A Marketer’s Guide To Designing Social Media Ads That Convert

It’s usually the ad design that converts views into sales. Here, we'll share a marketer guide to designing social media ads that convert

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
A Marketer’s Guide To Designing Social Media Ads That Convert

Designing a social media ad campaign may be a relatively simple task for a marketer. However, if your ultimate goal is to increase conversions rather than gain a significant number of views. You need to rethink and plan your campaign strategy carefully. Your ad design is a dominant factor in determining the success of your ad. The impact will likely have on viewers and potential customers. It’s usually the ad design that converts views into sales. In this article, we’ll share a marketer guide to designing social media ads that convert.

A Marketer’s Guide To Designing Social Media Ads That Convert

Creating An Effective Social Media Ad

When it comes to content promotion, social media ads yield the most expandable results. With the right design and marketing approach. This promotional tool is proven to convert visitors into leads and eventually, loyal customers. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you won’t even need a big budget to make it possible. But you will need to carefully plan. Design, and advertise your ad to ensure that it will be as effective as you’d hope for it to be.

Writing A Powerful Ad Copy: Guide To Designing Social Media Ads

An ad copy is a term used in marketing and advertising. It’s a specific type of content that’s written for the primary purpose of getting the reader. Or viewer to take action or respond to the ad. Although it’s usually the visuals that attract viewers, it’s the ad copy that’ll make them stay and crave more details. 

No matter how strong or appealing your visuals are. You need visitors to read the ad and eventually respond to your call to action. If you’re advertising on Facebook, for example, you need to know how to write Facebook ad copy that will engage your customers in a conversation that describes how the product or service you’re offering will benefit them. 

Here are some tips on how you can write a powerful copy for your social media ads:

Provide A Solution: Guide To Designing Social Media Ads

The main purpose of your ad is to sell something, be it a product or a service. When writing your social media ad copy, never forget to offer solutions to your customers’ most common problems. How will your product or service help them with the struggles they’re dealing with? Will their lives improve if they click on your call-to-action button? 

You need to keep in mind that people go through their social media accounts not because they want to look at ads. So, when they happen to bump into your campaign or post, it means you’re interrupting their intention of scrolling through their accounts. Your ad needs to be worthy of their time and to prove that, your content needs to be engaging enough to establish a connection with your customers in a matter of seconds.

Be Clear With Your Message

Like how people despise bluffing in person, the same works for writing an ad copy. Be clear and go straight to the point on what you’re trying to say to the readers. As mentioned, you’re interrupting their precious time and you can’t simply do that without a purpose in mind. At the very beginning of your copy, make sure to call their attention right away. Don’t lose their interest by going through unnecessary information that will likely make them scroll away.

If you want to learn more about writing a better Facebook ad copy for your campaign, you can watch this video:

The Role Of Audience Targeting

You may currently have lots of fans or followers on your social media accounts, but this doesn’t mean you can effortlessly convert them into leads and customers. Note that these people come from different demographic groups with different incomes, preferences, shopping habits, values, and interests. Targeting every single one of them would be a waste of time and money.

Instead, focus on audience targeting. You need to clearly define a customer persona that represents your ideal buyers. By identifying your target audience, you can direct all your marketing efforts specifically to them. Start from there and craft your ad design based on your customer persona. With a tailored target audience, you’ll most likely turn them into loyal visitors and soon enough, will lead to better conversions.

Using the Right Images 

The visuals you use on your ad design will represent your brand on any social network that you advertise on. To grab the attention of visitors, you need to select the images or videos for your ad carefully. For one, make sure the photos are of high quality. It should also clearly highlight your product or service, capturing the necessary details in the image. Don’t put too much text on the image itself—that’s what captions are for.

Guide To Designing Social Media Ads: Takeaways

Designing social media ads that convert can be tricky, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find your way around it. The key is to know how to write effective and powerful ad copy. You should also target the right audience and lastly, use high-quality and clear images that will help you attract and convince customers. Put in some extra effort in designing your ad so that when it’s time to launch them on various platforms, you’ll have a higher chance of getting conversions and sales.

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