Beginner WordPress Mistakes and Usage Errors

Comprehensive guide for a beginner WordPress user, with most common website usage mistakes, issues & errors and how to avoid them

By Claudio Pires
Updated on August 12, 2023
Beginner WordPress Mistakes and Usage Errors

Everyone learns from their mistakes, but it’s much better to learn from the mistakes of others. As WordPress developers, our industry grows at a very fast pace, and there is never a “right way” to do things. However, the more you practice and learn, the better you will get. We will explore a guide with the most common mistakes and errors in WordPress usage beginner and explain how to avoid and solve these issues.

WordPress Usage Beginner WordPress Errors

Installing Too Many Plugins

More than fifty thousand plugins are available in the WordPress repository, so you have many options. Installing a plugin for everything you can think of makes it very tempting. But that doesn’t come without a cost.

Not only will you have to keep all these plugins up to date, but there are also other risks. Too many plugins doing fancy things can slow down your site, which means you could end up with a slow site. So evaluate carefully before installing a new plugin. Technically, a single plugin can ruin your entire site. So it’s not just a matter of the number of plugins but also of being careful with what you add to your site. 

Child Theme Beginner WordPress Mistakes

You will be given one of the default WordPress themes when installing your WordPress site. Maybe this theme doesn’t meet your needs. So you’re looking for a new topic.

You found a new theme, installed it, and it worked. But after a while, you realize you want to change some things. Before you start changing the theme, you should create a sub-theme and make changes to the sub-theme. This way, you can ensure that all changes are not lost when updating the original design.

Leave Default Demo Content

When you first install WordPress, WordPress creates a “Sample Page” and a “Hello World” post. Make sure to remove the default template page via the page menu and the “Hello World” post via the post menu. Don’t be like any of these sites. 

Not Change Default Admin Username

Finally, the most common WordPress beginner mistake. When you install WordPress, it automatically creates the username “admin” with admin privileges. It’s the go-to username for hackers who can perform a brute-force attack to crack your login and take control of your site.

Since WordPress allows you to change your username during installation, don’t stick with the default. So, change your default WordPress admin username to a different username, and use numbers, letters, and special characters to avoid these beginner mistakes when using WordPress.

Ignoring Mobile Optimization

Many people use smartphones as their only computer, making it their only means of interacting with the web. This is usually the only computer available to you. Anyway, most people carry their smartphones everywhere. Not optimizing your site for mobile can result in a poor user experience.

Beginner WordPress Mistakes- Not Using SEO Best Practices

An SEO strategy is an action plan designed to improve a website’s rankings and increase organic search traffic. Here is a detailed to-do list that can help you focus on what brings in more visitors and revenue through SEO. Neglecting search engine optimization (SEO) can make finding your site on search engines difficult. Use SEO plugins and follow basic on-page SEO practices.

Using Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are a security risk. Use strong, unique passwords for your WordPress admin account and other accounts related to your site. Failing to implement security measures, such as using security plugins, can make your site susceptible to hacking attempts.

Not Setting Permalinks

One of the best things about building a WordPress website is solidifying your online presence with a permanent URL to your website. Permalink is what people will use to link to your post or how you send a link to your WordPress site in an email.

Permalinks are designed to be shared and used for years. Leaving default permalinks can result in unfriendly URLs. Use descriptive and SEO-friendly permalink structures.

Conclusion About Beginner WordPress Mistakes

By being aware of these common mistakes and best practices, you’ll be better equipped to make the most of your WordPress experience and build a successful website. We hope this guide with the most common mistakes and errors in WordPress usage beginner and explains how to avoid and solve these issues has helped you!

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