Are Invisible Dog Fences Harmful?

Apart from ensuring the safety of your furry pet. In this article we'll answer the question, are invisible dog fences harmful?

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Are Invisible Dog Fences Harmful?

Apart from ensuring the safety of your furry pet, you also want to be at peace with your neighbors. The traditional fence may not provide the exact solution you are looking for, and that is why it is a good option to go for the invisible dog fence. However, several misconceptions around these fences may leave you wondering if you are making the right choice. The invisible dog fences are not harmful to your dog or humans, and here are benefits you can expect from them. In this article we’ll answer the question, are invisible dog fences harmful?

Are Invisible Dog Fences Harmful?

1 Peace Of Mind: Invisible Dog Fences

When it comes to preserving your pet’s safety, the invisible fence is the way to go. They provide a safe boundary using digital radiofrequency. When they receive an audible warning and electric correction, the pets get to know when they are approaching their boundary limit.

Traditional fences may have their place, but the peace of mind with invisible fences is. Some myths claim that invisible fences may cause burns, but it is not true because the amount of milliamps present in the electric fence is insufficient to cause a burn. If uncertain of where to get genuine fences, you can get guidance from The Pampered Pup and pick the best fence for your dog.

2 Adaptable

Traditional fences may not be ideal for areas that are hilly or sloppy. However, electric fences can work on any terrain. The fence can also cover a wider area allowing dogs to have a large place for exercising.

3 Less Interference With The Scenic View

Electric fences are invisible; thus, you get to preserve the scenic view of your yard. There is less interference when accessing your home since there is no need to close or open gates. Even when you have placed flags after training the dog, you can remove them.

4 Reliable Invisible Dog Fences

The power supply may be off due to the collar battery dying or a wire cutting, making it possible for the dog to escape. However, since you have to train your dog after installing the invisible fences, the pet learns to respect the set boundaries even when the electric supply is off. Therefore, the fences are reliable for the long-term safety of your dogs.

5 No Chances Of Aggression

Unlike what many believe, invisible fences do not make a dog aggressive. If a dog portrays aggressive behavior, it is most likely due to misused correction limits and poor training. However, when the training is safely done using approved training methods, your pet has no chance of aggressive behavior.

6 Convenience

Trenches have to be dug to put fencing posts to act as a barrier. You also do not need rolling wire, nailing boards or welding iron, and other costly materials. The labor for setting up the fence can be high, especially if you have to hire people to do it.

Sometimes depending on your area, some fencing material may not be allowed for construction.

Invisible fences save you trouble since they are easy and quick to install, thus saving time and minimizing the cost of buying materials.

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