7 Ways Web Design Can Affect Your SEO Success

Explore top ways that web design can affect & impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings success and how to use it in your favor

By Claudio Pires
Updated on October 18, 2023
7 Ways Web Design Can Affect Your SEO Success

A well-designed website is the first step for any online business, and SEO is an essential factor in growing your business to reach the targeted audience. Proper techniques are needed to boost traffic and increase website traffic successfully. Though great design impresses a user, there are specific ways a website design that affects your SEO success. In this article, we’ll explore the top ways that web design can affect & impact your SEO rankings success and how to use it in your favor.

Ways That Web Design Can Affect Your SEO Success

1. Non-Responsive Website

Responsive website design impacts the SEO directly. A responsive website is a website that looks good on various devices like desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc. It automatically adjusts to the device’s screen size, which gives a better user experience. A non-responsive website is quite inconvenient where you must zoom and scroll throughout the site.

Nowadays, most people tend to do their searches on mobile, and having a responsive design with mobile-friendly standards is essential. It makes the website content more readable and provides a better customer experience. Apart from that, a non-responsive website decreases the chances of a website’s search results. This affect the website SEO if the web design is bad.

2. Not Secure Website

Lack of SSL certificate on a website can impact the SEO rankings, and It is essential to secure your website by implementing an SSL certificate. If not, the site is labeled as a not secure website lowering the SEO rankings. Many of you might think that SSL certificate is a costly deal but there are a plethora of cheap SSL certificate providers all over the web. You can pick the right certificate for your business, depending upon the number of domains.

If your website has multiple subdomains, it is recommended to implement a wildcard SSL certificate. Since adding a wildcard SSL certificate on your website, you can manage multiple domains with a single certificate.

3. Page Loading Speed

Page speed or page load time of a website affects SEO and Google rankings. Since speed is essential for a website irrespective of the industry, it is necessary to have a faster load time.

Usually, large media files increase the loading time of a website, including unoptimized code and CSS, caching issues and bulk code, etc. There are several ways to verify the loading time of a website. Focus on site speed and improve all the factors to increase the loading time on your website as a slow loading website may hurt your SEO rankings.

4. Ways That Web Design Can Affect SEO: Poor Website Navigation

The website’s navigation has a significant impact on SEO’s success or failure. For a good user experience, having uncomplicated navigation on a website is essential. You may lose potential customers and website viewers due to bad website design. As a result, a big way is where web design SEO rankings.

As navigation is the crucial factor in moving your way through what the business offers. The decrease in website usability also ruins your website’s SEO. So, while creating website navigation, keep in mind to create it in the simplest way that is easy to use, which will also improve the user’s stay on your website.

5. Too many Pop-ups

Pop-ups generally increase the lead generation of business, but too many pop-ups are quite a hassle to the user. Generally, the user gets annoyed when there are too many pop-ups on a website. For example, showing a pop up as soon as the user enters the site.

It is quite frustrating, and the user might never return to the website. It is still an effective marketing strategy to increase the lead generation but never compromise user experience, which may affect the SEO immensely.

6. Proper structured URL

On a website, the URL structure affects SEO. As URLs matter to have a better SEO, it is essential to create an SEO friendly URL for your website. Some tricks to improve the URL structure in a way that web design affects SEO.

  • Firstly, the length of the URL is one core factor in creating a proper structured URL.
  • Secondly, match the URL to the page titles with relevant keywords.
  • Avoid subfolders and limit redirects.
  • Finally, remove unnecessary world and hyphen whole structuring URL on a website.

Following these tips to structure URL on your website can help the search engine bots to index quickly and enhance the site’s visibility with web design + SEO rankings.

7. Lack of H1s and Metadata

One of the most common SEO mistakes is the absence of heading and metadata tags. Heading tags are the title of the page content, and Meta description is one of the factors that increase the search results. Moreover, both have a significant impact on SEO by increasing traffic.

Both the H1 tag and Meta description improve the SEO ranking and increase the clock through rare. So, the lack of these tags negatively impacts SEO.

Extra Essential Strategies

  • Incorporating Social Sharing Buttons: Modern web design often includes social sharing buttons for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These buttons can increase the shareability of your content, leading to more backlinks and traffic – both essential for SEO.
  • Consistent Internal Linking: A well-thought-out internal linking strategy helps users navigate your website and allows search engines to crawl your site more efficiently. Consistent and logical linking boosts the authority of individual pages, bolstering your overall SEO.
  • Optimized Multimedia Elements: From videos to infographics, multimedia can engage users and reduce bounce rates. However, these elements should be optimized correctly. Proper alt texts for images, transcription for videos, and compressed media files ensure that your site remains SEO-friendly.

Final Words About Ways That Web Design Can Affect SEO

Finally, the importance of SEO is clear. How web design affect SEO can be resolved by using proper SEO design. Since both website design and SEO impact the website’s SEO, you can effectively create an impressive SEO web design avoiding the factors mentioned above.

Claudio Pires

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