Best Math Websites for Kids

There are many ways to make a math lesson more fun for students or kids, and math websites offer a variety of educational ideas to make it

Best Math Websites for Kids

Children love learning, but they also get easily bored. Mathematics is more exciting when the learning process contains fun games and exercises. There are many ways to make a math lesson more fun for your students or kids, and math websites offer a variety of educational and engaging material at different rates.

If you are a teacher, consider incorporating these websites into your lesson plans to bring fun into the classroom. For example, while math is not the most exciting lesson compared to subjects like history, you can cultivate students’ interest by making the process more engaging and fun.

There are many math websites for kids, and here is a list of some of the best:

1 – Brighterly

Best Math Websites for Kids

Brighterly is an educational platform for students of PREK-5, which provides playful learning and mathematical learning games. In Brighterly, parents can register students in her one-on-one mathematics course. Thousands of children around the world use it brighter.

You can also use the platform for supplementary learning if your child is homeschooled. Other than being educational, math games and exercises offered by numerous sites are fun. Moreover, numerous learning platforms offer downloadables you can print out for free.

2 – Prodigy Math

Millions of teachers worldwide are utilizing Prodigy Math in class at no cost. Prodigy is an engaging and fun curriculum-based game that allows kids to participate in an exciting wizarding world, motivating students to practice mathematics more than before. In addition, it offers a comprehensive inventory of over 1,500 standard-aligned exercises.

Teachers can track their student’s progress through a dashboard feature that allows them to get immediate feedback on kids’ performance without needing grading. Prodigy has exercises for students in grades 1 to 8 and is free for teachers. Parents can pay a monthly membership fee.

3 – Math Websites: TeacherVision

This website offers learning resources in all subjects, including history, geography, and art. To access math materials, navigate to the dedicated page where you’ll find numerous resources, including fun exercises.

The website’s user interface is easy to navigate, and you can even download different math application activities according to your child’s class level. TeacherVision contains resources targeting students from the kindergarten level up to Grade 12. Some of the fun features are the website’s measurement conversion tables and printable rulers.

Teachers can use these features hand-in-hand with the lesson plans. Moreover, you have to be a registered user to access the site’s content.

4 – I Know It

This user-friendly, comprehensive, and interactive site offers valuable math resources that can be used as homework, assignments, and practice. Some unique features offered by I Know It includes customized programs, math concepts categorized by grade level, animated characters, explanations, questions, and instant feedback.

All these features make the website interesting and helpful. In addition, I Know It contains math resources for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 5. To access the site, users pay an annual fee of $45.

5 – BuzzMath

another math website for kids is BuzzMath specializes in helping middle-school students hone their mathematical skills. It is one of the leading math learning sites offering high-quality mathematical problems. The platform instantly provides detailed feedback and also allows middle-schoolers to advance at their speed.

Random figures are generated for students to attempt specific problems again and improve their math skills. In addition, teachers get comprehensive results that are instrumental for tracking their student’s progress.

BuzzMath offers mathematical learning resources for Grade 1 to 9. It has a free demo option and subscription plans for families and students.

6 – Math Websites: TeacherTube

The best way to describe TeacherTube is to call it a learning-only version of YouTube. It covers core subjects, including math. Browse by category to access a particular subject or topic, and you’ll swiftly find a topic that also can be used during the main lesson.

For instance, when you search for “junior high school algebra,” a results page with exam reviews, topic-specific lessons, and study guides will pop up. Teachers can also direct parents and students to this platform because it has videos tailored explicitly for them.

7 – BBC KS2 Bitesize

Is there a better way to keep your students engaged than British humor? That is what Bitesize offers, one of the best free math sites. Math exercises on this website are based on the British curriculum, and there are adequate exercises with subtraction, addition, factors, multiples, decimals, etc.

The games on Bitesize are humorous, and the skill practice offered is valuable.

8 – Math Playground

This math website is one of the best platforms to practice and improve your mathematics skills. Math Playground covers a range of real-world math problems. You’ll also find fun math games on money, time, graphing, multiplication, fractions, and geometry.

You’ll find math resources for Kindergarten to Grade 6. Math Playground is a subscription website offering a monthly premium classroom plan at $9.99. They also have a premium family plan at $5.99 per month.

9 – Math Websites: CryptoKids

CryptoKids is an American website sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA). Its main focus is code-making and code-breaking. Interested students can learn more about creating and breaking standard code and cryptology.

CryptoKids has numerous student resources, and college, and high school programs.

10 – eMATHinstruction

Ninth on the list is eMATHinstruction, a learning and teaching platform providing homework sets, free courses, high-quality study material, instructional videos, etc. They also have engaging activities tailored for individualized learning.

The materials listed on the website are for grades 6-8. Annual membership ranges from $125-$150. You can also purchase printed workbooks for $45.

11 – ST Math

This site is different from the other websites for kids’ math studying because it is a visual program that doesn’t utilize words. As a result, ST Math can be particularly useful for dyslexic students, students with learning disabilities, and ELL students. In addition, math games on this platform contain over 35,000 puzzles.

They have interactive representations of various mathematics topics, which align with state standards. ST Math games are an excellent supplement for students looking to build number sense. They have a free demo that you should try.

12 – Math Websites: Math Game Time

Math Game Time is your go-to website if you need help with homework and also want free math games online. They also have educational games, videos, online resources, and approved worksheets for students. Math Game Time offers material from the Pre-kindergarten to Grade 7 level. The site is free.

13 – AllMath

AllMath is an educational website that provides mathematics calculators to help teachers and
students to solve complex problems easily. This site offers algebra, calculus, number theory,
geometry, and trigonometric tools to help those students who are weak in mathematics.

Take Away

Many students find mathematics challenging, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Teachers and parents can work with the kids to improve their mathematics skills through math learning platforms. You have different options, including free and paid subscription access.