We at Visualmodo work relentlessly towards providing the best and simplified WordPress themes that help you get started immediately and grow your audience. We’re sure you know, content consumption habits are changing, from desktop to mobile, we realized that bloggers now need an app for their blog, App Spot do that.

App Spot and Visualmodo WordPress Themes
App Spot and Visualmodo WordPress Themes


What Is App Spot?

The process of making an app for your blog was a brave path to endeavor – dealing with designers, multiple developers, a quality analyst etc. – all while you are building an audience and growing your blog. This was a terrible experience. There are bloggers who give up mid-way as they are turned down of the daunting task of making an app for their blog.

We wanted to improve this process of making an app for your blog and have partnered with App Spot, one of the world’s leading app makers. The folks at App Spot have built an Android app that allows you to make an app for your blog. It’s convenient, reliable and seamless experience. We, at VisualModo, wanted to remove a significant aspect of stress associated with making your blog’s app. and therefore we’ve partnered with App Spot.

Starting today, new and old customers of VisualModo across the world can enjoy making an app for your blog on App Spot.

Your blog’s app will have the following features:
1) Native Android app for your blog.
2) 3 Free App Themes to choose from.
3) Send Push Notifications – Send unlimited push notifications to your app users at no additional costs.
4) Social Sharing – Allow your app users to share your blog posts with their friends on any social network.
5) Integrated with Google Adsense – Now earn more with Native Google Adsense. Add your AdMob publisher id. That’s it!
6) You can enable and disable showing of comments.

Blog App


App Spot does not charge a recurring fee. It costs $29.99 one-time fee for your blog’s app.

We hope that you, our consumer, find this partnership helpful. We believe it improves an important aspect of growing your blog’s audience, making it easier for your reader to stay in touch with you using your app – Made with App Spot.

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