9 Top Instagram Feed Themes To Grab The Attention Of Users

Instagram feed themes give you this chance to grab users' attention and make them remember your brand and check the best ideas

Updated on April 2, 2024
9 Top Instagram Feed Themes To Grab The Attention Of Users

Do you have a consistent style when posting on Instagram? Instagram feed themes give you this chance to grab users’ attention and make them remember your brand and check the best ideas.

What is an Instagram theme?

Instagram feed themes are the overall styles of your Instagram feed. When you choose a specific feed theme for your Instagram page, it will appear unique and integrated.

In fact, you have to constantly use certain items in your posts so that your feed’s overall view makes sense of unity. To create an Instagram feed theme, you have to choose an overall style that is supposed to be repeated in all your posts.

This action is a simple way of rapidly drawing the attention of visitors. For instance, if you choose a white background in all pictures/videos, the visitors will remember you easier than an account without a theme.

Many accounts, especially influencers, and small brands use themes to grow fast. Social Tradia has reported that the Instagram accounts of influencers who use themes are more sought after among buyers because many people judge books by their covers!

Although there is not a specific rule for Instagram themes, you can see them in three major categories: colors, layouts, and niches.

Top Instagram feed themes based on colors

These feed themes can be created by changing the color of posts. Here are some examples: Instagram feed themes give you this chance to grab users’ attention and make them remember your brand and check the best ideas.

1 White background theme

Using a clean white background is one of the best ways to emphasize a certain item like a product or something along those lines. You just need to set up a white background when taking photos and videos.‎

2 Color-coordinated theme

The color-coordinated theme can convert your feed into a single paper with a single set of colors. If you stick to a certain color in all your posts, you can easily create a color-coordinated feed theme on your Instagram page.

3 Monochrome Instagram feed themes

The monochrome theme is so popular among artists, designers, and many youngsters.‎ This feed theme might make your feed a bit gloomy, but believe us, it can make visitors follow your page and remember your brand.‎

Top Instagram feed themes based on layouts

These feed themes are created by changing the layout of posts so that your feed gets an overall style. Look at the examples below: Instagram feed themes give you this chance to grab users’ attention and make them remember your brand and check the best ideas.

4 White/black border theme

The most straightforward layout theme on Instagram is probably the white/black border theme. Sometimes you can’t find any overall style in your pictures’ color so you can use this tricky theme.‎ You can use photo editing tools to create white and back borders for your photos easily.‎

5 Alternating border theme

Alternating border theme is another tricky theme based on your photos’ borders on Instagram. You must simply alternate between ‎portrait and landscape photos to make your Instagram feed look like a chessboard.‎

6 Vertical/horizontal lines theme

Vertical or horizontal feed themes are easy to use, and subsequently, many users have chosen them for their pages. You have to keep all posts in a certain column (vertical theme) or row (horizontal theme) similar to each other. Many accounts use quotes to create vertical or horizontal line themes.

Top Instagram feed themes based on niches

Unlike the previous themes, niche-related themes are focused on the content of the photos or videos. In this kind of theme, you repeat an item related to your industry in all your posts so that visitors can easily find your niche.

Of course, you can merge these themes with previous Instagram themes to create more attractive feed themes. Here are several popular themes based on a niche:

7 Travel theme

Traveling is one of the most popular niches among Instagram users. Travelling and tourism industry is currently experiencing a disastrous time due to the corona crisis.

However, this period won’t last forever because people, especially Instagram users, love to travel.

Using natural scenarios, backpacks, ‎tents, fire, and other items like these can easily help your visitors figure out your niche. Many travel influencers with millions of followers use this theme.

8 Food Instagram Feed Themes

The food industry is also a perfect niche on Instagram with millions of fans. Many food-related businesses and influencers are active on Instagram, and therefore, food themes are on the rise.

Whether you’re a business or influencers, you need to use colorful photos and videos of your dishes. In fact, your Instagram feed should instantly make visitors find out that you have an account related to food.

9 Fitness

Fitness is also viral among Instagrammers. Many influencers in this niche are encouraging users to stay fit.

You must include attractive pictures and videos of your body during your workout routines. This theme will make visitors remember your page as a fitness thought leader.

Instagram Feed Themes Final Word

There is no rule for choosing a perfect theme for your page. But you can do competition research to find out which theme your rivals are using on Instagram. Of course, you have to avoid repeating their style, as it will lead to a significant drop in your followers. Remember that creativity is key to strong brand identity in social media marketing, especially on Instagram.