Every business wants to boost their organic traffic to generate more leads and increase more sales. It’s therefore essential to hire the best SEO agency that will bring hundreds of dollars to your business per month. However, finding the right one should be done carefully so it’ll not become the biggest mistake you ever make. If you want your site to be first in the search engine results pages, here are some critical questions you need to ask an SEO agency in order to get high-quality search engine optimization services.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency
Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency


Do you follow an established SEO process?

When choosing an SEO company, knowing how they work can be a good conversation starter. After all, their SEO processes and tips will reveal something relevant about their performance and track record in the field of digital marketing. Be sure to ask your potential agency if they have a detailed and established methodology that applies to your business. A good agency will find time to study your company and provide a strategy that can help you achieve your desired results later on.

What types of SEO work will you offer?

It’s crucial to ask this question before signing a contract. Be sure you’re choosing the agency that that offers the SEO services that you need. For that reason, it’s worth to know what types of work they’ll provide you. If you’re looking for technical SEO, pick a company that specializes in that field.

Is there a list of people who will be working on my SEO campaign?

Working with an SEO firm for your marketing campaign gives you the right to know the people who will be working for you. Remember, having an idea of whom you’ll be working with and their respective roles in the agency are essential before committing to any agreement. By asking this question, you’ll also know what experience each team member can bring to the table. Make sure you’re notified whenever they’ll assign junior employees to your account.

Do you provide monthly reports to track progress?

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency
Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency


If there’s one thing that you should be careful with, it is the ability of your SEO company to outline metrics that showcase your progress. There are spammy agencies out there that will only show you the result. With this in mind, make sure the agency you’re hiring can provide insights leading to the outcomes, such as the value of the marketing strategies and the links they’ve earned for you. Moreover, you should also take time to check how they’re going to present their reports that measure progress.

Do they conduct SEO training?

Ask whether your prospective agency conducts SEO training. It’ll be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know them and their valuable years of experience and expertise. By participating in their training, you’ll also be able to set your expectations and anticipate the results you want for your business.

How much time will you spend on my business?

Getting on top of the search engine results pages will not happen overnight. You need to coordinate with a reliable agency to make your SEO strategies successful. Hence, asking how much time they’ll spend to analyze and understand your business is of paramount importance. Be clear with them as to how often and close they’ll be working with you to fulfill your end goals.

Do you give references that I can contact?

All experienced SEO companies will be able to provide at least three references that can prove their success. So, don’t hesitate to call some of the firm’s previous clients to ask how good they were in delivering SEO services. Also, find time to visit the agency’s website and look for reviews and testimonials – these comments come from real people whom they had worked with and are your most reliable source of feedback. If the agency is hesitant to give you the references, it may be a red flag that tells you to move on and consider someone else.

Final Thoughts

A good SEO agency has what it takes to help you rank high in the search engine results pages. They’ll be there to put all of the pieces together and come up with the best digital marketing strategies. With the fundamental questions above, you’ll be able to get the perfect agency that can help your site climb the rankings. So, if you want your business to benefit from increased traffic, start looking for a reputable SEO company in London or in the area that your business operates.

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