8 Best Campaign Monitor Integrations for WordPress

Campaign Monitor helps you grow your email list online. Know the 8 best Campaign Monitor integrations for WordPress

8 Best Campaign Monitor Integrations for WordPress

Know the top 8 best Campaign Monitor integrations for WordPress. Campaign Monitor is a powerful web application that lets you run beautiful email marketing campaigns and helps you grow your email list online.

This article will show you some of the best tools for seamlessly integrating Campaign Monitor into your WordPress site.

But let’s look at answers to common questions first! 

Does Campaign Monitor integrate with WordPress? You can’t.

To complete the WordPress integration process, you must use Campaign Monitor add-ons, third-party apps, or WordPress plugins.

1 – Campaign Monitor for WordPress: WPForms

8 Best Campaign Monitor Integrations for WordPress

The best campaign monitor for WordPress integration is WPForms. 

WPForms is the most beginner-friendly WordPress form builder plugin. Moreover, an interactive drag-and-drop interface lets you create various online forms. Viewing the online form is one of the best ways to get leads and grow your mailing list. 

Connect your Campaign Monitor account to WPForms if you want to trigger email campaigns and manage them from your website’s dashboard. 

WPForms Pro comes with the powerful Campaign Monitor add-on to easily connect your WordPress site to your Campaign Monitor account. Moreover, the Campaign Monitor add-on offers several powerful features for your website’s Campaign Monitor forms.


  • Automatically create new subscribers and add them to your Campaign Monitor email list when they submit a form. 
  • You can choose which campaign monitor list to send to your email subscribers.  
  • Here you can select the campaign monitor group to send email subscribers to. 
  • And also, flexibility to create custom fields for campaign monitoring in WordPress 
  • Create a Campaign Monitor registration form in WordPress 
  • Flexible mapping of form fields to different merge fields in Campaign Monitor 

Use smart tags to notify users of login flexibility to update, delete, and archive existing subscribers more!

2 – SeedProd

8 Best Campaign Monitor Integrations for WordPress

SeedProd is a powerful WordPress landing page builder that integrates with Campaign Monitor.

Create beautiful, high-converting landing pages with just a few clicks. Moreover, if you don’t want to start from scratch, you can use a ready-made landing page template.

It will soon be available by embedding an email signup form on your website’s live page or by asking your visitor’s email address to check your email list before submitting your website for pages in extension and maintenance mode.


  • Beautiful landing page templates with direct integration with Campaign Monitor
  • And also, control which email subscribers on the activity watchlist are sent to
  •  Double opt-in feature
  •  Update existing subscribers
  •  Welcome email when new subscribers sign up.

3 – Campaign Monitor for WordPress: OptinMonster

the best lead generation plugin for WordPress

The OptinMonster is the best lead generation plugin for WordPress. And also help attract email subscribers and generate leads by displaying engaging marketing popups and signup forms. 

OptinMonster is seamlessly integrated with Campaign Monitor. You can also create campaign monitor popups and other great campaigns to grow your mailing list faster.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • A/B testing for email campaigns
  • And also, as opt-in email marketing campaigns for permission-based email harvesting
  • Exit-intent popup feature for the visitor who immediately leaves your site
  • In addition, geolocation features target visitors based on their physical location 
  • Advanced targeting rules to show your campaigns to the right audience
  • Customize messages based on user behavior.

4 – Gleam

Gleam is a powerful marketing tool that allows website owners to run competitions and reward campaigns that can be easily integrated with Campaign Monitor. Gleam’s Campaign Monitor Integration allows you to send subscribers from any competition or reward directly to a Campaign Monitor list. This feature saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual exporting and importing. With the integration, you can instantly follow up with a special offer or coupon and start growing your email list.


  • Send subscribers directly from any competition or reward straight into a Campaign Monitor list
  • Save time and effort by avoiding the need to export and import subscribers manually
  • Follow up with a special offer or coupon instantly
  • Custom field sync support, allowing syncing of custom fields for Campaign Monitor
  • Multi-valued select many fields support for passing through multiple values
  • Easy testing of Campaign Monitor integration through the competition dashboard.”

