Best SEO Strategies For Crypto & Blockchain Websites

Learn the best SEO strategies for crypto and blockchain websites, and increase your website's visibility on search engine results pages

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on April 13, 2024
Best SEO Strategies For Crypto & Blockchain Websites

The cryptocurrency industry is actively developing, and many investors understand the potential of this niche. So, to a certain extent, this trend can help your business. However, this also leads to increased competition. So, SEO is essential for your business if you are well versed in crypto websites, no matter the scale and results. Check out the Best SEO strategies for crypto and blockchain websites.

Have you ever heard the term SEO, or maybe it’s the first time you’ve listened to it, and you don’t know what it is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of the digital search ecosystem that involves increasing the visibility of a website’s results in practices (SERP), increasing the search traffic to the website.

On-page SEO is about creating great content for searchers and presenting it in a way that Google’s crawlers can easily read and understand. Quality content is easy to read, informative and answers reader questions.

Many top cryptocurrencies and NFT sites searched do not appear at the top of Google results, but they are accurate to maintain that ranking. And since cryptocurrency is still relatively new to research, there is a lot of research space to test.

What Is Search Engine Optimization, And Why Is It Important For The Crypto And Blockchain Industries?

So, you may have heard the term SEO before, or maybe it’s the first time you’ve heard it, and you don’t know what it is. But moreover, the purpose of search engines is to give users access to the information they are looking for in the most useful and timely way possible. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of a digital marketing ecosystem designed to increase a website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby increasing website traffic.

A strong crypto SEO strategy for Web 3 projects is the best way to raise awareness of your target audience for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi applications, or any other blockchain project. Cryptocurrency SEO can also help you build authority and trust for your website in the blockchain ecosystem.

Here are some tips for the successful execution of strategies for cryptocurrency and blockchain websites:

  • Increase organic traffic and conversions for your cryptocurrency website.
  • Build your brand’s reputation and authority on the web 3.
  • Build a compound growth system for your blockchain and cryptocurrency business.
  • Place your site in the first three results, as more than 54% of searchers click on the first three results.

Here Are The Best SEO Strategies For Crypto And Blockchain Websites

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key (sorry) to your search engine optimization strategy. You want to find the right balance between writing for keywords that people are searching for and not choosing keywords that too many competitors are trying to rank for. For example, many people might search for “what is cryptography,” but that will be a very challenging phrase to sort through.

High volume keywords are great, but high volume keywords with low competition are the holy grail of crypto SEO – and all SEO. When choosing keywords, also remember to think about different searcher personas.

Some great keyword research tools can help you with your keyword research. Here are some of our favorite tools:

  • SEMrush
  • Google Keyword planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Trends
  • Surfer SEO

SEO Strategies For Crypto And Blockchain Websites: Optimized Content

Gone are the days of rewriting an article from multiple sources. User demands for content appeared significantly. Your website will not have much credibility, especially if your project is not well known.

People are proving the experience of posted articles, particularly authoritative expert comments and links to sources. You must provide links to legislation, regulations, and studies.

This is especially important for the crypto niche. More and more people understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies and their use. But still, many users need to learn more about this niche to understand the industry and its benefits for them. And your website should become a source of valuable and essential information for these users. Then, later, if they decide to delve deeper into this business, say, buy some coins, your brand will be first on their minds.

Pay Attention And Reduce Page Loading Speed

Generally, a positive user experience on any page on the site is influenced by the overall loading speed of all content. However, the actual scenario is determined by the rate at which the user, in principle, can see, i.e., the loading speed of the homepage.

Google has come up with an updated list of page load speed signals.

  • LCP is the primary content loading speed.
  • FID is the time before content can interact.
  • CLS is the final page layout offset.

All these metrics affect the quality of your ranking. Of course, content quality is paramount if you want to see your site at the top of search results. But if you want quick success, you must work hard on these indicators. For example, Search Console now has a “Page Usability” report that clearly shows where there are issues in this regard.

You can improve the loading speed of your crypto site:

  • Using compressed images
  • Clean and optimize your website code and use minified CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Use browser cache
  • Implement Content Delivery Network (CDN) to increase your website loading speed.
  • Use page speed insights to analyze and improve your website speed.

SEO Strategies For Crypto And Blockchain Websites: Make Your Design Mobile-Friendly

People are actively using cell phones, and mobile devices are replacing desktops and laptops. The share of mobile device traffic is growing every year. Therefore, you must consider the mobile version’s structure and convenience when developing a website.

You have to remember that people are often looking for information suddenly. And in most cases, they are searching on their smartphones. So when you open the website on your portable device, make sure you find a convenient platform with easy-to-read fonts and conveniently placed menus and buttons. And this all plays a crucial role in each user’s next step – they will either stay on your site to read the information they are looking for, close it and go to a competing platform.

Optimize Your Cryptocurrency Website For Google E-A-T

E-A-T is short for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is an important search quality assessment guideline released by Google in 2013 that determines the quality and value of your content to your readers and where and should place in the Google SERP.

SEO experts often confuse E-A-T as a ranking factor, but it’s not technically a direct ranking factor. Instead, it can indirectly affect your SERP ranking. According to E-A-T, now that you know exactly what E-A-T is, here’s how to make your website more authoritative and credible in the cryptocurrency space:

  • Tell your visitors who you are.
  • And work with crypto industry experts to create content.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Link to high authority sources.
  • Pay close attention to your brand’s online reputation.

Stop chasing link counts. Its quality is much more essential than its number. For an excessive accumulation of mass links, the site can fall under the filters (it is complicated to remove the site from the filter, as practice shows).

Priority should be given to high-quality donor pages on relevant topics. Therefore, selecting areas with relevant content is crucial if you work in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, of course, when linking your site, pay attention to the quality of your content.

Further, Promote Through Google Services

The SERP is gradually captured by search engine services and blocks with contextual advertising. Therefore, developing profiles on Google My Business is recommended for promotion. In shape, you need to regularly update information about your organization, work with reviews, and monitor the relevance of information in the database.

Can do much work in terms of feedback and comments. Of course, managing reputation is a different direction than advertising campaigns. However, the main principle is that it’s essential to read reviews and comments, act on them, and look for ways to help your customers. Otherwise, you will not only miss out on those dissatisfied but also the potential customers who will read the negative comments about your business.

Common Crypto SEO Misconceptions

1 – SEO for web3 projects is highly competitive

General encryption keyword targeting is highly competitive, with top sites writing generic articles. However, niche topics offer a better opportunity to get better results. For example, our DAO marketing article is above top brands because we focus on providing marketing insights for web 3 projects and have authority in this crypto niche.

2 – More search traffic to your website = more conversions

Most SEO experts focus on increasing website traffic as much as possible. Typically this means targeting high search volume keywords that are competitive and difficult to rank for, which are often upper funnel content with low conversion intent. Focusing on upper funnel content makes sense for crypto companies that monetize through page views and ad revenue.

However, crypto brands looking for conversions through SEO should target lower search volume keywords with conversion intent.

3 – It’s hard to beat the top search engine players

You might think it’s hard to rank your site for a keyword when a large site with high domain authority ranks your target keywords. Your assumption, however, is incorrect. While classification for that particular term is difficult, it is not impossible. With proper SEO strategies and consistency, you can outperform the big players.


Nowadays, websites are built for users’ convenience, and their demands and expectations are increasing. An SEO expert’s job involves many more tasks than the five tips we’ve provided above. So, if you want your cryptocurrency business to reach high positions quickly enough, entrust this matter to professionals. Knowledge is power. Understanding the intricacies of search engine optimization of his website for cryptocurrency and blockchain can only help businesses.