Best Cryptocurrency Blogs and Websites To Learn About Crypto Market

In this article, we will show you the best news websites and also some blogs on cryptocurrency to learn about the crypto market

Updated on August 6, 2022
Best Cryptocurrency Blogs and Websites To Learn About Crypto Market

Best Cryptocurrency blogs and websites to learn about the crypto market. The media has been blown to the point where it’s getting harder and harder to find useful information daily. It’s always saturated with things we don’t need. 

Cryptocurrencies were a niche topic not so long ago. So finding relevant content and learning about the crypto market was an easy task. But now people are talking about it at lunch, putting wallet balances in the fridge, and minting thousands of NFTs. 

As the market grows and more content pours into the mix, readers spend more time deciding which sources are more reliable than actually consuming the information. So, if you’re tired of looking for reliable sources on the ever-changing topic of cryptocurrencies and want to learn about the crypto market, here’s a list of our most trusted sources.

Below are the best cryptocurrency news sites and blogs to learn about the crypto market, in no particular order.


CoinTelegraph has some interesting topics on everything crypto and blockchain. The articles are informative and well written. There’s a great team of writers at work, but you’ll eventually start to see some names pop up more often than the rest.

One of the most exciting features of CoinTelegraph is the comic art style. Each article has a colorful animated banner, regardless of the topic. We recently had a conversation with their creative director, so maybe you could ask her about it.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: AMBCrypto

AMBCrypto is an India-based cryptocurrency blog to focus primarily on the news in the US and UK markets. The team constantly publishes well-researched content.


Blockonomi is one of the industry’s most well-known blockchains and web3 blogs. In addition, the team regularly publishes in-depth reviews of cryptocurrency exchanges, apps, and products.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: NFT Lately

If you like NFTs, you will love NFT Lately. And also, NFT Lately’s content is focused on the latest news, releases, and events from the NFT world, and they have cultivated a genuinely passionate community.

As you can imagine, is explicitly dedicated to news about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: CCN

In recent years, the CCN has changed a lot. At one point, they were probably the most iconic name in cryptocurrency. And now, the site has expanded its presence into industries beyond cryptography. That said, cryptocurrency is still a big focus for the CCN team, creating excellent blockchain content.


While HackerNoon is not exclusively about cryptography, a fair amount of content is focused on blockchain and Web3, especially the technical side.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: Forbes

Forbes has a wide and varied range of topics, from technology to finance, gaming, and chaotic conversation. Cryptocurrency is just one part of the site, but it is more important than the rest of the site as a whole. 

And perhaps the best feature here is the advice and strategies found in many of her articles. Forbes features interviews with experts in the field and presents their insights in well-written paragraphs. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, I highly recommend looking.


Similar to Forbes, CoinDesk has a wide range of topics, and most revolve around technology and business. However, most articles have an element of cryptocurrency, regardless of the title.

Beginners can quickly find helpful articles in the Education section. There are also opinion pieces and interviews arranged on a significant front page. And CoinDesk has a dedicated podcast covering the latest cryptocurrency news if you are a big listener.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: CryptoNews is a great blog for crypto industry news. They also have a popular and well-researched advice section.


One of the most interesting cryptocurrency blogs on the internet. The Bitcolumnist is best known for its popular blockchain guide. Comments and votes. It also allows the community to curate content actively with an up/down voting system that ensures the best content is seen.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: CryptoPotato

Over the past half-decade, CryptoPotato has proven to be a strong contender in crypto blogs for altcoins. In addition, its writing team has created some great learning resources for crypto beginners, and there is certainly no shortage of content for the experienced blockchain investor.


If you’re wondering, this isn’t a branch of Quora, a peer-to-peer Q&A forum. But if so, CoinQuora has the answers you need about cryptocurrencies. And also, there is a lot of helpful information for beginners here, but you may have to dig through various articles.

The layout is a little overwhelming, but there are excellent sections like Forecasts, where writers provide their opinions on the future performance of various currencies.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: Coinbound

Coinbound is the leading marketing agency on Web3. Moreover, Coinbound works with major cryptocurrency brands like eToro, Cosmos, MetaMask, Litecoin, Tron, OKCoin, and Voyager to drive brand growth through influencers, publishers, PR, SEO, social media management, community growth, and advertising pay.


This site focuses heavily on market analysis, including price charts, market capitalization (hence the name), and trading volumes. In addition, you can get daily and historical trading volumes. Finally, details such as coins in circulation and historical highs/lows are at your disposal.

CoinMarketCap also provides ICO tracking for new and trending cryptocurrencies and tokens so users can easily see what is trending and what is not. In addition, there is the news and other content, but they are an extension of the presented data.

Cryptocurrency blogs and websites: Crypto Daily

It’s hard to find unbiased news, but that’s precisely what you’ll get from Crypto Daily. The site covers a variety of topics, most notably Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other trending cryptocurrencies.

A moderate portion of NFT-related content and news from the metaverse. The breaking news section helps you to keep up with the latest events. This section is usually a mix of all sorts of topics.


The name says it all – you’ll get tons of bitcoin news on NewsBTC. In addition to bitcoin, the site covers happenings in other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Altcoin, and more.

You will also notice many opinion articles and predictions about the performance of bitcoin and Ethereum. Experienced traders write articles so that the language can be chewable for beginners. Another cool thing is scouring through a vast selection of articles.

The layout is a bit overwhelming; however, there are excellent sections, such as Predictions, where the writers provide their takes on the future performance of various coins.