5 – Rafflepress 

Tool to integrate them with Campaign Monitor

If you are planning to run giveaways and looking for a tool to integrate them with Campaign Monitor, your search is over.

RafflePress is the WordPress plugin that offers excellent integration with Campaign Monitor.


  • Host custom giveaways and grow your Campaign Monitor email
  • And also, send your new subscribers directly to the Campaign Monitor list of your choice
  • Award different amounts of contest points to join your Campaign Monitor subscriber list
  • Display the acceptance confirmation checkbox.

6 – Campaign Monitor for WordPress: Formidable Forms

powerful form builder plugin for technical and advanced users

The Formidable Forms is a powerful form builder plugin for technical and advanced users. And also, its Campaign Monitor add-on allows you to automatically add leads from your WordPress forms to your Campaign Monitor account.

Excellent forms provide features to connect Campaign Monitor to your WordPress forms. And if you are a beginner, we suggest you use some easy options like WPForms; it is also beginner-friendly and has Campaign Monitor integration.


  • Create advanced forms that add form data directly to your Campaign Monitor lists
  • Automatically sort leads based on Campaign Monitor tags and groups
  • Choose between single or dual opt-in subscriptions
  • And also ask users to update information whenever they fill out a form
  • Send field data in your signup form to custom fields in Campaign Monitor.

7 – Zapier

Powerful tool for integrating Campaign Monito

Zapier is a powerful tool for integrating Campaign Monitor with WordPress. And also, it is a third-party connector app that helps you connect your website to 5000+ web apps.

Zapier is powerful Connecting Campaign Monitor to WordPress via Zapier takes time. Also, both are web apps, so you can’t integrate them directly into your WordPress site.

To connect Zapier and Campaign Monitor to WordPress, you must verify the API key for the apps and the embed code to complete the process.

Features :

  • Send Facebook ad leads to the Campaign Monitor list 
  • And also, add subscribers to rows in Google Sheets  
  • Automatically unsubscribe the user from the campaign monitor list if already present in his CRM list. 
  • In addition, email marketing data is stored in Google Sheets.

8 – Campaign Monitor for WordPress: PDA Gold

Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold allows you to protect your WordPress media files and documents from direct access. Only specific user roles that only admins can see. In addition, you can also create private download links to allow other users to access restricted files. Fortunately, this plugin works well with Campaign Monitor to automate your email marketing process.

To learn more, every time a user signs up for your form, a unique private download link is created and automatically sent to that user. When we say unique, each subscriber will receive a different private link. Moreover, you can set this link to expire after a certain amount of time or after several clicks. This prevents subscribers from sharing their files with others.

Remember that you must install PDA Gold and its Campaign Monitor integration at the same time to access all these functions. While the main plugin helps protect your file, the extension works as the bridge to connect Campaign Monitor to PDA Gold.

Also, the plugin allows you to embed the private download link anywhere in your Campaign Monitor newsletter or automated emails. For example, it could be the welcome or education email.


  • To send private files automatically
  • Create private download links
  • Protect your files and also WordPress media documents

9 – Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin that helps you create and customize forms on your WordPress site. Moreover, you can add any form, including contact forms, questionnaires, surveys, and registrations.

The plugin focuses on building solid forms to encourage more and more website visitors to enter your email and join your campaign. And also, a drag-and-drop builder lets you quickly design and make your forms responsive. Gravity Forms offers over 30 different form fields, and this list will grow over time.

The team behind it created the Campaign Monitor plugin to show you how to collect subscribers and add them to your list. Once installed, the plugin will sync your Campaign Monitor account with Gravity Forms.

In addition to email, you can also collect all registration information in its custom fields. You can also add non-subscribers to your Campaign Monitor email list and target expert content.


  • Add-on for Gorgeous Email Forms


Integrations create significant opportunities for you to get the most out of Campaign Monitor email marketing. And that’s it! These are our picks of the 8 best campaign monitor integrations. We hope this list will help you choose the best tool for your website needs.