Best Free Visual Composer Add-Ons WordPress Plugins

See a list of the best free Visual Composer add-ons WordPress plugins to add power on your drag and drop page builder and new elements

Updated on August 31, 2023
Best Free Visual Composer Add-Ons WordPress Plugins

Visual Composer was the first-ever WordPress plugin for building pages that supports extensions/plugins. Visual Composer has been growing in popularity since early 2011 when the plugin was officially published on a premium marketplace. Although more than 500,000+ websites are using Visual Composer today, the plugin is premium means that there is a price-tag attached to it, which, even then, is only thirty-four dollars at the time of publishing this post. In this article, we’ll explore the best free Visual Composer add-ons WordPress plugins.

A price worth investing in if you are looking to optimize your WordPress pages with a fresh perspective. Visual Composer users enjoy the ability to be in charge of their WordPress page and post designs, using specifically built features that allow them to create custom website designs without any prior coding experience. With the ability to edit your pages from the front-end of the site, you suddenly gain access to real-time editing capabilities that will be hard to match.

All the Visualmodo WordPress themes come with the Visual Composer plugin for free while themes usage.

Best Free Visual Composer Add-Ons WordPress Plugins

With more than just modern design standards within Visual Composers core, you can rest assured that any design you build with Visual Composer is going to work equally great on all modern devices, as Visual Composer allows you to test your designs against different browsers, smartphones, and tables from within the editing panel. All this keeps coming back to saving time while improving the efficiency of your page designs.

The in-built intuitive User Interface (UI) is a perfect compliment for experienced and not-so-experienced WordPress bloggers who want to build better, more appealing, and more converting web designs on their own websites, without the need to involve a third-party developer at humongous costs. Features like template saving allow you to create templates and save them for later use in other pages or within the same page but elsewhere in the design, once more decreasing the amount of time required to create stunning designs. Those who are search engine conscious will not have to worry about any missed search optimization opportunities. Visual Composer is built to compliment the most solid, most famous search engine optimization plugins for WordPress.

Free Visual Composer Extensions

Although most of our extensions and addons for Visual Composer are going to be of a premium nature, meaning they require a monetary investment, a couple of WordPress developers have published their Visual Composer plugins for free in the WordPress plugin database. Some have accumulated as many as tens of thousands of downloads. We use Visual Composer here at Colorlib. We absolutely love this platform to edit our pages and create the kind of designs that keep visitors entertained, engaged, and wilful to explore more of what we have to offer.

Showcase – Visual Composer Addon

The showcase approach to displaying content has become a standard for eCommerce platforms and photographers who wish to expose their portfolios in a showcase oriented style. With the Showcase addon for Visual Composer, you will have all the right tools to build your own showcases that would include a photo and the description of the photo. But, don’t let that confuse you. The photo can be anything, a product sample, or a recent photo you took, the same way you can modify your description to be anything you like, even a ‘buy’ button if required. The plugin utilizes AJAX to accomplish three different styles of presentations.

Free Visual Composer Add-Ons: Addons for Visual Composer

The live mesh is extending Visual Composer to include more than a dozen new features and settings that will further enhance your experience of building stunning designs. Some of the features we liked the most in this addon package were a custom element for displaying descriptions of your services, a variety of styles for displaying header content, a ‘Team Members’ widget for listing all your existing members on the team, a special meter widget to display your best stats about your agency or business, simple charts to display your skills and experience with percentages, widgets to show your clients, a widget to display your portfolio items in many different design styles, and a ton of grids to play with. It makes sense to get this if you are already an existing user of VC.

Essential Doo Components for Visual Composer

Essential Doo Components was one of the first addons built for VC to extend the functionality by adding a feature called ‘overlay’ for any visual content. Be it pictures or video. Essential Doo Components can easily create individual grid elements overlaid with exciting and appealing custom design effects. With the choice of more than forty unique designs to pick from, it’s a no-brainer to install Essential Doo Components straight away! What’s more, you don’t even need to have Visual Composer installed (although it works great with VC) since you can use the plugin through shortcodes and still benefit from its many features. Great codebase, built with SEO in mind, animations are fluid and fast, optimized for responsive design, will work great with any publicly available theme, so as long as you’re using VC.

