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Visualmodo Advanced Support

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$159 / each service

Visualmodo Advanced Support provides the best in WordPress premium support. Our teams help you build your site and optimize it for mobile, SEO, and landing page performance. Please note: While we’re able to assist with optimizations related to WordPress themes and plugins, the Visualmodo team does not assist with custom coding (HTML, CSS, etc.).

Unit services that can be contracted

Installation Theme Demo

WordPress Installation & Theme Setup

Installation SSL certificate

WordPress Performance & SEO

WordPress Security

WordPress Backup, Cloning, & Migration

Choose an option which suits your needs, have a site ready by a professional, and more importantly, save your budget & time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed on the WordPress professional services.

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Our Studio always uses the professional services of Visualmodo to WordPress installation in new projects. Currently, they are the vital part of our daily lives.” – Hana Page

Frequently Asked

General Questions

Typical turn around time is 12 hrs so you can sit back, relax and we’ll make your theme installation and your site exactly like our theme demonstrative website!

We’ll install and set up a plugin to help guide you within each post and page you publish to be fully optimized for search engines. It includes setting up the permalink, installation of WordPress SEO by Yoast and XML Sitemap generation.

Yes, after the theme installation and demo importation, your website will look like your theme demonstrative example website. We will load all the content on your WordPress website.

Install and activate an industry standard plugins. Like WP Super Cache. Image Optimizer and Plugins Organizer to help you improve user experience and page speed of your site.

We do not write or customize your site content. We will make your site look like our demonstrative theme website however you still need to write your own posts, pages, and build your own menus or simply replace the ones we will create with your content easily.

We’ll install and set up a WordPress plugin to help you keep your website secure with regular scans and monitoring.

WordPress Professional Services

Firstly, have your WordPress website looking like the theme you have purchased. Secondly, you’ll have your host and site optimized for better WordPress usage. Finally, your website will receive the best plugins and addons to create and growth process. As a result, your website will be ready to success.

WordPress Professional Services - Visualmodo Developers