Best Blogging Tools You Must Know in 2021 [The Ultimate List]

Looking for the best blogging resources? Blog writing software, SEO tools, content utilities. The ultimate list of the best blogging tools.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on January 3, 2023
Best Blogging Tools You Must Know in 2021 [The Ultimate List]

Looking for the best blogging resources? This article covers blog writing software, SEO tools, content-making utilities, hosting platforms, and more. We’ll share the ultimate list of the best blogging tools you most know.

Blogging needs a lot of effort and time if you want your ideas to reach millions of readers all over the world. Having the appropriate blogging tools at hand is essential for the success of your blog. We’ve collected a list of 19 tools a blogger can use to create better content, find the most popular topics, and optimize posts for search engines.

Best Blogging Tools You Must Know in 2021 [The Ultimate List]

Best Blogging Apps

Blog Hosting

The first step to successful blogging is choosing the right platform for you. Nowadays, blogging sites are relatively easy to use, so you don’t need to have any programming background or experience to benefit from blogging.

1. WordPress

The WordPress site builder attracts people from all over the globe thanks to its simplicity and functionality. With its help, you can create a truly unique blog using pre-made themes and customizing them to your needs. Depending on the plan you have, or with the use of an expert developer. Moreover, you can add more plugins and tools to make your workflow more efficient and the blog more appealing. So, the list includes the ability to add videos. In addition to optimization tools, premium themes, site backups, and more.



  • Basic free version
  • Paid plans start at $4 per month

2. CMS Hub: Blogging Tools List

CMS Hub is a handy tool developed by HubSpot. Its functionality works for both marketers and professional bloggers. The tool includes customizable themes that can be adapted to any type of content you want to have on your site. You can build pages using the drag-and-drop editor. So, create and test content in multiple languages. Moreover, all by yourself without a developer’s help.

CMS Hub: Blogging Tools List


  • 14-day free trial
  • Plans start at $300 per month

3. Ghost

With the Ghost’s editing space, creating your first blog will be a breeze. This platform lets you manage your content via a handy dashboard. In addition, there, you can create posts, differentiate between free and paid publications, create newsletters. So, analyze the performance of everything you’ve written. Ghost also provides your blog with themes with one-click installation and works well with other tools you may have, including social sharing trackers, A/B testing utilities, and more.



  • 14-day free trial
  • In addition, paid plans start at $9 per month

Content Promotion

Being creative is one thing, but building a cohesive promotional strategy is completely another. These tools will help you get in touch with your audience and let them know about the new content you have.

4. Better Proposals: Blogging Tools List

Better Proposals does what it says in its name – it helps you send better proposals. You can also use this tool to design brochures, emails, copywriting proposals, and other related things. Moreover, better Proposals provides you with handy templates that you can customize to your needs and instantly send to potential clients, customers, or business partners.

4. Better Proposals: Blogging Tools List


  • 14-day free trial
  • In addition, paid plans start at $19 per user

5. Poptin: Blogging Tools List

Poptin is your go-to service for making any kind of pop-ups and forms on your site. So, the handy popup-builder lets you choose the appropriate place for the pop-up and fully customize its content. So, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create forms to engage your readers in activities, gain more subscribers, and conduct A/B tests.

Poptin: Blogging Tools List


  • Firstly, free basic plan
  • Paid plans start at $19 per month

6. Dyspatch: Blogging Tools List

Dyspatch is an email creation platform that can help you boost engagement with interactive experiences. So, as a no-code email builder, you don’t need to have technical skills to create templates on this platform, and all your emails will be responsive by default. With Dyspatch, you also get access to a library of pre-coded, interactive AMP email modules. You can drag-and-drop these modules into your templates and give recipients the ability to take action right from the inbox. For example, if they don’t have time to read your blog right away, they could pin it for later. Moreover, you could show a dynamic list of your latest posts that would update every time a recipient opens your email.



  • 14-day free blogging tools trial
  • Paid plans start at $149 per month

7. Sender

Sender is an all-in-one tool for creating effective newsletters. With its drag-and-drop builder, you can easily customize a built-in template or create your own. You can also monitor and analyze the performance of your emails and improve them if necessary. Sender also has automated tools for sending emails, so you don’t have to worry whether the information reached the addresses.



  • Free basic plan
  • Paid plans start at $11 per month


Engaging content is the core of a successful blog. So, you will need a catchy title, a well-structured text, and supporting materials like illustrations and videos.

8. Google Docs: Blogging Tools List

Google Docs is one of the most convenient tools for managing your documents. It’s a part of Google Suite, so the only thing you’ll need to use it is a Google account. The app includes a built-in spell checker and word-counting tool, plus you can choose additional tools from Google Workplace Marketplace. You can create new documents. So, upload Word files, and share them with your team for collaboration.

Google Docs Blogging Tools List


  • Free

9. Evernote

Another great blogging tool that you can use for creating content is Evernote. Evernote is a wonderful way of storing and organizing your ideas so that you always have a fresh idea at hand and you can come up with the best content possible. You can even synchronize your blog posts and notes with your Evernote account. You can also scan documents, attach images, and record audio with the help of a mobile app.



