A 4-Item Checklist To Improve Your Website In 2023

Check the top and most effective key elements checklist to improve the website and optimize SEO to drive more revenue to your business

By Claudio Pires
Updated on April 20, 2023
A 4-Item Checklist To Improve Your Website In 2023

The internet has become an avenue to interact with other people. It has also been a tool for sharing and gathering information. More so, people are now using it to use a service, buy a product, read a blog, get entertained, and many others. Check the top and most effective key elements checklist to improve the website and optimize SEO.

As more people spend their time online, business owners have considered it crucial to have an online presence. Regardless of the industry, a business’s online presence can significantly affect its success and growth. For this reason, having a business website has become a necessity.

Importance Of A Business Website

There are many reasons why businesses must create a website. For one, it can drive more revenue. If your website reaches other people across the globe, the potential for more leads and customers becomes higher, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Second, it’s more cost-effective. When you choose to have a brick-and-mortar store, you can spend a massive amount of money to occupy and rent a commercial space. Yet, this isn’t the case if you have a website. With various content management system software available, you can quickly develop a website with less investment.

Lastly, you can also save time and offer better customer service. A website can provide the needed details regarding your business. This way, customers and prospects can find all the information they need, saving you time in the future while providing the best user experience.

Ultimately, there are other reasons for creating a business website, such as allowing you to showcase your brand, increase organic traffic, and improve one’s credibility.

Checklist For Improving Your Website In 2023

As a website is needed if you have a business, it’s crucial to determine how to improve it. A website that works appropriately ensures you will gain more online customers. It will also determine the success of your business through the internet. 

To help you, here’s a four-item checklist to improve your website this 2023:

1. Optimize Website Design

Web design is the process of arranging and planning website content so that it can be accessible and shareable on the internet. It’s focused on the website’s appearance—such as its fonts, colors, and graphics—along with developing the site’s structure and user experience (UX).

Designing a website are often tailored for desktop browsers in the past. However, as online shopping advanced, website design for mobile and tablet browsers has also been developed and emphasized since the mid-2010s.

There are many reasons why you should optimize and properly design your website. These include:

  • It can help with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy
  • It’s a significant factor in the audience’s first impression
  • It improves the audience’s trust
  • It creates a consistent website
  • It allows you to remain in the competition

Having these reasons as guidelines when creating your site will help you envision what you want your site to offer to your customers and visitors along with the business itself. Likewise, there are web design elements you must consider and prioritize as you improve your website design. These include:

Site Navigation: Site navigation is looking and clicking through various resources online, such as website pages. It’s the most vital element of a website design. For one, if you want users to remain on your page, you must make your website information easily accessible following the checklist of the effective key elements to improve the website & optimize SEO.

One step to creating the best site navigation is to add broad headings that tackle multiple subtopics. This is so users can find the details they want quickly. This is the most straightforward way of helping your audience navigate the information they need.

Layout: Ideally, you should create a clean, straightforward layout emphasizing the most crucial parts. You must also generate menu options or the elements in a drop-down menu based on the audience’s preferences. You can also perform split testing to know the best layout for website users.

Overall, an optimized set of web pages speaks volumes about how you genuinely care for your visitors’ experience.  

2. Focus On Website Copy: Checklist to Improve & Optimize SEO

Website copy refers to the words you put on your about page, the home page, product pages, and other vital pages within your site. A good website design is useless if it has a poor website copy. Thus, it’s crucial to know how to create engaging and compelling copy to improve your website. There are reasons why you should build quality web copy, including:

  • It can drive more conversions
  • It makes your site more visible on search engines
  • It can enhance your other digital marketing strategies

You can use these reasons as your guide on whether your website copy is compelling. To create an ideal web copy, you must consider some steps, including the following:

Know Your Audience’s Needs And Wants: To have an engaging and relevant web copy, you must know how to research your audience. It’s an ideal step to converse with them and create that mutual language through such copies.

To start, you can analyze your competitors’ sites to know what web users find attractive on their web copies. You can also interview your audience to understand what motivates them to read a copy. 

