7 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Online Store

With the world gearing toward e-commerce, you don’t want to be left behind. We'll share 7 ways to get more customers for your online store

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
7 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Online Store

With the world gearing toward e-commerce, you don’t want to be left behind. One of the measures of success for your online store is the number of customers you get every day. In this article, we’ll share seven ways to get more customers for your online store.

Gaining More Customers

The more customers you have, the more sales you make, and the more profits you get. Here are some ways to get more customers for your online store:

7 Ways To Get More Customers For Your Online Store
Online shopping concept, male shopping online is a form of electronic commerce from a seller over internet.

1. Start An Online Sales Campaign

Online sales campaigns bring more customers to your site. Try offering attractive prices and captivating deals such as buy-one-get-one-free. You’ll attract price-driven customers, which are very many out there.

It’s commonplace for buyers to compare the prices of different service providers or product sellers. To get a competitive edge, offer incentives such as discounts to large-volume purchasers or frequent buyers. These motivate customers to shop on your site. Alternatively, create a sense of urgency by announcing upcoming sales and putting a countdown clock on your website. This psychologically influences customers to make impulse buys.

2. Create A Beautiful Website To Get More Customers Online

Your website design is a representation of your store. First impressions matter a lot with online shops and are associated with reliability and trustworthiness. So, just like a physical store, decorating your online store attracts the shopper’s attention.

People are most likely going to buy into a store that looks glamorous and adequately stocked. Make your site easily navigable and use clear call-to-action phrases such as ‘shop here’ to make it easy for web visitors.

3. Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you to rank highly on search engine results. It’s a fact that most online shoppers use search engines to look for products to buy. In addition, the sites appearing on top are the ones most web users visit. If yours appear way down, say on Page 10, you’re not likely to get many visits compared to those sites on Page 1. 

Therefore, embark on the SEO of your site. Do diligent keyword research and write engaging content that naturally incorporates relevant keywords.

But take note, SEO can be tricky to implement, especially if you’re new to the field. With the help of agencies such as BCC Interactive and others, you can quickly optimize your site and start ranking highly on search engine results.

4. Try Email Marketing To Get More Customers Online

Get started on email marketing by building an email list. To get the customers’ emails, consider tricks such as offering a discount on their first purchase provided they give you their email address. Alternatively, ask your web visitors to subscribe for free newsletters. Time after time, you can always send product updates and new offers to your subscribers.

Research shows more than half of online buyers in the US trust those companies sending them informative emails on a regular basis. Don’t miss this opportunity.

5. Generate Informative Content

Customers are always seeking answers to recurrent life problems. Instead of directly advertising your products, approach your marketing campaigns from a problem-solving angle.

Create blogs, videos, social media posts, and infographics educating your target audience on how to solve their issues. Then, make suggestions on some of the products they can use to provide solutions. Customers are likely to make purchases after reading or viewing such convincing content.

6. Offer Outstanding Customer Care

Among the best promotion strategies is to satisfy your customers. If your customers leave your site with a smile, then you’re almost certain they’ll come back for more. Make your customers’ experience worthwhile by answering their questions or helping them use your products. Moreover, It shows you’re a reliable and caring entrepreneur who puts customer’s interests first.

Subsequently, through word of mouth, satisfied customers will tell their friends about your online store and send you even more customers. They’ll also leave you tons of positive reviews on various online platforms. And you’d agree that the number of positive reviews for a given brand greatly influences purchase decisions. 

7. Hire Influencers To Get More Customers Online

Consumers believe in their favorite icons, so hire them to spread the word about your products. So, they usually do this through their social media accounts which have a large number of followers.

Have them talk about your offers and watch how much traffic they drive to your site. You’ll have to pay the influencers since this is how affiliate marketing works, but rest assured that it’ll be worth it.


It’s possible to get more customers for your online store as long as you know how to approach it, and the tips above are a good starting point. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you attract more buyers.

Claudio Pires

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