Best Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software In 2021

Want to convert your Mp4 file to Mp3? Check out the most used Mp4 to Mp3 Converter in 2021 that do more than just transforming your video.

Best Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software In 2021

There was a time when converting video and audio files seemed too complicated. We had to follow precise instructions on how we can get the best quality from the conversion process. But today, the programs are revolutionized, and we can achieve the quality we need from mp4 to mp3 online converters in just a few seconds. All it takes is a little knowledge, a few clicks here and there, and your file is ready for download. In this article, you’ll see the list of the best mp4 to mp3 converter you must try In 2021.

Best Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software In 2021

Evano – The Pros Use it!

Evano not only makes it easy to convert videos but also enables you to alter its characteristics. You can, without any professional help, edit the videos in this online tool. It’s a program that intrigued the pros because it lets you convert all types of files into more than twenty-five different formats. If your files are stored on cloud servers, you can provide the link to them or upload them if they’re on your computer. After which, you’ll have access to the different settings discussed below.

Video Settings To Change Preferences

There are various options under the settings tab with the help of which you can change the quality of the video you’re about to convert, select a different frame rate, change its dimensions, and alter its constant quality. There Are other settings in this tab too, but only a person with knowledge should touch those. Else, you’ll end up downloading a file that is completely messed up.

Audio Settings For Music Enthusiasts

Converting videos to audio is the first preference of music lovers. They can enjoy quality audio if they tune settings before converting a video file. In Evano, you can shift the codec, change its frequency, and most important of all, its bit rate. If you like a video, but it’s hard for you to understand the speech, do not worry; Evano also gives you an option to amplify sound.

Is Evano Free Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software?

You can use its features within a designated limit. Evano is for professional use; therefore, it has some restrictions on how many and types of files you can convert with a free account. You can only convert files 5 times a day, and it shouldn’t be more than 100MBs. You cannot transform more than 20 files a month, and if you want to, you’ll have to go with one of their premium plans. But it’s all worth it if you’re using the site for editing purposes.

Ontiva – The YouTube Downloader

Ontiva is a YouTube converter and can transform the videos into four different formats Mp3, Wav, OGG, and Mp4. These are the most used extensions on the internet, and video editors prefer using the Wav format for audio files because of its lossless nature. Along with that, you can search for YouTube videos directly in its search field. It’ll display all the results from YT matching your keywords with an option to convert or download. You can also:

  • Cut The Videos, and download the selected duration.
  • Save the thumbnail of the video.
  • Select a format to download the video in.
  • Extract Audio from them in mp3, Wav, and more.
  • Select a part of the video to download audio from.
  • Create a Gif out of a video.

When you’re subtracting audio from a YouTube video, make sure to select a higher bit rate for mp3. The higher the bitrate, the better the sound quality. In lower bitrates like 64kbps, the file loses most of the information, affecting the quality badly. Sometimes the loss is barely noticeable, and people also do it to decrease the file size. If storage isn’t a problem for you, you should download audio in Wav format for the best quality.

Ontiva Premium Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software

Ontiva also has some restrictions like Evano, but if you don’t download videos regularly, then a free account can work for you. If you register yourself on Ontiva, you’ll be able to download 5 videos a day, with a resolution of 720p and a duration of 30 minutes. It’s not much, but you can save some essential videos, and above all, you can extract audio from songs in your favorite format with superior quality. – YT Downloader You Need

You might have come across this website in the search results. It has more similarities than differences with Ontiva, but it allows you to download videos with better quality. I’d highly suggest this online YouTube mp4 converter to any who downloads several videos a day. It’s because you can do a lot with a free account and the features it has to offer makes it one of a kind. Take a look at some benefits of using this converter below:

HD Quality & Nearly No Restrictions

You’ll get better quality after you register yourself for free. It enables you to download YouTube videos in 2k resolution with a duration of up to an hour. It also has a search engine that can find videos relevant to your queries and display them on the same page. When you find the video you want to convert, just hit the download button, and you’ll be directed to the conversion page.

You’ll be able to select a different format and change its resolution. Moreover, you can extract audio on this page, trim it, and save it in your favorite bitrate. The exciting part is, it doesn’t ask you for a premium subscription even if you’re downloading more than 40 files a day.

What About The Premium Plans on Mp4 To Mp3 Converter Software?

The premium certainly offers you some benefits, but it isn’t needed because of its features already offering with a free account. You can go with its premium plans only if you’re downloading more than fifty videos a day. Now, that’s really rare! Video editors mostly download up to 10 videos a day, maybe 20, but fifty is a huge number. I’ll suggest using this platform whenever you want to download YT videos because of its low restrictions.

Otherwise, for pros, Evano is the best website. Its premium plans are quite affordable, and with a click of a few buttons, you can download the file in your desired format and dimensions. You won’t have to spend time editing the file later. So, that’s all! Now, it’s entirely up to you which site you wish to use for your future projects.