Prioritize Discussing The Benefits Over Features: It’s not ideal to focus much on showcasing your business’s greatness through your web copy. While it’s fine to state your accomplishments and what separates it from other competitors, the first goal of why your website audience checks your site is to find solutions. Thus, you must state your products’ or services’ benefits through your web copy. Show how you can improve their lives.

Ultimately, a compelling web copy can go a long way to improving your site. This can help your business thrive online.

3. Have More Links: Checklist to Improve Website & Optimize SEO

If you want more brand visibility online, one way to do so is to rank your site higher in the search results. There are many steps to achieve such an end, such as creating engaging content and using the right keywords. Likewise, you can also focus on link building.

Link building is the process of having one-way hyperlinks to a site. Generally, there are three types of links:

  • External links: Hyperlinks from your site that leads to another resource.
  • Internal links: Hyperlinks that lead a web user from one page to another within your site.
  • Backlinks: Hyperlinks that direct users from another site to yours.

Placing these links within your content and implementing other SEO strategies can be crucial to improving your site. Likewise, there are many steps you can take to build links. You can take note of the following to begin:

  • Start a Link Building Outreach: Outreach is contacting people within your niche to showcase your business and allowing them to link to you. Ideally, you don’t need to create content. You can ask them to link to your products, services, brand, or business to start.
  • Reach those who Linked back to your Competitors: It’s guaranteed that those sites linking to your competitors are within your niche. Thus, you can research who’s linking to your competitors through online tools. Online tools allow you to see the number of your competitor’s backlinks and the percentage of the do-follow backlinks. After you determine the sites that provide the links, you can try to reach them and ask if they can also link back to you following the checklist of the effective key elements to improve the website & optimize SEO.

Focusing on link-building can also help you gain more brand visibility. It can also make your business more friendly to search engines. So, consider implementing these steps to improve your website in 2023.

4. Create Effective Call-To-Actions

A site’s call-to-action (CTA) prompt helps web visitors take action. Most CTAs are generated as an imperative, or request, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘sign up today.’ Often, CTAs can be seen as hyperlinks or buttons within a page or content.

There are many benefits to having proper CTAs, such as:

Improves Conversion Rates: One factor affecting a business is its conversion rates. There are many ways to improve conversions, such as developing an attractive landing page design to creating quality content. Likewise, you can also take note of your CTAs. 

CTAs can be a great tool to convert visitors into prospects. For instance, you can add a CTA on a landing page that asks them to share personal details, such as their email and phone number. You can use this information to have relationships with them and nurture potential leads following the checklist of the key elements to improve the website & optimize SEO.

Encourages Users to Continue down the Sales Funnel: Ideally, CTAs play a significant role in the sales funnel. For one, CTAs act as transitions between various levels in the customer’s journey. Thus, you must create CTAs that move them from finding information to buying your products or services.

Aside from these, strong CTAs can grow your audience and guarantee each piece of content is meaningful. They can also allow your audience to make a clear decision. 

To add, here are some tips for writing a compelling CTA:

  • Place your CTAs Correctly: Your CTAs must be the most eye-catching piece on the page. Therefore, the CTAs location must be visible and lead web users to click on it.
  • Create CTAs Providing Tangible Benefits: Your CTAs must focus on what web users will gain by finishing a specific transaction.
  • Write short CTAs: Ideally, your CTAs must be five words or less. This is so it can fit into the button format.

Finally, don’t forget to conduct split testing whenever you create a CTA. This helps you to know which one is more effective in bringing leads following the checklist of the effective key elements to improve the website & optimize SEO.

Wrapping Up

A website is crucial in ensuring the growth and success of your business. As more people can be found through the internet, having an online presence ensures you’ll have more leads and customers. Yet, to have a website that works effectively, it’s crucial to identify how to enhance it.

So, consider implementing and using the four-item checklist discussed above as a guide as you improve and optimize your website this 2023 following the checklist of the effective key elements to improve the website & optimize SEO..

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