7 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Check the best tips & practices for effective email marketing & copywriting to develop a strategy to make the most of every dollar you spend

Best Ideas Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Many businesses make the mistake of dismissing email marketing as outdated. It might not be the newest tool in the digital marketing toolbox, but email can still drive results. In fact, email sees a $36 return for every dollar spent. You won’t find many marketing channels that can beat that. Check the best tips & practices for effective email marketing and copywriting strategy.

While the potential return is high, you won’t achieve that high return by just blasting a bunch of emails out without much thought. You need to develop a strategy to make the most of every dollar you spend.

But what can you do to run successful email marketing campaigns? The answer will differ depending on the business and its goals. With that said, there are various tips that can help improve most campaigns. 

Segment Your Audience

You probably have many different types of people on your email list. Maybe they fit into different age groups or live in different regions. You might also have information about their interests or their purchase history using the email copywriting tips and strategy.

A skilled email marketer will be able to use this information to their advantage. By segmenting your list based on various traits, you can deliver messaging that is more targeted to different groups. Finally, this can be a more effective way to inspire action among email recipients and also follow DMARC reports to ensure that email security is at a high level.

Hook Them With the Subject Line Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Many of us just skim our inboxes to look for emails that might be worth opening. For most of us, we’re skimming the subject lines. If any of them catch your interest, you open them. That makes good subject lines an important factor in successful email campaigns.

You want to provide enough information to hook the recipient without telling them everything. They need a reason to open the email. Depending on your goals, there are many tips for writing better subject lines.

Personalized Emails

Customers want to be treated like individuals. If you are just sending out mass, generic emails to everyone on your list, they won’t be effective. It might not seem like much, but something as simple as greeting them by their name can go a long way using the best practices of email marketing.

You can also use your segmented lists to make it seem like you know the customer and are sending an email just for them. Maybe you see they ordered one item and can offer another that goes with it. 

Verify Subscribers Tips for Effective Email Marketing

It is not uncommon for businesses to give out discounts or lead magnets to build their subscriber lists. It can be a good way to compel people to give you their email addresses. However, some might try to give you a fake address or an inactive account to get the lead magnet or discount. These addresses are useless and will hurt the quality of your list using the email copywriting and marketing tips and best practices and strategy.

To combat this issue, you can implement a verification process. In most cases, you send an email to the address they provide, and the recipient just needs to click a link to verify that the account is active.

Plan for Mobile

Marketers didn’t need to worry about mobile in the early days of email marketing. Everyone opened the emails on PCs. In the modern digital marketing landscape, customers are more likely to open emails on a phone than on a PC. If you are using a standard desktop email template, the email won’t look good or perform well for mobile users. It could be difficult to read or click on links.

Fortunately, there are responsive email templates that can help with this issue. These templates detect the device the recipient is using. Based on the device, the template will adapt to the screen.

Software Tools Tips for Effective Email Marketing

You certainly do not want to be sending emails out using a standard email client like you would for personal emails. Instead, you should be using various email marketing software solutions. Depending on your goals, there are software tools that can do so much. Some can help you build custom templates or organize your subscriber lists.

Others might allow you to schedule emails or automate event-based emails. You also have tools that can be good for things like cleaning your lists or tracking results.

Get Help

Successful email marketing can take a lot of time and planning. It can also help if you have experience. If you want to get the most from your campaigns, you might want to consider working with professional email marketers. A marketing team like Site Impact reviews your email campaigns, assesses goals and develops unique strategies to help lead you to success. Professionals can help with things like targeting and testing. They can also integrate email marketing to work with other marketing channels.

These are general tips that can help any company enhance its email marketing efforts. With that said, no two companies are alike. You will need to test different strategies and refine elements of your campaigns. That is another reason why it can help to work with professional marketers.

They can take the time to do this work while you focus on running your business.