Best Mobile App Development Training Courses & Certifications

Learn from the best & find the top mobile app development training courses & certifications for you can get your new job, or design your idea

By Claudio Pires
Updated on April 15, 2024
Best Mobile App Development Training Courses & Certifications

If you are interested in developing mobile applications, you can take many courses to expand your knowledge and skills in this field. These courses can give you certification or include specific training programs. Researching these courses will assist you in choosing which one is best for you. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should enroll in such a course, list popular certifications and training courses, and provide tips to help you choose the best method for your needs or go for the best cross platform mobile app development company and let the work with the professionals or get a job in tech companies.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is the act or process of creating an application for a mobile device. Mobile apps differ from traditional computers because they work offline faster and more efficiently. Therefore, their development and design contain different needs.

Mobile apps are suitable for businesses because they can reach mobile device users. Who generate 55% of internet traffic from desktop users.

Mobile app development is essential for anyone in need of helping businesses create apps to personalize the customer experience. Moreover, promote branding, increase website SEO potential, and other benefits.

What is Mobile Application Development Training and Certification?

Mobile application development training and certification courses can help you expand your mobile application development knowledge and advance your career. Many schools and organizations offer training, boot camps, and certifications for different stages of mobile app development with certification training courses.

As the industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the field always needs qualified talent. Mobile app development training and certification can help you learn basic app design principles, mobile app standards, and how to write native iOS or Android apps.

Why Take Mobile App Development Training?

You might take this type of training or certification course for many reasons. Below are descriptions of some common reasons why you might choose to sign up:

  • Build the foundation for professional roles: These training courses and certifications allow you to develop your app development skills to help you take on roles that involve working with app developers or mobile device manufacturers. Such functions may not directly apply to the program but may benefit from some knowledge of popular programming languages ​​and application development practices.
  • Go for more advanced positions in app development: If you’re already in the app development field, a professional development course or certification can help you move into new roles requiring more technical knowledge and skills. Such positions may include senior application developer and software engineer positions.
  • Design your apps: If you are interested in designing your mobile apps, you can take one of these training courses to gain knowledge and skills. In addition, some training and certifications are up for those interested in building complete commercial or personal applications.

Best Courses, Training and Certifications

Here is a list of six mobile app development training courses and certifications you can take:

Swift Mobile App Development Courses

App Development with Swift Certification is a course offered by Apple that is helpful for those interested in designing and developing iPhone applications. Swift is the programming language Apple designers use to create mobile apps. In addition, they have designed courses for new and experienced developers who want to expand their knowledge of the iPhone development environment.

GMOB: GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst

The GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB) certification is a multi-level certification offered by the SANS Institute that can benefit those already working in or interested in mobile application development. Certification levels vary from beginner to expert. Knowledge of security practices and tools for protecting mobile device data is a prerequisite for certification. To become certified, an individual can pass an exam and produce a project report.

Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer

The Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer Certification greatly benefits those interested in developing mobile applications for Java-based platforms. There are three different levels of certification; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So, prerequisites include taking a hands-on mobile application development course or workshop and passing the exam.

Android Developer Training

Android Developer Training consists of 40 courses offered by EDUCBA for both beginner and expert-level Android application developers. Moreover, the course includes 20 projects and over 200 hours of video lessons that you can access anytime after purchasing the training. Finally, you can earn the Android Developer Training certification after finishing the course and passing the test.

MTA Developers

The Microsoft MTA Developer Certification is ready for individuals who understand the design patterns and languages ​​used to develop Windows Mobile applications. They also designed certifications for developers who have a working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio mobile development tools and are interested in gaining the skills to develop working mobile Windows applications.

Flutter LinkedIn Learning Mobile App Development Courses

When it comes to cross-platform app building, this is a strong contender for LinkedIn Learning’s best app development course. In this Flutter course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use cross-platform app testing tools and accelerate Android Studio with Flutter. So you’ll gain talents that you would otherwise only find in the best Flutter online courses.
  • Consider best practices for creating a reliable codebase across different screen resolutions using Google Flutter and its programming language, Dart.
  • Near-native iOS mobile apps can also be up using Xcode and Flutter. So, if you want to build cross-platform solid apps, this is one of the best online mobile app growth courses you can try.

Although this course does not use the latest versions of Android Studio and Flutter, the concepts taught are relatively manageable, even if you rely on the latest software versions for this tutorial.

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