We build a list with some of the best free WordPress network media plugins for social sharing.

Social Sharing is now an integral part of our internet experience. Social media is constantly on the rise and it is becoming popular with older folk as well.

With so much information on the internet, it is a real feat to track down what you really need. Search engines make it possible to find information that you need, but social media also plays a significant role in helping you find your favorite websites. Why ? Your friends or the people whom you follow have a lot in common with you and when they share something, it is far more likely that you’ll find the shared information of interest.

72% of internet users are active on social media and it represents a marketing opportunity which you cannot ignore. After search engines, it is social media that drives most traffic to websites. Unlike normal advertisements and television slots, it serves as a 2-way communication and helps build brand awareness.

Creating good content is only a job half done. Getting it before the target audience is the other tricky half. That’s where social sharing can give a leg up. You can tap a share button from almost any screen and content is instantly shared. I’d sincerely recommend you read this excellent article on Shareaholic which provides insightful information about the sources of website traffic over the past few years from search engines and different social networks.

There are many Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress available which you could use on your website. I’ve picked out a few of the popular ones here for a quick read.

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins free Visualmodo
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins


We make use of this plugin here at Visualmodo WordPress themes blog, Although you are unlikely to use them, Share Buttons by AddToAny offers more than 100 share buttons. It finds a place in this list because it allows for a great deal of customization. Social media presence can also be tracked using Google Analytics.

Active installs: 200,000+, Star rating 4.7.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins


A simple plugin with which you can add share buttons to all your posts and pages, Simple Share Buttons Adder lets you pick an image set that goes well with your website or add your own.

The features packed in this plugin are –

  • 10 different button sets that scale perfectly to mobile devices.
  • Colors can be customized with color picker functionality.
  • URLs can be shortened.
  • Share tags can be adjusted and buttons placed where you want them.
  • All share button events can be tracked from your dashboard.

The most recent update (Nov 2015) includes Yummly sharing functionality – Users can now share recipes from the same page, without having to use messy popups. These buttons can only be placed on individual pages. Email popup option has been made easier to use. Twitter share counts have been removed officially and so this version has been released without it.

Purchase Price: Premium version is also available. For $10, you can activate Simple Share Buttons on 1 site, for $25 on 3 sites and for $100 on an unlimited number of websites.

Active installs: 100,000+, Star rating 4.7.


Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins


SumoMe is not a single app, but a suite of apps designed to increase traffic. And a WordPress compatible version of SumoMe makes it easy to integrate with WordPress sites. It is not necessary for you to use the entire suite, and you can pick only the ones you want by creating an account.

This app can add share buttons over individual targeted images, facilitates URL shortening and statistics. It supports 16 social services including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. UTM will help you see exactly how much traffic every shared link is directing your way.

Purchase Price: Free with branding and paid options which start at $10/month for their starter pack and $100/month for their professional pack.

Add This

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins


With Add This social sharing icon, a variety of designs and icon sizes are possible. It supports over 200 social media services. The makers claim that websites that use Add This sharing buttons witness a 20% increase in sharing.

The plugin is a free, but there’s a premium version. The premium version has additional features like floating sidebar and a couple of additional widgets.

Active installs: 200,000+, Star rating 3.7.


Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins


Shareaholic is one of the more popular social sharing plugins. Their award winning toolset for websites increases pageviews, repeat visits, time on site and sharing rates. The easy to use analytics keyboard will help understand audiences and deliver appropriate content.

The following features can all be found in Shareaholic,

  • A variety of looks for the social sharing buttons, more attractive than the native buttons.
  • Support for WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Shopify and more.
  • Support for social analytics and shortcode placement.
  • Related content is displayed.
  • Control over display of share counts.

Shareaholic (in the words of the developers) is an all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform that includes social sharing.

Purchase Price: It is free, but you need to register to access the features on offer.

Active installs 100,000+, Star rating 3.8.

In the case you want to take a closer look at more plugins have a look at this article.

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