Best Payment Plugins in WordPress

Today we will examine a list of the best WordPress payment gateway plugins so that you can make a stable decision to suit your purposes

Updated on February 9, 2024
Best Payment Plugins in WordPress

A payment gateway is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, especially for online businesses. If you’re running an eCommerce business, you must set up a fat-free payment gateway in your system. In this article, we will go through a definite list of the best WordPress payment gateway plugins so that you can make a stable decision for serving your payment-related purposes.

You might want to provide a suitable way for your consumers so they can pay you with their preferred mode of payment. In WordPress, you don’t have any default options, but you have to depend on additional plugins or software to make it possible.

What is The Payment Gateway?

The payment gateway provides a way for the users to pay the merchant after purchasing products and services. There are tons of benefits to using a payment gateway on your website. They’re third-party tools that help site owners get paid with no time.

Moreover, a payment processing tool will give you more flexibility in transacting payments. Sometimes, a respective bank may provide a payment gateway to its customers. It also can be served by specialized financial service providers as a distinctive service.

Payment Gateway Plugins

Simply put, a payment gateway plugin is a third-party tool that evaluates and processes payments from your customers. Using this tool, you can get an exchange for any products or services. There are multiple types of payment gateway plugins in WordPress.

Some plugins are based on a single payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal. You can also get multiple payment gateway plugins, where you will get Stripe, PayPal, and many more together within a single plugin.

Top Payment Gateway Plugins For WordPress

In WordPress, there are tons of payment plugins out there in the marketplace that might be confusing for anyone. Here, take a look at the top-notch WordPress payment gateway plugins.


FONDY is an all-in-one payment gateway that lets you accept all major payment methods online, as well as debit/credit cards, eWallet, Apple Pay and Android Pay, eWallets, bank transfers, payment links, and many others. It also boasts a lot of features like handling refunds and recurring payments.

Customers also have the option to save their payment details for their next purchase. Thanks to the merchant mobile application, you have 24-hour insight into your business transactions. If you are considering selling to customers overseas, you should know that FONDY handles currency conversion and international credit cards.

2. WPPayForm

When it comes to processing payments, WPPayForm could be one of the most stable payment options in the marketplace. These multiple payment gateway plugins accept payment through Stripe and PayPal. Stripe can be used in the free version of the plugin, and the pro version will allow you to use PayPal additionally.

There are 22 input fields and six pre-built form templates to make the payment form creation easier and smoother. You can schedule any payment form submission and view the submitted entries. Payment status also can change according to your needs.

3. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

This is one of the most efficient payment plugins for WordPress users. Using the plugin, you can make payments on your site through PayPal without a manual attempt. This will ultimately save a huge amount of time. A payment widget to accept any amount from your customer. Users will specify the amount to pay

The WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept has multiple ways to accept payment. For instance, you can connect the payments on your site using shortcodes. Moreover, you can accept various types of payments, such as the image of the payment, creating a specific page, and so on.

4. WP Full Stripe

This is another Stripe plugin for accepting payments and subscriptions directly from your website. This is one of the most downloaded payment plugins in WordPress. In CodeCanyon alone, the plugin has already got 2800 premium downloads.

Using the WP Full Stripe, any payment form to embed into your post or page to accept payments on your website. Moreover, selling recurring services and one-off products, accepting donations, and integrating with pricing tables are some of the plugin’s great features.

5. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is one of the leading payment plugins in the marketplace. This will allow you to accept online payment without adding a shopping cart plugin to your website. This awesome plugin supports the Stripe payment gateway into your system.

Several drag-and-drop input fields are available to create unlimited payment forms on your website. This plugin lets you add a subscription or recurring payment option to boost your business. It will also allow you to offer discount coupon codes. You also can add Apple Pay and Google Pay buttons on your payment forms.

6. Stripe for Easy Digital Download

This is an eCommerce plugin that sells digital products from your website. Using the plugin, you will get built-in PayPal and Amazon payment gateways integrated into the plugin. Stripe for Easy Digital Download is a paid add-on that will help you accept online payments via the Stripe payment gateway.

If your eCommerce store has tons of exclusive paid products and services, choosing the plugin is a great option for serving your purposes. Once you’re done with the plugin installation, you will get all the functions set within the plugin.

Final Words Of Best Payment Plugins in WordPress

You must set up a payment gateway upfront to make money through your blog, eCommerce store, or any website. Where there are tons of WordPress payment plugins in the market, choosing the best one from the rest could be a tough job. Sometimes, you may see that many of the eCommerce plugins bear a payment gateway by default within their system.

Even smaller ones provide built-in payment options for their users. But if you deal with a huge customer base, setting up multiple payment gateways on your site would be wise. Moreover, all the plugins mentioned here are based on quality; using them lets you serve payment-related purposes.

Finally, I hope the article helped you to know more about the quality WordPress payment gateway plugins for your eCommerce store. If you still have any queries, let me know your concerns in the comment section below.