Best Computer Programs That Every Student Uses

We will consider programs useful for students, for installation, use & explore best computer programs that every student uses, top software

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 10, 2024
Best Computer Programs That Every Student Uses

You have to pay for everything in life. This ancient unwritten law, along with the law of energy conservation, has worked and will always work. However, there are loopholes in any law. This article will consider valuable programs for students, the installation and use of which you will not have to pay a dime. This article explores the best computer programs that every student uses, top software.

So, imagine you are a 21st-century progressive student, a happy laptop, smartphone, and tablet owner. Agreeing to use all this wealth and power exclusively for games, watching movies, and other entertainment is ineffective. And even more – stupid. Perhaps this is precisely what one wants to do, but we are definitely against such an approach.

That is why, below, we have collected valuable and free software, with the help of which you can significantly facilitate your student life. Let us make a reservation right away – here we are not considering “cracked” programs, but are counting on the self-awareness of citizens.

Computer programs that student uses: Microsoft Office

Let’s start with Microsoft Office for students. After all, to study without these programs is simply impossible: you need to write a term paper somewhere, make a presentation to it, find someone to help you write your paper here, draw up a table, and build a schedule. Students can use the full version of Office for free: you must specify a valid email address in your educational institution’s system to obtain a license.

Open Office

If there is no email address in the system, the educational institution? Fortunately, if you do not have the opportunity to install MS Office, there is a decent free alternative – the Open Office suite.

Perhaps it’s true that when working with Open Office, there will be problems with reading and formatting documents. In this case, there is another alternative. Cloud service with excellent Google Drive functionality, which you only need an Internet connection to use.

Autodesk software

In addition to Microsoft, many “mastodons” of software do everything to help “poor students”. So, as a student, you can use Autodesk software products for free. For example, you need to register and get a license to install a free Autocad. The permit is issued for three years.

Computer programs that student uses: JetBrains

Another company that provides free student licenses is JetBrains. This company produces software and enables future developers to use most products for free. What is needed for this is to go to the section of the JetBrains website for students, register, and soon you will receive an email with the data for activating the license. The license is valid for one year, after which you must confirm that you are a genuine student, not a former student, and get a new license.


A free program for mathematicians. Cross-platform math application supported by Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android. For those students whose math courses go beyond school education, Geogebra will be an excellent assistant. We will consider programs useful for students, for installation, use & explore best computer programs that every student uses, top software

The program interface is clear and straightforward; you can download it for free. Geogebra is a graphing calculator for functions, statistics, and geometry. Need to build a 3D graph of a hyperbolic paraboloid? Geogebra will do it! Try to use it, and the math will become more precise and straightforward.


If the Geogebra is better for visualizing geometric problems, then for everything else, there is Maxima. Maxima is a system for working with character and numeric expressions. It knows how to differentiate and decompose a function in a row, it knows the Laplace transform, it helps to solve a differential equation, and it makes it easier to work with matrices and polynomials.

Computer programs that student uses: Physics. Training and testing system

This program will allow you to organize your knowledge effectively. And if you need to quickly refresh one or another question from the elementary physics course, a convenient search system will immediately give you the necessary information.

No need to spend hours flipping through a thick textbook in search of the right formula. In addition, you can test your knowledge in each section and pass the test.

The periodic system of elements

A program that is useful to chemical college students. This is an interactive periodic table in which, in addition to basic information about the elements (serial number, atomic mass), information is provided on electronegativity, electronic configuration, and electron distribution over the shells.

In general, it’s convenient, containing the most complete information about the elements, their properties, application, and discovery history, an interactive periodic table.

The schedule

This Android application is an indispensable thing for forgetful students. The schedule will automatically turn on silent mode in the classroom, remind you of an important task, and help you remember the name of your favorite teacher.

We have collected information about free student programs and hope it will benefit you. Regardless of whether you always want to have your schedule near, have a cheat sheet with formulas, or be able to find who can write your essay cheaply, these programs will always be helpful to you. And most importantly, they are easy to download and absolutely free.

Finally, do not forget about programs that work not even without the Internet but only at points with Wi-Fi. Even though they are less flexible, they can also be useful to you.

Sean Bancroft, a computer science tutor from Papers, wrote this article. Sean Bancroft has written many non-fiction articles for scientific journals and educational resources.

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