8 Reasons Why Adding Google Analytics Benefits Your WordPress Website

Learn how Google Analytics can help you increase web traffic. See 8 reasons why adding Google Analytics benefits on your WordPress website.

Updated on March 15, 2024
8 Reasons Why Adding Google Analytics Benefits Your WordPress Website

Learn how Google Analytics can help you increase web traffic with its wide range of analytical tools that are easy to operate. In this article, you’ll see 8 reasons why adding Google Analytics benefits on your WordPress website.

If you have a website built particularly for business, you will likely be interested in gathering visitor statistics to analyze business progress. There are several web analytic tools available that can help you with this, and it is no doubt that the best of them is Google Analytics, especially if your website is built on WordPress.

Google Analytics, being free of cost and user-friendly interface,  will provide you with detailed yet compact reports. This will include consumer behavior, the functionality of the gadgets, visitor experience alongside a plethora of data points that can help you make informed decisions. It will track the customers visiting your website and collect information related to your business. This, in turn, will help you curate your business according to the desired demographics.

Here are some reasons why using Google Analytics in your websites will help you gain better insights on the visitors and their likes and dislikes.

1) Reports Can Be Customized Easily

With Google Analytics, you can choose a range of templates for your report. Not only that, you can create a report entirely customized to your preferences and needs. You will get to customize the metrics that matter most to you, and their dimensions will be on the website.

When considering everyone, there will still be less tech-savvy people and would like to learn in detail about adding Google Analytics to WordPress. Templatic has broken the instructions down in the easiest way possible.

2) Mix And Match With Other Tools Reasons For Adding Google Analytics

Going digital comes with its own set of challenges. With your business using different tools for various digital marketing processes, it can get difficult to keep track from a macro level. That’s where Google Analytics shines – it allows you to integrate other platforms and tools to your dashboard, such as Google Adwords. As a result, you get a holistic macro view of your efforts across different channels.

With Google Analytics, you will have a portable metrics dashboard – you can track the data on your phone or tablet alongside your desktop. You can combine Google Analytics features with other Google services like Adwords to help you with Adwords Campaigns. There are a number of free plugins you can add to your WordPress dashboard that will connect to the Google services. You can also try server-side analytics tags to collect more granular data from your users without slowing down your website.

3) Learn the Potential Reasons of Uninterested Visitors

To determine the proportion of visitors who exit your websites after visiting only a page, tracking the bounce rate is very important. This could lead you to the possible reasons why visitor engagement is low and what could be done to improve it.

A high bounce rate could indicate that your website landing page is not lucrative enough to explore further. Similarly, it could also indicate a complex user interface, and visitors are having difficulty exploring it. Google Analytics can provide you detailed reports on the bounce rate, which will help you improve the website engagement.

4) Get Detailed Audience Demographics

The audience section in Google Analytics can give you a thorough report about the visitors’ age, gender, interests, and devices used.  Additionally, it also shows the channels through which visitors were to your website. You can use this data to offer services and content according to visitor preferences. Those that might interest those particular demographics.

5) Get Statistics on the Conversions: Reasons For Adding Google Analytics

As you might already know, a website conversion means that your website visitors have performed an action you desired.  Be it the purchase of a product or downloading a white paper, conversions are undeniably important for your business’s growth.

Google Analytics has a brilliant feature that allows you to measure and monitor your conversion metrics. Like how many sales have been made. This can help you tweak your marketing strategy or even your landing page’s outlook if necessary.

6) Help You With Content Generation

For any website to gain popularity, content is the key. The perfect content will not only increase potential traffic but also improve rankings in search engines as well. The goals section of Google Analytics will keep track of the most visited blogs. Which you can modify for better traffic experiences.

You will receive a comprehensive comparison between your site. So, the industry average to provide a clearer picture of your progress. You can assign several tasks to your customized dashboard to act as a medium of communicating with the visitors for you. For example, you can tweak the metrics to offer every visitor’s subscription to newsletters or make a purchase.

7) Understand When You Get Most Visitors

When is your website getting the most traffic? Knowing when (days and time of day) your website is getting more visitors allows you to plan your content calendar accordingly and schedule the posts when it can have the most impact by luring your visitors to your desired call to action (CTA).

8) It Is Free Of Cost

Unlike other paid software, Google Analytics is free. This means you will be receiving all the salient data. That will help in optimizing your website without having to spend any money. Other web analytic tools will usually have a limited trial period. Which later will ask you to pay a monthly or an annual fee.

The paid analytics are just as good as Google Analytics. However, experts prefer Google Analytics over any other tools as it provides a wider range of analysis methods. In addition, it is free.

Reasons For Adding Google Analytics Final Thoughts

If you have not taken the help of web analytic tools for your WordPress website yet. Choosing Google Analytics can be a great start. You will observe the traffic metrics and select better strategies. Improve content quality and user-friendliness, and device functionalities. Think of a friend looking out for you and giving helpful pointers. So, improve your business without asking for anything in return.