for any online store. This plugin also offers different options of payment gateway.

5 – Jigoshop

This plugin is for big companies and individuals. Providing great functionalities as well as customizability. It has every feature that will satisfy the requirement of an ecommerce store. It provides affiliate products as well as group products along with other products by using this plugin. The sales reports that this plugin provides help in tracking the online store along with the stocks which are available. It also provides various shipping methods and comes with a good support community.

6 – Shipping Suite Ultimate extension

As the business owners around the world want to increase their business and get more profit, shipping remains to be a vital issue. It is a bigger concern for any online retailer and opportunity of any Magento development company. To give ease to this task, it is a Magento extension which offers the functionalities like unlimited shipping methods, rates, create local and custom shipping providers,  change and update shipping cost, shipping destinations, location verification with the help to postal and zip code, import and export functionality and much more. This shipping extension help in customizing shipping function of the e-commerce website and make user-friendly.

7 – Price Slider Daffodil

When it comes to searching any particular product on ecommerce store, the online customers often get frustrated. It is due to the fact that there are many products in the search results which aren’t in their price range. This plugin on ecommerce store facilitates the customers to simply specify their price range of any item and hence make shopping easier as well as save their time.


Ecommerce has become an essential part of businesses these days. Most of the businesses tend to create their online store so that they can reach out to more customers. In order to facilitate the users with a better experience, they require special functionalities on their store. Hence, there is a requirement of various plugins which can be installed to make the ecommerce store more user-friendly.

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