Free Visual Composer Add-Ons: Background Videos for Visual Composer

The first time background videos were introduced to web design. It seemed like a ludicrous idea at the time. Who in their right mind would want to add video files to their website when such files could significantly slow down the site? At first, the idea was something that only a special kind of website would use, but nowadays, we see more small businesses and startups utilizing video backgrounds as website introductions. With Background Videos, you will be able to select ANY of the VC rows you are making and add background videos. Most notably, it’s probably going to be the header row that you will want to spice up with some neat background videos.

Kobra Hover Effects For Visual Composer

Hover effects over images are a wonderful way to capture attention and further engage your visitors. It’s such a great feature to use for sites of portfolio and gallery nature, because with hover effects, whenever someone hovers over one of your photos, you can make a statement through a message to do more activities, such as read more about the picture the user is viewing, or give a concise, detailed description of the photo. Kobra Hover Effects For Visual Composer is a free WordPress plugin for VC users that uses native CSS3 animation effects to add hover effects on top of your WordPress images. Use it with VC and get an additional settings input form to specify the kind of hover effect you would like to use.

Free Visual Composer Add-Ons: Visual Composer Maced Google Maps 

A very straightforward solution for creating stunning Google Maps placements on your website through the use of Visual Composer. The plugin adds a simple widget that you can use either through a shortcode. Or directly through VC to add a customizable Google Maps widget on your site.

Premium Visual Composer Extensions and Addons

As can be seen above, the free extensions for Visual Composer are great in their own way. Combining all of them could create a truly remarkable designing experience. That will enrich and enliven even the most forgotten WordPress themes. That’s one thing that we absolutely adore about VC. It’s the ability to adapt to any WordPress theme and allow the user to create a new and profound experience. That will leave others questioning how this theme can look so great and where one needs to look to make their theme as great themselves. We are marching into premium extension territory now. The following premium add-ons have been downloaded over 100,000+ times and are being used on millions of websites combined. Take your time to thoroughly investigate each of the extensions and add-ons and see how well they would fit in your planned design strategy.

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer (free on Visualmodo WordPress Themes)

We will be listing a couple of variations of addons plugins for VC. While keeping in mind that our readers want unique features. Ultimate Addons is the leading addons extension for VC that integrates several tens of great functionalities. To help you build even better, even faster website designs. The elements included in the plugin have been careful to feature uniqueness. User demand, and usability as far as UI and UX go.

Wish to create more detailed descriptions about what you or your business has to offer? Use the information boxes element to create beautiful info boxes that highlight your most important business details. Tired of using traditional WordPress lists? Why not give the information lists element a try and see how spectacular your lists look after. Want to create overlay effects for your images that would incorporate the call to action calls. Easy, use the flip box element, and you will be all set. What about discussing your achievements with your readers and customers? A specifically built timeline that looks much like what Facebook has to offer. Allows you to outline your achievements and important events during your existence. Interactive banners, sliders, video backgrounds, and so many more great elements to choose from when you signup for Ultimate Addons.

Visual Elements by Visualmodo

As soon as you activate the visual elements plugin. You will see a new tab on your Visual Composer ‘add elements’ tab. ”Visual Elements’ that will add new page content elements like icons. SVG icons upload, box icons, portfolio, team, blog, counts, testimonial, tweets, alerts, and even more. In the case you want to edit the default plugin page content elements style, you can navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Visual Elements > General Settings < area.

Which Visual Composer Extension Will You Choose?

WordPress extendability has come a long way since the introduction of APIs and developer-specific features. Visual Composer takes the cake as far as plugins go to build and optimize your own page design projects. Hundreds of thousands of users already. So many more to come as the team behind the plugin continues to build. Upon requests and feedback of one of the most loyal communities for any WordPress plugin. It was a pleasure to combine these extensions, to learn more about each. So, explore the different variations that VC now offers. We hope that some of these extensions will find their way into your daily plugin calendar too!