Best Productivity Tools For Working Remotely

In this article, we recommend, share & explore the best tools for productivity that you can use when working remotely to maximize results

By Claudio Pires
Updated on December 7, 2023
Best Productivity Tools For Working Remotely

Time ago, working remotely was a customer service position at below minimum wage, but it is becoming a full-time job with the trends changing. Technology is making us capable of getting the same job done wherever we are in the world. People all over the world are trying to adapt to this technology. Businesses are trying to get into this to keep up with their employees’ changing needs and adapt to talent from parts of the world. In this article, we’ll recommend, share, and explore the best tools for productivity that you can use when working remotely to maximize results.

Productivity Tools For Working Remotely

Teamly: Elevate Your Remote Work

Teamly offers a seamless experience in remote project management, enhancing productivity with real-time chat, intuitive task management, and secure screen capture recording. It’s a user-friendly solution, ensuring streamlined and secure collaboration for teams of all sizes.

Internet And Data Security

Using your home computer and personal internet for work is not always an ideal solution. Unless, of course, you run your entire business from home using your internet. Either way, you must ensure you have high-speed internet and adequate online security measures.

First and foremost, I recommend using reliable internet security software such as Norton 360 Premium. This is the one I use myself and have done so since 2015. Why is internet security so important? Whether you work from home or not, you don’t want any sensitive information on your computer to fall into the hands of unknown users or hackers.

Spyware can be a problem, as can viruses and Malware. A good internet security software will help immensely protect your computer.

Additionally, I recommend you take out a VPN (Virtual Private Network) plan to protect your internet privacy. I use and recommend NordVPN for this. They provide affordable solutions that will help protect your IP and data online.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

  • NordVPN: Ensures online security with robust encryption, keeping your internet access safe and anonymous, crucial for remote workers.
  • ExpressVPN: Known for its high speed and reliability, offering secure access to content and essential for teams spread across different locations.

Productivity Tools For Working Remotely: Apps And Software

Many apps and tools help improve productivity when working from home. I’ve used hundreds of them myself over the years. There are a few standout apps that I would like to recommend. However, it all depends on the work you will do at home.

For example, for client collaboration, I use and recommend Slack. For the most part, you can find everything you need using the accessible version of this app. Slack allows you to create channels for each of your goals or objectives. You can collect and share information and resources with your team and collaborate with other users.

For communication and online meetings, I use and recommend Skype or Zoom. Both these are free and offer premium options for business use. You might also find FaceTime helpful. For marketing automation and scheduling, I use and recommend CoSchedule. CoSchedule is perfect for both individuals and teams working predominantly online and remotely. However, MissingLettr is also a fantastic app if you’re looking for a social media marketing automation and management app.

Basecamp maximize productivity tools

Basecamp is popular among managers, teams, freelancers, and agencies for its simple functionality, clean design, and elegant usability. It’s a project management and team collaboration software solution that helps you manage projects and communicate with clients meaningfully.

It offers a range of features and tools for sharing ideas, organizing conversations, and keeping everyone on the same page throughout the project. Finally, simultaneously, you experience limitations like no time tracking, no ability to archive topics, no subtasks, no professional team hierarchy, only outside integrations, etc to maximize productivity using this tools.

Dropbox: Productivity Tools For Working Remotely

It doesn’t work so well to share large files over email. Therefore, Dropbox is a modern workspace offering various remote employee management features. Remote workers can easily sync, share, and collaborate on documents. This cloud storage system has an API that makes it useful for remote collaborators. It allows for sharing big files – PowerPoint, photoshop, sketch with anyone.


Track every hour to boost your team’s productivity. The tool lets you invoice all tracked time and expenses. You can create custom time reports of time logged on the project. Export your report and time log entries as Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Zoom Productivity Tools for Working Remotely

Zoom is a video conferencing and communication tool suite designed for remote teams, virtual business conferences, webinars, and other corporate purposes. We use Zoom for our virtual meetings, which we can use to run video and voice calls, but it’s capable of much more than this.


Again, plenty of project management tools are designed for digital teams, but Monday offers a more advanced set of features than some of the better-known alternatives like Trello. Many project management tools essentially redesign the to-do list concept or create “Kanban” boards, but Monday and Asana have built fully-featured management platforms designed for team leaders and members alike.

Task Automation Tools

  • IFTTT (If This Then That): Connects different apps and devices, automating tasks to save time and boost productivity.
  • Zapier: Great for creating automated workflows between apps and services, enhancing efficiency without needing technical know-how.

Wellness and Mindfulness Apps

  • Headspace: Offers guided meditations and mindfulness practices, crucial for maintaining mental health in a remote work setting.
  • Calm: Known for its sleep and relaxation aids, Calm helps remote workers unwind and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
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