Affiliate Marketing For SaaS: What Are The Benefits of A SaaS Affiliate Program?

SaaS companies have a lot to gain by starting a SaaS affiliate marketing program, and in this article, we will discuss those benefits.


Affiliate marketing for SaaS or any other industry for that matter is expected to grow more in the coming years. Just take a look at the statistics: 80% of merchants claim to run an affiliate program. SaaS affiliate programs have a ton of benefits – both for SaaS companies who run these affiliate programs as well as for affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing For SaaS: What Are The Benefits of A SaaS Affiliate Program?

Whether it is marketing software or a productivity tool, SaaS has made its way into every industry and workflow there is, especially in the last couple of years.

SaaS companies have a lot to gain by starting an affiliation marketing program, and in this article, we will discuss those benefits.

And let’s not forget the affiliates. Affiliate marketing has allowed so many people worldwide to start new and flourishing online businesses right from their homes.

More than 55% of affiliate marketers could choose to work from home even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

So is SaaS affiliate marketing worth looking into?

Can you really make a living as a SaaS affiliation marketer?

That’s what we are going to find out in today’s article.

Let’s dive in!

What Is SaaS?

Before we get into SaaS affiliate marketing, let’s take a moment to define what SaaS is.

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a product delivery model where customers use software on a subscription basis.

Each SaaS product has unique subscription plans that allow customers to use the software for a limited period (usually paid for monthly or annual) with more features as the subscription price goes up.

Affiliate Marketing For SaaS

In an affiliate marketing program for SaaS, people can choose to be an affiliation for a particular SaaS product and sign up as affiliates.

These SaaS affiliates will then receive a unique affiliate link that they can place on their website, landing pages, and social media.

They may also receive access to the SaaS tool so that they can use it to make tutorials or review videos and promote it on their website. This is especially helpful if they want to highlight certain features of the SaaS tool.

Whenever someone clicks on their affiliate links and makes a purchase payment, the affiliates earn a commission.

Unlike a referral program, where people earn an income for each referral that joins or buys something, a SaaS affiliationprogram can give out recurring commissions based on how long a customer subscribes to a SaaS software.

An affiliate partner for SaaS can use many strategies for the growth of their business. For instance, if the affiliate marketer is a blogger, he could use SEO tactics to write blog posts that are easily found by potential customers or SaaS leads, thus increasing their chances of making an affiliate commission.

SaaS Affiliate Marketing Benefits For Companies

For SaaS companies, affiliation marketing has been one of the best marketing tools.

The way it works is great – if your affiliate partner makes a sale, you pay them a percentage of the sale. If they don’t make any sales, you don’t pay them anything.

This performance-based system of marketing ensures that your marketing costs are minimal, and you spend money only if an affiliate makes a sale.

As a SaaS company, you can easily track the performance of your affiliate marketing program. When affiliates place your links on their landing pages, it gains you more exposure on their website.

When someone clicks on the affiliate link on a landing page, the sale is tracked by using cookies on the SaaS website.

You can also track those who sign up for a free trial so that you can pay the affiliate when the customer decides to sign up for one of your paid plans.

You can also decide to pay a recurring commission for members whose audience sign up for a monthly subscription (recurring subscription) for your SaaS software.

In e-commerce, it can be simple to track paying customers and where they come from. You can pay affiliates instead of using an expensive marketing platform or setting up a dedicated marketing and sales team if you are just starting your SaaS company.

No matter what kind of affiliate program you create, you will definitely see an increase in sales with minimal marketing efforts.

SaaS Affiliate Marketing Benefits For Affiliates

When you join one of the best SaaS affiliate programs. You can easily start making commissions by promoting the SaaS companies’ products on your website or landing pages.

Since SaaS products are subscription-base. You can make recurring revenue long after the customer reads your blog post or social media post.

The best part is that you can make money as a SaaS affiliate marketer at no cost. So, don’t need to set up a website and pay for web hosting. You do not even have to spend ages learning different types of complicated marketing tools.

You can easily run an online SaaS affiliate marketing business with your social media account. Through email marketing, or if you get access to the various marketing materials. So, tools that some affiliate companies share with their affiliates.

The best part of affiliate marketing for SaaS affiliates? You get to earn a passive income promoting the SaaS software that you love best.


SaaS affiliate marketing can help increase the use of a SaaS software and bring awareness to SaaS companies.

It has never been easier for affiliate marketers to get paid. Make recurring commissions promoting their favorite SaaS software online.

Whether you are a young and growing SaaS company looking to up your marketing gain at minimal costs. Or a budding SaaS affiliate marketer, SaaS affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing tools there is today.

With the surge in SaaS product demand for remote teams and startups all over the world. SaaS affiliate marketing is a booming industry, so don’t miss out on its benefits.

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