Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Check the best apps that every student should use for effective learning, progress, make your student's life easier and more productive

Updated on September 8, 2023
Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Modern students have tons of opportunities to make their learning process faster and more productive. Countless apps, available online, can help you plan your studies, get notifications on important events, check academic papers, and make your student’s life easier and more comfortable. Check the best apps that every student should use for effective learning and progress.

But how not to get lost in countless tools and utilities you can use for learning? In this post, you will find a list of the top tools any learner should use.

Google Drive

Forget the times when you failed to complete your assignment on time because your laptop crashed or the program failed to open. Google Drive is cloud storage that can help you store all your critical files, academic papers, textbooks, presentations, images, and even videos right at hand. 

You can always have access to all your folders and files, as well as start learning anytime and everywhere with access to your cloud drive. What is more, you no longer need old-school flash drives or other traditional information carriers. Google Drive will prevent you from losing important data and make you feel confident your learning efforts are not in vain. 

By the way, if you have any difficulties with completing your academic assignments, it is always a good idea to get professional help on Even if you lose your learning materials or can’t meet the deadline, professional academic writers are always ready to give you a helping hand. 


Using grammar, punctuation, and spelling checkers is a must for any modern student. Although these features are available in most text editors, it is better to use a more advanced tool to make sure all your typos and mistakes can be easily fixed. 

Grammarly is a unique tool that allows you to automatically check your writing, provides you with smart tips, and can help you improve the quality of your academic papers with no effort. The tool has a browser extension, so you don’t need to download, unpack, or install files on your laptop. Students value this popular tool since it is incredibly easy to use and 100%  effective. 


Most students are extremely busy people who need to complete dozens of different activities each day. Not only do you need to remember all your deadlines, visit different lectures, and plan your day. Learners might also need to schedule their working hours, have online meetings, and complete countless other important things. 

There are many calendars available online you can choose from. However, many learners choose Google Calendar to set up notifications, schedule meetings, and set up important events. Check the best apps that every student should use for effective learning, progress, make your student’s life easier and more productive.

Chat GPT

Using Artificial Intelligence is a new trend among students. Whether you choose ChatGPT,, or another popular tool, there are plenty of ways it can help you learn. Feel free to ask the bot questions, investigate the ideas, make your writing better, and even generate various pictures and diagrams. 

It is better to try different AI-based tools to choose the one that fits your field of study and requirements the most. Anyway, these apps can speed up your learning process and make it more effective. 

Notion: Apps That a Student Should Use

This app is a real lifesaver for students tired of the total mess and countless things they need to find, do, and complete. The application is incredibly versatile and can help you in many ways. 

First, it contains a handy note editor, where you can add your ideas, solutions, tips, and other important information. It also allows for structuring and managing different projects in many fields or subjects. 

Second, it has an easy-to-use calendar to organize your events and plan your work days and days off. Feel free to set up notifications on important events not to forget something necessary. 

Third, the app automatically syncs across all your devices. This means you can use it on your smartphone, laptop, and other devices and get everything needed right at hand on any gadget. 

Mint: Apps That a Student Should Use

Student life is not only about doing research, visiting lectures, and completing academic assignments. Most young minds need to learn how to earn, spend, and save money. To cope with these tasks better, it is good to use budgeting and financial apps. Mint is developed exactly for these purposes. 

This tool provides you with a full picture of your finances. You will be able to discover how much money you spend for different categories of goods and services, as well as plan your budget in the most effective way. The users can also set up long-term financial goals, learn how to save money, and plan expenses for the future. 

All in all, there are many apps developed to help students learn easier and become more productive. Pay attention to calendars, planners, grammar checkers, digital notebooks, and various apps based on artificial intelligence. Always try several alternatives to choose a tool that suits all your needs and contains many useful features.