Best Instagram WordPress Plugins

Instagram marketing and blogging using WordPress is among the best means of brand awareness; know the best Instagram WordPress plugins

Best Instagram WordPress Plugins

Know the best Instagram WordPress plugins. Instagram marketing and blogging using WordPress is among the best means of brand awareness and reaching out to new audiences.
The question is whether you can combine your strategies on these two platforms.

The answer is YES.

Here are several top Instagram plugins for WordPress that help you boost your digital marketing.

Instagram WordPress Plugins: Easy Social Feed

With the help of the premium plugin Easy Social Feed, you may show images and videos from your Instagram profile on your WordPress website.

This plugin is fully configurable, adaptable, and SEO-friendly, so you can match your Instagram feed with the appearance and feel of your website. Your feeds’ borders, colors, and column counts are all customizable.
You can design numerous skins in the footer or sidebar to show a feed differently on a post or page.

You may also show comments, hearts (or likes), and a follow button on your feed with Easy Social Feed. More visitors may be drawn in and kept interested using this form of social proof.

Instagram Feed

A popular Instagram plugin for WordPress with lots of customization possibilities is Instagram Feed. For example, your Instagram feed may be viewed as a slider or grid, and each photo can be shown as a standard Instagram post or tile.

You may also include call-to-action buttons in these posts to nudge readers to take action while they browse, like purchasing the post’s featured item.

Instagram Feed allows you to obtain photographs from your account or hashtags, just like the Enjoy Social Feed Plugin does.

It also offers other features, though. For example, you may eliminate any photographs you don’t want to display and manually choose the ones you wish to by URL or hashtag, thanks to the filter settings of this premium plugin.

Instagram WordPress Plugins: Spotlight

With the help of the WordPress plugin Spotlight, you can quickly show an Instagram feed on your website. Moreover, you have complete control over the design that your visitors view, and it’s simple to set up.

You may customize your module by choosing colors and designs to reflect your brand. Including a “Follow” button will allow website visitors to follow you on Instagram, while a “Load More” button will allow them to view the complete gallery.

A unique capability is the option to link numerous accounts. Build custom feeds across other sites and open content as a lightbox to keep visitors on your site for longer.

10Web Social Photo Feed

By including the complete timeline in your articles, the 10Web Social Photo Feed plugin from 10 Web enables you to build image galleries on your website.

And may use either a shortcode or the plugin itself for this. You can show it in several pre-built formats and may readily modify your feed’s layout. Integrating your Instagram feed with your website can give visitors a more comprehensive brand image.

This ability to integrate Instagram with your website feed has encouraged many owners to buy niche Instagram accounts to drive more traffic using this social media platform.

You may show single and mixed feeds on your posts and pages with 10Web Social Photo Feed. For your mixed feeds, you get to employ a feed filter. The plugin is regularly updated, and we will let you know as soon as a new version is ready.

Instagram WordPress Plugins: Instagram Theatre

With the help of Instagram Theatre, you can quickly show images from your Instagram account on a WordPress website. Effect speed, delay interval, and alternative layouts are a few possibilities when designing your feed. Additionally, you have a variety of layout and feed choices, such as:

  • Fullscreen Layout: A full-screen gallery of your Instagram pictures appears on your website using this setting.
  • Thumbnail Layout: This style arranges your photographs in a grid format. When a user clicks on a certain photo, a fancy box with a bigger version of the image expands.
  • List Layout: Your photographs are shown in list style in this option. A rollover effect appears when a user hovers over a photo, showing details such as the photographer, timestamp, description, and the number of likes.
  • Tag Instagram Feed: Using the Instagram API, this mode enables you to enter a hashtag to search for and grab photographs from.
  • User Instagram Feed: You may choose a user ID to get photographs from that person alone. A multiuser mode is also available for specifying several user ids.
  • Instagram location feed: Using this mode, you can enter a location to pull pictures taken there.

Social Stream for WordPress

The premium WordPress plugin Social Stream is made to increase your social media following and likes while driving more website visits.

Using this special plugin, you may make a feed that features content from your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more than 30 other social network accounts. In addition, you may add animations, share buttons, and a search engine to your feeds.

Instagram WordPress Plugins: Integrate

Utilize the Integrate plugin to automatically turn Instagram photographs and videos into blog entries on your WordPress website.

You’ll be able to select only the Instagram material you believe your audience will find worthwhile to publish by moderating the photographs turned into blog articles.

Advanced functionality and flexibility are features of this plugin. For instance, you may cross-post material to several websites you own using photographs sourced from an infinite number of Instagram profiles.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

The AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro plugin entirely allows you to modify your website with photographs from your Instagram feed.

Suppose you want to integrate your Instagram feed with your website effortlessly. You may select from six different lightbox types and 15 layouts.

For a cleaner appearance and feel, the photographs stand out on their own. When importing photos from your feed, you may hide your username and profile information.