  • Free basic plan
  • Paid plans start at $7.99 per month

10. Canva

Unique illustrations and infographics play a huge role in content creation. And Canva gives you a hand even if you’re not a qualified designer. With its help, you can make visual content for your blog using ready-made templates or starting from scratch. It’s perfect for those who are tired of the same stock pictures that you see in every article. In addition, Canva will make your site really unique and won’t require any designer skills.

Canva Blogging Tools list


  • Free basic plan
  • Paid plans start at $12.99 per month

11. Fastreel Video Editor: Blogging Tools List

Your blog can also benefit from using video from time to time. Fastreel Video Editor is your go-to tool when you need to make a video fast without downloading additional software. It’s an online service where you can make a short video guide, a corporate video, or practically any other video content you may need to illustrate your article. Fastreel has all the basic editing features and templates to create a cool video.

Fastreel Video Editor


  • Free with a watermark
  • Paid plans start at $5.95

12. EMV Headline Analyzer

EMV Headline Analyzer takes care of the emotional side of your titles. The algorithm analyzes the words you’ve used and evaluates their emotional value. So, the information you’ll receive will be useful to understand the effect the headline may have on your audience and whether you should somehow tweak that blogging tools.

EMV Headline Analyzer Best Blogging Tools ultimate list


  • Free

13. Blog Ideas Generator

Whether you have a writer’s block or just search for topics to write about, Blog Ideas Generator by HubSpot can help you find some inspiration. All you need to do is enter up to five words you’re interested in, and you’ll get five possible topics. However, if you sign up, you can unlock 250 more topic ideas.

Blog Ideas Generator Blogging Tools List


  • Free


Impeccable writing is the basis of a successful blog. And even if you feel confident about your writing skills, there are a couple of tools that can check the text to avoid mistypes and grammatical errors.

14. Grammarly

Grammarly is your loyal spell-checking friend that will help you look good. So, the app improves spelling, grammar, and punctuation, gives style advice, makes the text fit the level of formality and the domain you choose. Another handy feature is the style guide you can create for everyone on your team – and incorporate it into Grammarly’s algorithms. You can also get expert proofreading help, check your post for plagiarism, and assess your text’s word count, readability score, and vocabulary.



  • Basic writing suggestions – free
  • Paid plans start at $11.66 per month

15. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor probably won’t make you a great author like its namesake, but it can definitely improve your writing skills. The app automatically checks the text as you type or paste it in. Moreover, the algorithms assess the text’s readability based on sentence length, vocabulary, and logic. It’s perfect for identifying complex sentences and making them easier to understand. Hemingway Editor can also suggest synonyms and paraphrasing.

Hemingway Editor Blogging tools list


  • Free web version
  • Desktop app – $19.99

16. Readable

One more tool that can make your spelling better is Readable. The app analyzes your texts, gives suggestions for editing them, and lets you create a custom dictionary. It supports integration with Slack and Dropbox, so you can check your writing there too. In conclusion, you can check readability on any page of your site and get advice on improving the content.



  • 7-day free trial
  • In addition, Paid plans start at $4 per month

Search Engine Optimization

You can have the best content without having the best SEO strategy, but you won’t get any traffic either. It all boils down to having good quality content on your blog posts. This content will also help in search engine optimization. There are several apps that make sure that your blog posts are search engine friendly. So, are able to increase your visibility. 

17. Google Keyword Planner

One of the best blogging resources that you can use is Google Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to see which keyword combinations are in demand on the internet today. There are also other keyword combinations that are less popular but still can bring you traffic. It was initially developed for pay-per-click ads, but it works for SEO as well.

Google Keyword Planner


  • Free

18. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a multi-functional SEO toolkit and, if used correctly, can help you find just the right keywords for your posts. The most important tools for you, as a blogger, will be Content Explorer and Keyword Explorer. The former will help you pick the most popular topics, and the latter will suggest the most relevant keywords. You can also compare keywords and see what your competitors use in their posts. If you want to go further, take a look at its Domain Comparison and Site Explorer.

Ahrefs Blogging tools list


  • 7-day trial for $7
  • In addition, Paid plans start at $99 per month

19. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. So, with its help, you can optimize your blog posts with relevant keywords, monitor outdated pages, check the readability score, manage duplicate content, and much more. It also helps you with page indexing and marking links as no-follow or sponsored and deals with all the technical stuff – sitemaps, robots.txt, etc. It’s the perfect addition to your WordPress-based blog.

Yoast SEO


  • Basic version – free
  • $89 for one site

Summing Up

Blogging does involve plenty of hard work, but having the best content at the end is also essential for the success of your blogging venture. Moreover, these blogging tools are great for creating stunning content that will attract readers. If you take your time and make the most of these applications. Finally, you will get the traffic and attention you want for your blog.

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