Best Free Alert Notices WordPress Plugins

Alert notification boxes WordPress plugins allows you to create beautiful custom notices that appear on pages or posts of your choice

By Claudio Pires
Updated on September 22, 2022
Best Free Alert Notices WordPress Plugins

Alert notices & notification boxes WordPress plugins allow you to create beautiful custom alerts that appear on pages or posts of your choice. With these plugins, you can get your site visitors’ attention for some specific area or message.

Grab Your Readers and Make Them Pay Attention to Important Content. Do you have info your visitors REALLY should pay attention to? If so, an alert box may be the way to go. Alert box plugins let you quickly bring attention to content by putting it in a colored box. And on most sites, these boxes will stand out if you don’t overuse them.

Below we’ve collected five of the better free ones we could find. Each has different styles and functionality, so your needs will dictate which ones might be right for you. Grabbing your readers’ attention is easier in WordPress than in real life. Just use alert boxes.

Best Free Alert Notices WordPress Plugins

1. Simple Alert Blocks

Just add unlimited alert boxes for the new WordPress block editor. This includes lockable warning notifications. This plugin only works with the Gutenberg/Block editor. Please install WordPress before 5.0 using WordPress 5.0 and higher or the Gutenberg plugin.

2. Popup box Alert Notices WordPress Plugin

WordPress popup plugins are an easy way to open anything. Add eye-catching and high-converting pop-ups to your website. Popup plugins are designed to break the stereotype of annoying popups.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the various features of this plugin. This plugin provides the best design for creating responsive, promotional, and conversational popups. Fourteen types of popups you can use for your website. So, great alert boxes builder plugins for WordPress.

3. Special Text Boxes Plugin Alert Notices Builder WordPress

Special Text Boxes WordPress Plugin
Special Text Boxes WordPress Plugin

The Special Text Boxes plugin is more than just a simple alerts box plugin. It’s a whole system for using predefined text boxes and creating your own.

The real power of the plugin comes in its settings. This plugin, however, can also be a little involved and complicated for the average user. As mentioned, the plugin lets you create your styles from scratch. It then stores these in the database. Here’s a partial look at that section.

4. Floating Notification Bar, Sticky Menu on Scroll, Announcement Banner, and Sticky Header for Any Theme

Create beautiful notification bars and boxes for your website with myStickymenu WordPress plugin. While scrolling, you can also use this sticky menu plugin to stick your menu or header to the top of the page with as many pixels as you want. You can also use it to create welcome bars for announcements, promotions, and more. As a result, a great alert notices WordPress plug-in.

This lightweight plugin will help your visitors easily navigate and get to the navigation menu without wasting any time. Install my sticky menu and improve your website user experience! If you want to change the CSS style, disable it when scrolling down or disable it on a specific page. Try the pro version.

By default, your menu should become sticky without any adjustments from you – which means your menu should become sticky right away. Sticky menus are designed to use the .navbar element class as a sticky class. This value should be changed in the plugin settings of different themes to work correctly. Sticky Class is nothing more than an element class (or ID) for an element.

5. Anzu WordPress theme notification boxes: More than a free Alert Notices WordPress Plugins

Visualmodo’s free WordPress theme, Anzu, has a notification bar option to easily add to your website’s top header to share notices and alerts without needing any plugin.  To know more and learn how to use it, please follow this video tutorial.

6. WPFront Notification Bar

Would you like to be notified about actions or news? You can do this easily with the WPFront notification bar plugin. Features list:

  1. Firstly, show a message with a button (optional).
  2. Secondly, handle shortcodes. The button opens a URL or executes JavaScript. Place bars on top or bottom.
  3. It can be fixed in place (adhesive strips).
  4. Display scrolling options.
  5. Set any height.
  6. Sets the number of seconds before the bar appears.
  7. Show the close button to the visitor.
  8. Sets the number of seconds before automatic shutdown.
  9. Colors are fully customizable.
  10. It shows the reopen button.
  11. Select the page/post where you want the notification to appear.
  12. Select the user roles to display notifications to.
  13. Set start and end dates.
  14. Finally, hidden in small devices with this alert notices WordPress plugin.

7. Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts Boxes for WordPress Dashboard (Internal Use)

No problem with custom notifications and alerts. Notify everyone of every action in your WordPress. Customize your messages endlessly with powerful merge tags.

Set up unlimited notifications in your WordPress admin within 5 minutes using a beautiful and intuitive interface. With this plugin, you can now easily disable the default WordPress email and replace it with your own. For this, you can use our incredible wizard to guide you through the process.

Alert Box Plugins Can Pull Double Duty

While you usually see boxes of this kind demonstrated with a short bit of text in them, because they use shortcodes, for the most part, it’s important to remember that you can put anything you like in these boxes. For example, you can place an entire post in a box.

And so, while it’s true that you don’t want to overuse alert boxes if you want something to stand out if you’re just looking to liven up your posts, a number of these plugins could help you do that too.

Honorable mentions (outdated plugin for WordPress history)

We do not recommend the following free alert box and notification bar WordPress plugins because they are obsolete, but we would like to thank their devs for their work and contribution to WordPress.

1. Simple Alert Blocks

1. EMC2 Alert Boxes WordPress Plugin
1. EMC2 Alert Boxes WordPress Plugin

The EMC2 Alert Boxes plugin gives you four different colors and fixed top and bottom positions (in addition to putting the box anywhere in a post).

2. Responsive Attention Box

Responsive Attention Box WordPress Plugin
Responsive Attention Box WordPress Plugin

The Responsive Attention Box has three colors to choose from, but it also lets you choose from straight-edged corners or rounded corners. The colors on this plugin, unlike the colors on the one above, are solid.

You can see each color in the screenshot on the plugin page. The straight-edge boxes are at the top, and the rounded corner boxes are at the bottom. The difference is subtle, but it may help you better match your alert boxes with the design of your theme.

3. Ninja Announcements Lite

The Ninja Announcements Lite plugin doesn’t offer many options or a lot of control, but it lets you schedule your alerts to come and go, so it’s worth mentioning here in case that’s functionality you happen to need.

Stylistically, the plugin will let you place an alert in a few different places, but with the Lite version, it seems you are limited to the yellow background (seen here at the top of the page). And here’s a look at the settings that set this plugin apart from most others in this category.

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