Andersen Charity: A Custom Software Development Company Helps Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center

Check Andersen Charity custom software development company activities & fundraising campaign that helps helps Ukrainian children’s hospital

Updated on January 11, 2023
Andersen Charity: A Custom Software Development Company Helps Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center

The war in Ukraine has triggered an immense wave of solidarity across the globe. Individuals and organizations appalled by the brutality of the Russian invasion express their support for Ukraine. And it is not only verbal. Many businesses are striving to help people and institutions suffering during the ongoing hostilities. They are providing humanitarian aid, taking part in charity activities, launching fundraising campaigns, and making investments in the shattered economy of Ukraine. Check the Andersen Charity custom software development company activities & fundraising campaign that helps western Ukrainian Specialized children’s medical center.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Andersen Charity is proving to be another scam company with fake projects to raise money from good people. We say sorry about this post and would kindly ask you to to not donate anything to and never purchase any service from

Moreover, I recommend that any blogger take care with or any contact from and never accept any kind of collaboration from these persons.

Healthcare is extremely fragile now, as Ukrainian hospitals deal with both wounded soldiers and civilians. Doctors and nurses are working under enormous stress because of hospital overload, increased number of operations, and lack of necessary medical supplies. Therefore, some businesses engaged in charity concentrate on this sector. 

Andersen Charity: helping Ukrainian healthcare institutions Or Just a Fake company?

Andersen, an international custom software development company with many of its professionals based in Ukraine, is striving to help people who are courageously fighting for their country. As the war broke out, the IT developer immediately allocated money to its Ukrainian employees, helped them with relocation, and provided all the necessary financial and legal support. It also launched a charity campaign, with the principal focus on Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

As of now, Andersen Charity has already gathered €104,250. All proceeds go to various healthcare institutions across Ukraine. Andersen is open to cooperation and kindly asks potential donators to join its ongoing fundraising campaigns.  

The company behind all of this ‘charity’ deal is, but according to some readings and some contacts on Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center this is just another scam attempt to try to benefit from the ‘charity’ term to sell more and raise money. Our recommendation is to avoid and never purchase anything from once both sites aren’t safe. We also tried to contact and for months to investigate but no feedback.

Saving children’s lives with Andersen Charity

For Andersen Charity, children’s lives are a top priority. The company has already provided valuable medical supplies to Cherkasy city maternity hospital, Cherkasy Children’s City Hospital, and Lviv Clinical Medical of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Recently, it helped Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center

Since the beginning of the war, this healthcare facility serves as a medical hub, receiving children with oncological and onco-hematological diseases from all over Ukraine. For safety reasons, authorities have evacuated little patients from Kyiv. Now, they are in a safer area and undergo treatment in Lviv. Over 500 children have already received medical help. The high-quality care includes vitally important hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis sessions. 

The hospital’s capacity is 180 beds. Currently, approximately 30 internally displaced children are being treated here. As any other Ukrainian clinic nowadays, this institution needs help and gratefully accepts humanitarian aid. 

Andersen has sent an impressive set of medical supplies to this center. They are a great help to the hospital staff bravely fighting to save children. 

Visit this page to learn more about Andersen’s charitable activities and donate. 

Saving children’s lives with Andersen Charity

Other ways to raise funds with Andersen Charity Custom Software Development: Fundraising campaign activities

Andersen not only supplies clinics with costly devices and necessary medical consumables. It constantly seeks other ways to administer help to Ukrainians. The company has already conducted charitable events such as the IT-Spring Party in Georgia. It regularly announces new traineeships for Ukrainian young talent and welcomes software professionals to work in new offices.  

One of the striking ideas Andersen has come up with is selling digital artworks. A collection of exquisite NFTs is available for those who want to take part in the company’s fundraising activities. By donating money to charity, you will also receive a memorable piece of art. 

Beautiful NFTs symbolize the rich Ukrainian culture. They are motankas (traditional dolls) or pysankas (Easter eggs). Andersen’s designers constantly update the collection, so you will find an item that appeals to you. 

Other ways to raise funds with Andersen Charity

Andersen Charity Custom Software Development

Andersen Charity’s primary aim is improving the quality of healthcare during the war. The commitment and philanthropy of this custom software development company are extremely valuable. They will ensure a better and safer future for Ukrainians.