Ace the ACE Exam with These Vital Tips

Know how to ace the ACE Exam with these vital tips; The American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam is one of the most commonly used gateways

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on July 25, 2022
Ace the ACE Exam with These Vital Tips

Know how to ace the ACE Exam with these vital tips; The American Council on Exercise (ACE) exam is one of the most commonly used gateways to a career as a personal fitness trainer. The test is both comprehensive and challenging, but there are ways to master the material and maximize your scores. We’ll look at 10 of them in this post.

Ace the ACE Exam with These Vital Tips

Ace the ACE Exam with These Vital Tips

Tip Number One: Read the Textbook

This will serve as your primary source of information for the exam. But preparing for a test requires a different approach to reading than you might use for a novel or other casual book. To ace the ACE Exam you need to incorporate the following skills:

  • Skimming each page first, then going back to reading in-depth — trains your brain to absorb as much information as possible.
  • So, underlining key passages and making notes in the margins — some readers find that a physical copy of the text makes this strategy easier to follow than a digital version.
  • Creating a question and answer sheet — the idea is to list key questions addressed by the text on each page, followed by the answer.

These techniques are based on a powerful learning skill called ‘active reading,” which helps the information to become fixed in your mind. The difference it can make to your score can be quite impressive!

Number Two: Learn the Vocabulary To Ace the ACE Exam

Understanding the technical terms used in the ACE is essential for comprehending the material. One good strategy is to make a series of flashcards listing each vocabulary term along with its definition. Then, work your way through the cards multiple times each day. This will help you to grasp the fundamental concepts upon which the exam is based.

Number Three: Learn the Human Anatomy

Knowing how the human body works is another basic skill that will help you excel at the ACE. The text has plenty of information, but you’ll find supplemental sources both online and in similar textbooks.

Number Four: Use the Practice Quizzes To Ace the ACE Exam

The sample quizzes in the text will reinforce your understanding of key topics. Take them in order as you work your way through the text, then repeat them as needed until you’re able to ace each one.

Number Five: Use a Good Study Guide

A good ACE study guide is worth its weight in gold. These guides are modeled on the exam itself, so you can focus on the material that you’re most likely to encounter while taking the test. This is the single best way to fine-tune your study efforts.

Number Six: Follow Your Own Advice Health-Wise

As a personal fitness trainer, you’ll spend much of your career touting the benefits of good nutrition, adequate sleep, and balancing work with relaxation. These very same tips can help you to pass the ACE exam. So put them to good use in your own life.

Number Seven: Make the Day Before the Test a Time of Intense Preparation

Taking the ACE exam is one of the most important moments in your life. So spend the day before the test in preparation. Cancel or minimize other commitments, sequester yourself from distractions, and focus on reviewing the material.

So, you may be tempted to pull an all-nighter that evening, but this can actually hurt your scores more than help them. Study to your usual bedtime, then turn in for the night. Just before you nod off, tell your brain to spend your resting hours digesting the information. Studies show that this can actually prime your mind for peak performance.

Number Eight: Use Headphones During the Test

There’s nothing like the sound of clacking keyboards to break your concentration. Yet that’s exactly the kind of distraction you’re likely to hear from your fellow test-takers, especially those who are worried or frustrated. So ask the exam monitor to provide a pair of headphones or, if allowed, bring your own. It’s amazing how this simple trick can boost your concentration.

Number Nine: Take Your Time

You’ll have three hours in which to complete the exam, which is more than most people need. So don’t get in a rush. Instead, read each question thoroughly, choose the answer that seems best to you, and skip those you’re unsure of until later on. Quiet confidence really can make a substantial difference in your results.

Number Ten: Plan to Treat Yourself Afterward

Passing the ACE exam is a significant achievement, one that you’ll look back on with pride in years to come. So give yourself a little reward once it’s all over. Have a favorite dessert, take the rest of the day off, or even imbibe in your favorite alcoholic beverage (in moderation, of course). Knowing that good things await you after the test will give your brain added incentive to go the extra mile.

How Do You Pass the ACE Exam? By Doing All the Right Things

Success in any avenue of life comes down to consistently following the right steps. So practice active reading, find a good study guide, and use the other tips in this post. Once it’s all over, you’ll look back with pride at what you’ve achieved.