Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Easy-to-use and free best WordPress real estate plugins that can to setting up a professional WordPress website for your real estate business

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 6, 2024
Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Suppose you’re either a realtor or a developer. In that case, you’ll want to get acquainted with the most efficient solutions for building functional real estate WordPress websites to display your listings in all their glory. Luckily for you, hundreds of free easy-to-use WordPress real estate plugins out there can aid you in setting up a professional WordPress website for the properties under your responsibility.

You must pick the right one for your needs and get cracking on digitizing those listings.

With that in mind, this article will cover the best real estate-related plugins. Go over their features, and wrap things up with a section dedicated to narrowing down your choices. So, depending on your unique needs.

Visualmodo WordPress themes are fully compatible and optimized for all the best free WordPress real estate plugins.

Let’s get started!

WordPress Real Estate Plugins

1. WPL: Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

WPL Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins
WPL Real Estate – Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

This plugin is by Realtyna, a web development firm focusing solely on online real estate solutions since 2007. The team began their career with products built on the Joomla CMS and only recently switched their efforts towards WordPress.

In addition to its comprehensive list of features (listed below). WPL Real Estate is complemented by a dedicated support team. Which has a perfect record thus far for resolving public threads on their main page. Finally, the development team provides ample documentation and a knowledge base for more straightforward issues.


  • It enables you to add properties with a simple “Add Listing” wizard. Users and secondary agents can also add listings if you allow them.
  • Automatically hides fields without any information on your listings.
  • Multiple listing, room, and property types. I.e., for sale, for rent, houses, offices, apartments, etc. Are available to categorize your listings and enable users to narrow down their choices.
  • Users can search properties using a list of criteria, such as states, cities, and zip codes. In addition, the administrator can determine the list of available standards for searches.
  • Search results appear on Google Maps.
  • Enables visitors to switch between two display modes when browsing through properties: lists or grids.
  • We can default share listings through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

You can check out a live demo here to see the plugin in action.

see the plugin in action Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

2. WP Listings: Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

WP Listings
WP Listings – Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

The WP Listings is an open-source plugin to help you integrate a fully-featured real estate listing system within any theme of your preference.

This plugin is the brainchild of Agent Evolution, a web development company that offers a variety of solutions for real estate agents and brokers, ranging from simple themes to bespoke installations.


  • It enables you to establish your listing taxonomy or stick with the default ones (status, property types, location, and features).
  • Showcase your star properties with a “Featured Listings” widget which can change to your liking.
  • Includes a massive selection of custom data fields from the get-go, ranging from the usual (price and address) to minor details (virtual tours, kitchen summaries, school and neighborhood info, etc.).
  • Fully responsive.

You can find a demo page to check out a listing powered by the plugin.

As we previously mentioned, this is an open-source plugin, and as such, interested developers are free to contribute to the WP Listings project through its GitHub repository.

3. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings
Easy Property Listings – Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Firstly, Easy Property Listings is a comprehensive real estate plugin ready to work with most themes without too many hiccups. The plugin also includes several templates to let you have a site up and ready to go in record time.


  • Includes a “Theme Compatibility Mode” that minimizes errors with most themes. However, there’s also a Manual Theme Setup option available for those who want to get their hands dirty and customize the look and feel of their listings.
  • Comes with support for multiple listing types (rentals, plots of land, offices, etc.) and pricing options (no price, price on application, auction, and under offer).
  • It supports multiple currencies and locations, which makes it perfect for international listings.
  • Integrates with Google Maps to display accurate property locations.
  • Users can make appointments for inspections through an integrated calendar.
  • An optional search widget was available with customizable search fields for easier browsing.

On top of all the features available for free with the installation of Easy Property Listings, the developers also offer a wide variety of add-ons, including sliders, advanced mapping functions, one-click printable brochures, and an option for users to subscribe to listings.

You can check out their showcase for a first-hand look at some live websites built using Easy Property Listings.

4. Estatik: Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Estatik – Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

The Estatik is a new arrival to the real estate WordPress plugins field, and it still has a relatively low number of installs and reviews. That being said, we’re sure that this plugin will carve a nice little niche for itself within the market, considering its many features and overall polish over time.


  • An emphasis on a clean interface and visuals and is fully responsive.
  • It is developed to be compatible with most themes, allowing for a high level of customization. However, it also comes with its custom themes.
  • It enables you to customize every field within your listings.
  • As the administrator, you can enable front-end property management and designate agents who can modify the listings.
  • Includes several widgets such as advanced search, a map view, and slideshows.
  • Users can share links to properties via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Aside from its free offering, Estatik is also available in two premium packages: Estatik Pro ($59) and Estatik Pro plus a unique real estate theme ($79).

By visiting their official showcase, you can also check out over ten real estate websites built using Estatik.

5. Realia

Realia – Best Free WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Our final pick is another newbie to the arena. Realia launched just a few months ago, but it already has thorough documentation and enough features to duke it out with more established plugins.

On top of the regular features that most real estate developers offer, the team behind Realia also boasts an iOS application called Realia Browser. This app enables companies or agents to launch their own branded apps without advanced coding knowledge.


  • Adding new listings is simple, and as the administrator, you can empower agents to add listings themselves.
  • Includes support for multiple agencies within a single website and the option to assign agents between them.
  • It offers integrated Google Maps support to visualize the location of every property.
  • It enables you to charge users for certain services.

While Realia can be configured to work with any theme, the team behind the plugin also offers three premium offerings on their homepage, all of which were designed with real estate agencies in mind.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Plugin for You

All the plugins listed here have particular strengths, even if they share some features common to real estate websites. That being said, our goal in this section is to help you figure out which would be the best for your case.

If you’re not exactly sure where to begin, we recommend WPL Real Estate. It’s got ample documentation, a support team that stays on top of questions, and a premium version that you can opt-in to if you want additional features.

If you have your heart set on a specific WordPress theme but are scared of potential compatibility issues, arguably no plugin handles these better than Easy Property Listings, with their custom-made compatibility mode. Accessible Property Listings is also a fantastic choice for agents who want to enable their customers to schedule appointments online, thus reducing time spent on the phone. Finally, they offer support for multiple currencies and locations, which makes it a good pick for listing international properties.

Suppose you like peeking behind the curtains to look at the underlying code of the plugins you use. In that case, WP Listing’s GitHub repository is open to the public, allowing you to see exactly what you’re getting when installing it.

Finally, if the idea of launching your real estate app for iOS sounds appealing to you (as it should!), you might want to look into Realia. Even though the iOS app package is separate from the plugin, you’ll want to maintain a uniform look between both versions of your listings.


Real estate is a tough market to break into, but it can also be hugely profitable. An elegant and practical website will help you get a leg up over your competition, whether you’re an up-and-coming agent or a developer fattening up his portfolio.

If you’re ready to try your hand, all you need to do to get started is:

  1. pick whichever plugin fits your needs the best (don’t forget to look through their features!),
  2. set it up, and
  3. start uploading your listings!

Once you’re done with that, you can start thinking up jokes for your Realtor of the Year acceptance speech.

Do you have any experience with real estate plugins? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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